Mat is here to stay

The new look Mat
Kon Tiki Travel, the owner of Mat Airways, has revealed that its start up charter airline will be called Mat, ending speculation about a possible name change. Originally, the Macedonian Civil Aviation Agency expressed concern about the airline’s name, as it could suggest that it has links with the management of the defunct national carrier MAT Macedonian Airlines, which is still being sued for unlawful ticket sales and debt. However, the new Mat does carry a new logo.

Mat hopes to begin flights by July 20 with the inaugural service taking place from Ohrid to Belgrade. The airline is currently selling most of its tour packages to holiday makers via Belgrade. Mat Airways owns a Boeing B737-500, which is currently located in Skopje. It sports a Macedonian flag on its tail and red coloured engines.


  1. Well flag on tail stays :) but don't say that they will have as their new logo this rainbow :)

  2. JATBEGMEL10:15

    добродојдовте на Белград, Мат ервејз :)

  3. Anonymous11:03

    Nije im taj logo copyrighted, vec ga neke kompanije koriste :S Mogli su biti malo orginalniji!

  4. Anonymous11:04

    I do not see spectacularity in this Kon Tiki`s charter airline to read news on that every 2-3 days.
    That became boring.
    Is there anything else in ex-yu aviation these days, or...?

  5. 1. The author probably meant sued (to take legal action) rather than sewed (to stitch).

    2. Never read more about a start-up charter airline with thus far one destination: BEG. Probably more than a dozen reports in this blog in the last month or so. It would be nice to read about something else for a change.

    3. If their livery is red with the Macedonian flag, how will that fit with their rainbow corporate identity? I quite like the pinwheel, but its resolution seems poor (maybe just this image is of poor quality) and I hope they did not copy+paste from Word Clipart ;)

    4. Best of luck to our eastern neighbour.

  6. Anonymous13:40

    I find it interesting to be updated regularly about MAT/Kontiki as we don't have many new airlines in Serbia and Macedonia often. Keep up the good work!!!

  7. JATBEGMEL15:26

    @ Visit Kosovo

    Miredita...cfar esht e re n'Prishtin?

    I think that the flights will go from Macedonia via BEG to take of more Kon Tiki charters (5th freedom), thus taking on both macedonian and serbian charters into 1 flight....opinions?

  8. Anonymous16:38

    Good luck to the new MAT! I hope the nice flag will stay on the tail an that MAT Airways wont onlye fly from BRG to OHD and SKP.

  9. Anonymous20:18

    I genuinely wish this is going to work and they become scheduled airline with that beautiful flag on it's aircrafts :-)

  10. Anonymous20:55

    So, if they dropped the 'Makedonski' does that mean that they will be able to fly to Greece now?!
    If so, then that would be amazing!
    Do we know anything about the uniforms and the service that is going to be offered?


    Tung nga Prishtina!

    The weather hear is really hot, which means women's tops are getting looser, shirts are getting shorter etc. So, it's great if you're into this sort of things ;)

    Bring on the summer!

    Hope all is going well with you.

  12. JATBEGMEL20:41

    @ Visit Kosovo

    po, asgje e re, ju falemnderit shum. ufff same situation here until recently, but its been a bit cold so the jackets have come back again :( cfar esht e re ne Aeroportin e Prishtines? has easyJet started? any idea what happened to Tafa?

    Tung nga Beogradi! paqe

  13. Anonymous11:23

    I really do not undersatnd this investment by Kontiki. The charter market is rather small in Skopje and works June-August. The scheduled market is also rather small and well served by major players who allow excellent connection via different transit points.
    Would make more sence to buy AGX and transform it into a Serbian l/cost and charter airline!

  14. Anonymous13:17

    Well, Kontiki is buying Aviogenex so it will be good. Flights will be offered from belgrade too and Kontiki has packages during whole year...

    MAT - Dopri go neboto! :)


    Podrav iz Prištine.

    easyJet has started flights from both GVA and BSL to PRN and the bookings have been going really well and as a result the number of flights will go up from 4 weekly flights (2 from each destination) to 6 weekly flights (3 from each destination). It was really special seeing the orange easyJet livery at PRN.

    Tafa Air was a joke. It's not clear what exactly they were thinking, however they had some sort of a deal with flyLAL Charters (the charter remnant of the former Lithuanian national airline) and following a pay dispute the flights were cancelled during the busy New Year season. People were stranded at PRN and the airline was doomed. They kept an online presence and were claiming that they will resume flights but their reputation had taken such a beating that I think their ticket sales would never take off. Good riddance as far as I am concerned.

  16. JATBEGMEL09:52

    @ Visit Kosovo

    thanks for the update. well done to easyJet. shame about Tafa. Does Belle have a base in PRN? Out of TIA, i would say theyre doing better than LV. would love to see Belle in BEG. interesting as well as to how there isnt a return this summer of direct flights JFK to PRN.

    Поздрав из Београда / Tung nga Beogradi!


    I forgot to say that easyJet flights will increase from 4 to 6 weekly flights from November, i.e. not during the summer season.

    Belle does not have a base in PRN but I was told that they are planning to start new routes from PRN (including to LYS who are part of the consortium that will manage PRN). Belle had a particularly successful route from PRN to LGG, but the flight is now operated via TIA since last autumn.

    My older brother lives in the States and has flown for the last two summers direct from JFK, however the flights were run by a travel agency that understood the aviation business as 'there is demand, sell tickets' rather then understand all the customer needs -- I just read your comment today about reading Jat Review for 7+ hours. My brother said that they didn't have even that, but he said it was very special to know that you’re landing in your hometown direct from JFK. There is definitely demand (at least during the summer season) for direct JFK to PRN flights but they have to be run professionally (newer aircraft, better on-board service and entertainment) otherwise passengers will prefer connections via VIE, IST, LGW. Austrian has a particularly good connection and my parents flew last winter and were very pleased with the aircraft, crew, service and connections at VIE.



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