Second A319 arrives

Ready for take off ... Adria’s new A319
Adria Airways’ second Airbus A319 arrived on Tuesday afternoon from Hamburg. The aircraft had already been utilised by Wednesday, operating scheduled flights mostly within Western Europe, although the aircraft has also visited Priština. The Airbus’ first revenue flight with Adria was to Frankfurt. The A319 has received the registration S5-AAR.

The latest Airbus A319 is the second for Adria within the last 2 weeks, with all aircraft of this type now delivered to the Slovenian national carrier. The airline now has 14 aircraft in its fleet, though an Airbus A320 is set to leave later this year while a Bombardier CRJ900 is expected to arrive. According to Adria’s CEO, Tadej Tufek, this is the airline’s biggest fleet modernisation push to date.

The Airbus A319 is becoming (or will become) a prominent fixture in the fleet of many EX-YU airlines including Croatia Airlines and B&H Airlines.


  1. Anonymous09:19

    This interior looks great, very fresh, much better then JP's worn old A320s.It's great to see that adria is renewing its fleet.

  2. Anonymous11:44

    Some info to correct:

    AAR first commercial flt today - FRA & PRN

    AAA will leave in september as it will reach the max number of flight hours

    AAH will leave too

    no CRJ900 will be delievered, delivery postponed for few years!

    so after SEP10 fleet:

    2 A319
    4 CRJ9
    6 CRJ2

    on many destinations frequency was reduced (good example is BRU, where now almost every day CRJ9 is flying - before 3 times CRJ2, now even A319 is used many times on BRU)

  3. Anonymous13:51

    BH A319 is going to Namibia according to Skyliners...

  4. Anonymous14:47

    LOL that is BH Air (from Bulgaria) not B&H Airlines.

  5. @ Anonymous 1

    All JP's aircraft look very fresh regardless if it's the old A320 or the latest A319. I have never seen cleaner aircraft than those from Adria and Croatia. Many aircraft of similar age in the US look dirty and and worn out. Adria and Croatia should serve as an example for cleanliness to everyone.

  6. @ Anonymous 2

    What do you mean by "reaching the max number of flight hours"? Does that mean that once the certain amount of flight hours is reached, the aircraft is not supposed to be in operation anymore?

    Does anyone know, how old are Adria's A320s and what's their destiny after this season?

  7. Skyline15:40

    With the A319 addition, you guys think we can expect LJU-DXB soon?

  8. Anonymous16:19

    A320 has limitation of 60 000 flight hours.

    Many of A320 have already been scrapped because of that:

    2 A320-111 F-GFKQ Scrapped Air France
    3 A320-111 F-GGEG Stored at Greenwood (GWO) / to be scrapped Air France
    4 A320-111 F-GGEF Scrapped Air France
    6 A320-111 N293AT Scrapped British Airways G-BUSB
    7 A320-111 F-GFKB Stored at Paris (ORY) / to be scrapped Air France
    8 A320-111 N115AT Scrapped British Airways G-BUSC
    9 A320-111 F-GFKC W/O: Crash! (26-Jun-1988) Air France
    10 NEW A320-111 F-GGEA Scrapped Air France
    11 A320-111 G-BUSD Scrapped British Airways
    13 A320-111 F-GGEC Scrapped Air France
    15 A320-111 F-GGED W/O: Crash! (20-Jan-1992) Air Inter
    17 A320-111 N140AT Scrapped British Airways G-BUSE
    18 A320-111 G-BUSF Scrapped British Airways
    19 A320-111 F-GFKE Stored at Paris (ORY) / to be scrapped Air France
    20 A320-111 F-GFKF Scrapped Air France
    21 A320-111 F-GFKG Scrapped Air France
    22 A320-211 N220AN Scrapped HiFly CS-TQG
    23 A320-211 N230AN Scrapped HiFly CS-TQH
    24 A320-211 N134AT Scrapped Air Memphis SU-PBE
    25 A320-211 TS-INJ Scrapped Libyan Arab Airlines VH-HYD
    26 A320-211 N138AT Scrapped Air Memphis SU-PBD
    27 A320-211 N270SE Scrapped UM Air UR-UFB
    28 A320-231 N820AT Scrapped Cyprus Airways 5B-DAT
    30 A320-211 N301AT Scrapped Mahan Air F-GZZZ
    31 A320-211 N301US Scrapped Northwest Airlines
    32 A320-211 N302US Scrapped Northwest Airlines
    33 A320-211 F-GHQA Scrapped Air France F-GGEF
    34 A320-211 N303US Stored at Goodyear (GYR) / to be scrapped Northwest Airlines
    35 A320-231 5B-DAU Stored at Walnut Ridge (ARG) / to be scrapped Cyprus Airways
    36 A320-211 F-GHQB Scrapped Air France F-GGEG
    37 A320-231 5B-DAV Stored at Walnut Ridge (ARG) / to be scrapped Cyprus Airways
    38 NEW A320-231 5B-DAW Stored at Walnut Ridge (ARG) / to be scrapped Cyprus Airways
    39 A320-211 G-BUSG Stored at London (LGW) British Airways
    40 A320-211 N304US Stored at Goodyear (GYR) / to be scrapped Northwest Airlines
    41 A320-211 N305US Stored at Goodyear (GYR) / to be scrapped Northwest Airlines
    48 A320-231 VT-EPE Stored at Mumbai (BOM) / to be scrapped Indian Airlines
    58 NEW A320-231 VT-EPK Stored at Hyderabad (BPM) / to be scrapped Indian Airlines
    60 A320-211 N306US Scrapped Northwest Airlines

