Skywings won’t be flying the flag

Skywings becomes Macedonia’s only scheduled airline
Macedonia’s Skywings International, officially known as AirLift Service, went from being the flag carrier of Macedonia to nothing more than a scheduled airline in less than 24 hours.

Skywings is a tour operator based in Germany. Following the collapse of the national carrier MAT Macedonian Airlines, Skywings created a subsidiary in Macedonia called Skywings Macedonia and created a Skopje based airline named AirLift Service, which has taken over most of MAT’s services to Western Europe. On Monday, Skywings claimed that its airline had received national carrier status from Macedonia’s Civil Aviation Agency. The airline has 1 aircraft (a B737-300) and operates flights to 6 destinations. An AirLift pilot, Stevo Stefanovski, said that the airline had received flag carrier status because it has followed strict air safety regulations outlined by the Civil Aviation Agency, the A1 network reports. Another airline official said that Skywings, more precisely ArLift Service, has now received a privileged status from the authorities.

It took only a few hours before the Macedonian Civil Aviation Agency denied claims coming from Skywings saying instead that the airline had only received an operational certificate, thus becoming a scheduled airline, rather than a charter carrier which it had been up until now. On Tuesday, Skywings International apologised for their earlier statements.

Skywings International is the only commercial airline which calls Macedonia home. However, its short record is far from impressive. Tour operators from the Netherlands and the United Kingdom are suing the airline for failing to uphold to contractual obligations.

Thus, as it stands now Macedonia remains without a national carrier. Other airlines – Aeromak, Mont Air and Mat Airways had all hoped to become the main carrier of Macedonia only to have their hopes dashed by the Civil Aviation Agency.


  1. frequentflyer10:26

    They really are one overzealous political CAA, and possibly are now *the* stumbling block to any Skopje-based carrier... just look at how this saga has played out!

    Oh well, better business for everyone else flying into the country...

  2. Visitor13:33

    They should let TK (with a newly established company) become the flag carrier of Macedonia. Coordinated TK appearence in Balkans (JAT, B&H, and Macedonia) will be good choice for region

  3. Regarding Skywings or AirLift Service or whatever it is, i agree to be rejected, comeon they have 23 years old plane!
    they are in Macedonia over 1,5 year but they still do not have proper website, to not talk about on-line tickets, their tickets with astronomic price you can buy only somewhere on the street.
    this is really far from impresive service!

    By the way CAA Macedonia yesterday told that Mont Air and Mat Airways are still not rejected.
    There is still hope :)



  4. as i know Skywings/Airlift now is scedueld airline. it's just a private airline that can operate a scheduled flights and nothing else. by the way i read this on a1 television web page. So nobody said that Skywings is macedonian flag cariier :)


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