Turkish heading to Podgorica

Soon in Podgorica
Turkish Airlines will commence services to the Montenegrin capital, Podgorica, from June, the Montenegrin vice premier, Vujica Lazović, told public broadcaster RTCG. Lazović, who is attending the Eurasian economic summit in Istanbul, spoke to the CEO of Turkish Airlines who confirmed that 3 weekly flights between Istanbul and Podgorica are set to commence soon.

With the addition of Podgorica, Turkish Airlines will serve all capital cities of the former Yugoslavia. Turkish Airlines is striving to become the third largest carrier in Europe after the Lufthansa Group and Air France/KLM. It is the owner of B&H Airlines and is a firm favourite as the future owner of Jat Airways. Podgorica will become Turkish Airlines’ 159th destination.


  1. Welcome TK! :)

    BTW - I just checked - WizzAir increased from 3 to 4 times a week it's evening LTN-BEG-LTN service ;)

  2. JU520 BEGLAX11:07

    Hos geldiniz TK to another Ex YU capital. Size iyi başarılar dilerim

    One thing what wonders me is that italians who love so much to come to the former YU countries, that AZ does not connects the ex YU like TK does it. The only scheduled flights are the daily A320 to Belgrade. Zagreb lost its flights to Milano, otherwise no AZ flights, not even to Split. Austrian Airlines is connected well, Turkish Airlines, even MALEV has some flights, but it seems that ex YU and Italia are mostly linked on the road and rails. Alitalia had never a strong presence in the former YU, not even before in Yugoslavia. Does anyone knows why?

  3. frequentflyer13:24

    TK is running out of new major/capital cities it can fly to worldwide it seems...

    @ JU520

    AZs recent restructuring answers many of your questions. Financially, they had to cut right back to build up again, and much of their European network was either suspended, or operated much less frequently. They've also updated much of their fleet to be more economical.

    OU does fly 10 times weekly between ZAG and FCO, including via DBV and SPU, and would be great to be twice daily by this time next year (a daily Q each morning from ZAG). MXP could be on the cards again with better timetables/connections (including linking with *A partner Lufthansa Italia), and a more profitable, faster aircraft than previous...

    You're also forgetting the numerous sea links between the two sides of the Adriatic!

  4. @ JU520

    Alitalia also used to fly MXP-SJJ. They used to have a very convenient connection with the US and Canada but then they got hit with that financial crisis and they pulled out.

  5. Span Airs JK172 flight took off to Valencia not to Barcelona... what is it with that?

  6. Anonymous19:49

    Barcelona is closed due to volcanic ash.

  7. Anonymous02:32

    You're mistaking about Turkish Airlines' ownership in B&H Airlines. They hold only 49% of the share capital, the rest is in the governments hand (Gvt of FBiH)


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