Fleet problems for Adria

Too many empty seats on Adria’s A319s
The newspaper “Poslovni dnevnik” has published a critical story on the Slovenian flag carrier Adria Airways calling it a “relic of the past”. In its piece, it also revealed that the airline is having difficulty utilising its newly acquired Airbus A319 jets. The newspaper revealed that the two aircraft will pose as a big problem for the airline as they can only be properly used during the peak summer period. Furthermore, the new aircraft are not spending enough time in the sky and are grounded in Ljubljana most of the time. “Adria is having trouble achieving a 60% occupancy rate on its A319s, which is unsatisfactory for the airline’s management”, the “Poslovni dnevnik” writes. The problem is highlighted by the fact that the aircraft are being deployed on charter flights and recently even flew all the way to South Africa to carry Slovenian football fans to the FIFA World Cup. This summer, the airline’s occupancy rate across the entire fleet stood at an average of 63.4%. The airline plans to increase it to 68% by the 2012 summer season.

Tadej Tufek, the CEO of Adria Airways has defended the airline’s decision to purchase the A319s saying that they are more cost effective. Tufek denied rumours that the airline will lease the 2 A319s during the winter to other airlines.

2010 has not been kind to Adria. In the first quarter the airline transported 247.300 passengers, down almost 8% from last year. The airline comes third after Croatia Airlines and Jat Airways in the number of transported passengers but has the strongest cabin occupancy index out of the three.


  1. Wow...LJU-JNB on A319. That must be an experience :)

  2. Let them start LJU-DXB route and the A319 utilization problem would be solved.

  3. JU520 BEGLAX17:07

    The situation will change when 1 CRJ100 and 1 CRJ200 plus the A320 will leave the fleet in September 2010.
    The A319 are in investment for the future, the 320 are more than 20 years old and had to be replaced.

    But what probably would be the smartest action, is that EX-Yu Carriers would find room for cooperations, so instead all of them have national carriers, Macedonia, Bosnia Carriers could cease complete operations and transfer them to OU, JP etc

    There is probably many options, but as long nationalistic and political interests are higher than economical success, the situation for the Ex Yu Aviation wont change.
    Gorbachev once said: who comes to late will be punished in life. Et voilà

  4. @ JU520 BEGLAX

    Why is Adria letting CRJs go? I don't think they are too old?

  5. JU520 BEGLAX20:30

    LJU-BNX-LJU starts on 14JUL
    0 passengers are booked yet on both flights.

    BEG flight on that day:
    8 passengers booked LJU-BEG
    4 passengers booked BEG-LJU

  6. JU520 BEGLAX20:38


    I think both CRJ were on lease. Also JP is not too happy with the performance of the CRJ200. So the ones who are not JP owned will have to leave. Check OS CRJ200, they all had to go. I think also LH Cityline doesn t operate them anymore. Some of the CRJ200 are even getting recycled as it is difficult to find a buyer for them

  7. Anonymous21:29

    JU520 BEGLAX, is right. As long as every single Ex-YU airline is too proud to think of any other option than living on their own, no one will succeed in this business where best possible efficiency, collaboration and lean management are main means of success.

  8. Anonymous21:34

    I think they might as well use a 747 for LJU-BNX-LJU with the passenger numbers that are being predicted.

  9. Anonymous21:36

    Ex-YU needs an airline like SAS. If it makes financial sense for all the Scandinavian countries to have one airline, Ex-YU definitely makes no sense to have more than one.

    Well other than political nationalistic sense.

  10. Anonymous22:52

    SAS is a basket case loosing millions of Euros per year, so certainly doesn't make much sense

  11. Anonymous04:49

    Is it me or is there really no Business Class on that pic?

  12. Anonymous08:27

    Let them start LJU-OHD for the holyday time route and the A319 utilization problem would be solved

  13. Anonymous17:04

    I have just visited Adria's website and tehre is no even BNX on their list of destinations in the booking system.

  14. hmmmm not enough pass. for 319 and letting crj-200 go. maybe i'm stupid but i think that flying a 50 pass capacity jet with 50 pass onboad is more reliable the flying a 135 pass jet with 50 pass on board.

    maybe austrian and lufthansa preffered to fly 320 or 737 but they are big companies and they also have 767-747-777-330-380 and the management will say: why bodering with 50 pass jet when we have 500 pass jet. but companies like Adria, Croatia, Montenegro, former MAT, they shuld use small jets like crj 200/700 and maybe embraer 145 or similar.

    according to me best solutions for airliner in small countries is to use american method: small company flying for some big company. pinnacle airlines is airline with lot of crj-200 in their fleet and they fly for BIG Delta airlines as "Delta conection". with using this method adria, croatia, montenegro etc can fly as Austrian/Lufthansa conections(or British/iberia)with small jet and thay will have 80-100% pass on each flight. adria can bring pass. for lufthansa and also lufthasna will bring more pass. for adria.

  15. Anonymous21:03

    This "LOVELY" company which has started flights to BNX (and I was so happy about it and willing to pay even more money than I would normally pay just to land in BNX - my hometown) charges for one return ticket LGW-BNX via LJU of course - £600 in August!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can fly to New York for that money in the peak of season!!!!!!!!!!

    I think that is outrageous!!!!!! I am not surprised that nobody flies from there and that their load is so low! Absolutely ludicres!


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