Déjà vu

B737-700 calling?
Jat Airways has announced that it will lease a Boeing B737-700 for the 2010/2011 winter season which begins at the end of October, a press release from the airline reads. This is the third time in the past year that the airline has announced plans to lease the Boeing. By the end of the month, 12 aircraft will be serving in the Jat fleet. However, the number is insufficient for the quantity of flights. Due to a fleet shortage, Jat has been forced to drastically cut down on its frequencies since 2009. The airline’s long running lease of a Boeing B737-400 has just run out and the aircraft is being prepared for its return to its owner and is no longer in service. Whether it will be third time lucky for Jat and its new Boeing remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, Jat has launched yet another advertising campaign with hundreds of billboards across Serbian cities dawning with faces of smiling young cabin crew. The campaign, titled “The new face of Jat”, is promoting the newest class of cabin crew which have begun work at the Serbian national carrier.


  1. Anonymous09:20

    ...they'll never be able to compete with faces of Wizzair :-)

  2. Anonymous09:41

    JAT can compete with the new faces with everybody in the world.
    I believe it is the single segment where they can easily be no. 1.

  3. Re faces: true.

    Other than that, they are RERALLY becoming boring with the fleet-renewal announcements. Get your act together and do something or just shut up about it. People won't mind if you say "we'll get new planes in 2015",that's how it's done. But if you announce it 10x, it becomes tedious. Just like with politics in general. Second of all, how does all this relate to the restructuring - are you or are you not ceasing to exist in the coming period.

    The financial problems are one thing, but the disorganization and HORRIFIC PR department are another.
    And this coming from a HUGE JAT-supporter/FF...

  4. Anonymous11:10

    What about the A319 ??

  5. Anonymous13:16

    Of course they can't, they are way too good for Wizzair.

    As far as Jat goes, I really hope the best happens to them. I trully enjoy flying on their 737-300 or even the ATR's. The vrew has always been polite to me (even the older ones)...

  6. Anonymous18:24

    Even if JAT hires the whole modeling agency as flight attendants, I still wouldn't fly with them until they get new planes and price reasonably. Long live Wizzair. I've already bought 10 Lon-Beg tickets.

  7. I hope that this time B-737-700 realy coming. New cabin crew is good, postive thing, but that is a first step, there are planty of work for new Jat. But I am glade that they made this first step

  8. Anonymous23:37

    So what, until yesterday you were complaining how fossiles are flying the planes and now it's not good that they employed them, as if that wasn't important?
    Wtf seriously...a

  9. JATBEGMEL09:39

    i will believe that the B737 is coming when it lands at Nikola Tesla International Airport. Until then....

    Ive seen the new advertising campaign all over Belgrade, its nice they are pushing out advertising, but how come the new crew when there is too much crew as it is? I would prefer JAT to improve its inflight product, especially on the DXB route.

    @ anonymous

    whats your point in the whole wizz air thing? wizz air is based in countries politically and economically stable and hasnt lived through what JAT has.

    @ Aleks 011

    I agree. The other times when they mentioned brining in newer a/c didnt make sense, since there was still some leasing time left on their current a/c, and cancelling the contract costs money. If the lease life on the B734 has ended with JAT, i guess it could be swapped for a B737. If you live here then i guess you know its typicall of government companies and institutions to be disorganised and clueless.

    @ anonymous A319 question

    not for some time.

    @ anonymous modeling agency

    nobody is forcing you to fly JAT anyway, so your point? I dont find much things wrong with JAT's aircraft, theyre airworthy and safe, and JAT has very very high safety standards, fact is that JAT ranks high in the list of safe airlines. you have much older aircraft flying in the US, Delta Air Lines is flying about 50 DC9's, an aicraft JAT stopped using 5 years ago and is a good decade older than JAT's oldest aircraft! You can have shiny new aircraft and still have a accidents with them. Take a look at Turkish Airlines flight TK1951 which broke up upon landing in Amsterdam.

  10. Anonymous20:45

    But some of the "new faces" I met 6-7 years ago... Come on JAT, it's not really so smart! :)


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