    AAA was made in 88 and delievred in 89, one year is was testbed for IAE engines. Remember that is was first delievered plane in the world with IAE engines.

    AB,C were delivered in June 90' and were sold last year to leasing comapny in Kuala Lumpur which leased them to MAI Myanmar Airways.

  9. @ Anonymous

    Thanks for the info. Is 60 000 hrs limit for engines or the aircraft body? Didn't know that they used Adria's A320 to test the IAE engines. Maybe that's why Adria had several engine malfunctions on A320 and had to land only with one engine.
    Adria's A320 is 22 year old and I agree that it had to be replaced sooner or later but look at JAT's B737s. They must be over 20 years old as well but I guess due to the sanctions in the 90s they haven't reached the 60 000 flight hour limit?

  10. Anonymous20:06

    its fuselage limitation

    Engines were not really for testing, was just testbed for commercial certification. Well Adria had 3 A320, so it could be any of them back than.

    Every aircraft type as own limitations. Airbus really made a mistake here, as airplane cant end its history in just 20 years. Look at DC9, they can still fly without a problem.

  11. Faris20:48

    Just to randomly point out that in the cabin photo the plastic carpet covering on the floor is still in place.

    Or did they order plastic carpets? :P

  12. @ Anonymous

    Yes, DC9s are still a working horse for ex NWA and now Delta. They must be over 30 years old. NWA used to have a big number of DC10s as well which they just recently replaced with A330s. I believe the plan was to replace DC9s with A320s, however with Delta being in charge now, they might switch back to Boeing.

  13. I was just going over some discussion on where I found out that some of the DL's (ex NW's) DC9s that are still in service, were made back in 1965. Can't believe I flew 45 year old airplane :) I love Airbus, but their aircraft seem to be so delicate. They touch something and they break down. I might be wrong, but it's just hard to ignore the most recent Air France's, Yemenia's and Afriqiyah's crashes, all airlines using the Airbus aircraft.

  14. frequentflyer14:43

    Congrats to JP on these new aircraft - a step up from their present planes, and i'm sure we'll all be oohing and aahing to OUs new 319s in a few years too!

    Surprised to hear that the planes had got to the end of their structural life in such a short period of time, this is likely due to the fact they operate shorter flights, hence higher utilisation.

    @ Anonymous #2

    Has there been any public announcement about the non-delivery of the new CR9? Sad to not see it enter the fleet, but management have obviously been evaluating their short-term needs...

  15. Anonymous20:37

    Well all airlines across have problems with A320 Flight hours, its because in 80' when plane was constructed it was not meant to fly 3000 hours per year but around 2000, now times have changed and airbus is evaluating for how much they can extend life time. For this they bought two old A320 and are making some tests on it. After their findings, planes from one serial number will have extended life time.
    About CRJ9, it is still unknown but it came out that Adria has signed for 3rd A319 - leasing again from AerCap.
    CRJ9 is former CRJ-1000 order...
    It might come handy in late 2011 when AAI ends lease and there will be "just" 5 CRJ2 left (note AAH is leaving this september together with AAA -A320).
    New plan (must admit that first smart plan for a long time) is to reduce frequency on destinations and increas seats - becuase of that you can use bigger planes which are cheaper per seat than CRJ2. So you can have cheaper tickets.


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