Jat’s successor in the works

The final chapter for Jat Airways?
Last week, the Serbian Minister for Infrastructure, Milutin Mrkonjić, announced that the creation of a new national carrier, which will take on the role of Jat Airways’ successor, is in its final phases of creation, the “B92” network reports. "We are in the final stages of establishing a new company. The basic idea is to keep Jat in business and the state needs to have its own airline", the Minister said. Mrkonjić also revealed that the Government is trying to find a partner which would purchase shares in the new Jat. "If we are able to come to an agreement with someone who wants to buy a part of Jat, we will do so. If not, we will own the whole airline. One thing is certain - Serbia will have its own airline", Mrkonjić explained. Earlier in the year, analysts predicted that that a new Serbian national carrier, which will inherit everything from Jat (with the exclusion of debt), could take off in the first half of 2011.

Speaking about Belgrade's Nikola Tesla Airport, Mrkonjić said that the Government hasn’t discussed any possible privatisation of Serbia’s main hub. "The airport operates with a sizable profit, which flows into the state budget. The airport is a profitable and successful company with profits of some 15 million Euros", the infrastructure Minister noted.


  1. Anonymous09:19

    Kon Tiki and MIG are buying Aviogenex!!! See here: http://www.pressonline.rs/sr/vesti/u_fokusu/story/122724/MIG+i+%E2%80%9EKon+Tiki%22+kupuju+%E2%80%9EAviogeneks%22.html

    It seems off topic, but it belongs to the context. I already wrote here about that. It is not wise to allocate so much resources at FYR of Macedonia because the poor potential of the market. Contrary to that, in Serbian market there are far more business opporunities. To proof that, see that AGX is operating 3 daily charters with the single aircraft. It seems sooner (next summer season) rather than later that Nis gonna wake up. There is no hubbed airline there and their pax potential is equal to the whole Macedonian market and there are more and more business travellers to the central and eastern Serbia, non-existing so far...
    Someone was laughing to me on idea Kon Tiki will buy AGX. Watch this! And it will be more!

  2. Anonymous10:18

    WOW nice, Mat Airways will lease plane to Aviogenex too.

  3. Anonymous11:33

    AGX was the first company I've ever flown and that was in 1991. It's a pity I can't remember if it was B-727 or some other A/C.

    I'm glad they're trying again and following their flights on teletext every day.

    And vis-a-vis Jat, if a foreign carrier (say THY) becomes their co-owner, they'll probably take better care of their finances, so I'm strongly in favor of this. I just hope they won't cut the majority of connections in favor of their new hub.

  4. Anonymous13:41

    It's good if THY takes share. They are sending their planes from Anadolu Jet and Turkish airlines to replace missing A319, proof that they are being nice and good partner.

  5. Anonymous15:59

    Well I think this is good news. Maybe we can see some of those 737-700 that TK has been receiving in JU's colours? That would be just sweet

  6. JATBEGMEL10:09

    going by the way TK is "investing" into JA...wouldnt exactly say that TK would be the best. What TK could do is replace a few B737's, but they could assist in replacing the DC9's that have left the fleet, as well as the B727's.

    Im still hoping for SU to buy into the airline, they could take on the A319 order, replace the DC9 with SSJ100-95's, compliment the ATR72 fleet with some SSJ100-75's, with them purchasing Russian aircraft reduces their import tax on foreign aircraft into Russia. Why compliment the ATR72 fleet? That way the ATR72 stays on routes within the Balkans while the SSJ's (ERJ's or what ever) could go for VIE, STR, MXP...just an idea.

  7. Anonymous13:44

    I am agree, I would also prefere to see Aeroflot buy Jat.
    Jat should get Embraers for European market and ATR's for the region, naturally with a few 737's for the routes where big capacity is needed like Paris, London, Frankfurt, Moscow... and then replace the secondary routes like Stockholm, Copenhagen, Athens, Istanbul with Ejets in order to have the frequency...


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