Turkish confirms Jat interest

Turkish Airlines CEO verifies Jat interest
The CEO of Turkish Airlines, Temel Kotil, has confirmed that his airline is interested in taking over both Jat Airways and LOT Polish Airlines. The, much talked about, possible Turkish takeover of Jat has been confirmed for the first time by a high ranking official from the carrier. In Warsaw, Kotil said, “We are not interested in any other carriers in Eastern Europe aside from LOT and Jat”. Meanwhile, Jat’s CEO, Srdjan Radovanović told the “Beta” news agency that the airline is in constant contact with the Turkish carrier. It is believed that Turkish Airlines has requested the Serbian Government to create a successor to Jat. This way the new Jat would take over the fleet, brand, destinations and international agreements minus the multi million Euro debt. Analysts predict that the new national carrier could be created in the first half of 2011.

Speaking to the “Biznis” newspaper, an official from B&H Airlines said that Turkish’s takeover of Jat could lead to rationalization and development of air travel in the entire EX-YU region. Turkish Airlines owns 49% of B&H Airlines.


  1. JU520 BEGLAX09:47

    the history is repeating again and again. Ex Yugoslavia was with some small exceptions mainly controlled from Istanbul, Vienna, Munich or Rome. Ottomani welcome back, if they can t control them self, they need assistance. Look'n forward to a brighter future :-)

  2. Well what can we say if all Ex Yugoslavia is not able to run an airline and to run properly an airport, then someone else will do it for us!
    we can not be angry to anyone who comes and takes the profits from Ex YU.


  3. JU520 BEGLAX10:23


    fully agree with you and who cares who owns what. At least people have a job, the infrastructure develops and the region has a future.

  4. of course,
    i do not care that TAV Turks have taken over Macedonian airports, in fact i am happy for this.
    that Macedonia will get modern airports buildings.
    and maybe OHD will be used , not like so far underserved.


  5. frequentflyer14:30

    What concerns me most in today's post is the notion of rationalisation of flights in BiH, Serbia and obviously Macedonia. Given the markets are nowhere near where they should be in terms of European levels or maturity, how would rationalising frequencies (and or fleets) actually benefit?

    And any word on JU joining an alliance? If they joined *A too, surely there is a problem with JP/OU/JU side by side all being in the identical alliance?

    @ JU520 BEGLAX

    I had this exact same thought when reading the article! Initially I thought it is because i'm re-reading Ivo Andric's Na Drini Cuprija/Bridge on the Drina that triggered it, but perhaps the way to take over countries/peoples these days is through the power of finance rather than invading with armies...

    Who would have guessed the old Ottoman Empire is making a comeback! To complete the package all they need to do is buy Malev instead of LOT to bring back all the old 'lands' into one fold...

  6. Anonymous15:28

    There is nothing wrong with TK owning JU. To the contrary. TK is a great airline and they do a good job running JA.

    But, I do believe that JU should have joined Sky Team even before the privatization if they could.

  7. Anonymous16:38

    One day we will be seeing Balkan International Airlines.... Philswe

  8. Anonymous11:08

    If you see what for problems the "national carrier" from the contries (Ex-Yu) have... where the best solution they keep all too one airline....


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