Jat not left out to dry

Consultant tender by the end of June
Following reports by the Serbian daily “Blic”, covered here two days ago, Jat Airways has said that the Serbian Government has issued guarantees to banks and that Jat will soon be receiving a loan from them. The loan will be used to get a part of Jat’s fleet, which is grounded, into the air. Currently, Jat’s Boeing B737-400 is waiting to be returned to its original owner.

Meanwhile, the Serbian Government announced yesterday that a tender to find a consulting company to help with Jat’s future will begin by the end of June. The consulting company’s job will be to find a strategic partner for Jat as well as the best way in which Jat’s successor should be created. “In April, the Government agreed to create a new national carrier. The first step was to find a consultant within 75 days and we are carrying out that plan. The most serious talks regarding strategic partnership with Jat are being held with Turkish Airlines”, Miodrag Miljković, the state secretary for aviation said. Recently, the CEO of Turkish Airlines confirmed that the airline is interested in taking over Jat.


  1. b73711:26

    I hope that this will happen but I am not a big optimist according to previous experience with privatization strategy in 2008.

  2. Zrak21:44

    Is it just me that finds it bad (from passenger pow) JAT takeover by TK? So *Alliance will be having JP, OU, JA, JU in the region. Cannot be good for passengers.

    I'll rather see someone from OW or ST take over JAT.

  3. JATBEGMEL13:36

    @ Zrak

    I agree. Would prefer SU to take intrest again into JAT and bring JAT into SkyTeam. SU could also take on the Airbus order for JAT as well.

  4. frequentflyer16:07

    @ Zrak

    Desperately being in an alliance (which seems to be JUs latest strategy) is as absurd a notion of desperately being married. What does it achieve except legal responsibility and possible financial security? Like marriage, airline takeovers haven't always gone well (just look at how badly Aerolineas was left when Grupo Marsans went bankrupt!).

    JU needs to get its house in order as the #1 priority. Then fleet, then growth, then maybe a takeover. Time to stop putting the cart before the horse...

  5. @ frequentflyer

    I totally agree with you.


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