Montenegro boost

Podgorica Airport
Montenegro’s two airports, Podgorica and Tivat are reporting big increases in both the number of handled passengers and aircraft movement this year when compared to the same period in last year. Airports of Montenegro, the operator of the 2 hubs, reports that from January to May the two airports handled 289.745 passengers, an increase of 20%. While all five months reported increased passenger numbers, the most successful was May. During that month, the two airports handled 89.026 compared to 69.983 in 2009, an increase of 27.2%. The figures are a good indication for the upcoming summer season which should, according to these figures, be more successful than 2009.

The most successful year for Tivat and Podgorica airports was in 2008 when they handled a grand total of 1.109.113 passengers. They also handled 10.323 aircraft and the record is yet to beaten. The booming first five months of 2010 just might beat the record set two years ago.


  1. Anonymous13:30

    Any chance for Wizzair, Easyjet, Ryanair to start flying to Tivat and Podgorica? I am actually surprised that none of them haven't started at all by now, especially Tivat seasonaly....

    BTW, Terminal Building of TGD Airport really looks amazing!

  2. Great!!Montenegro really deserves that!
    I flew this April from Zurich to Skopje via Podgorica-was amazed how good the airport looks, much better than LJU for example and I have payed only 200Eur.Podgorica Airport and Montenegro Airlines are the best example of what increadible things can be done if there is a healthy national carrier like YM and good colaboration between the both.
    Would fly again via Podgorica-hope to see YM boosting to some new destinations like Amsterdam, Berlin,Brussels..This airline has such a huge potential!!

  3. Anonymous16:08

    TIV facilities have also improved a lot recently and I was really satisfied with YM flights from/to BEG last year as well.

  4. I think that many "jada"s are "guilty" for passenger bust at TIV airport :) i.e. Primatijada, Gradjevinijada, Medicinijada, Arhitekturijada, Elektrijada, etc, have been held at Budva during May this year ;)
    btw - there is one scheduled flight from Paris to Yaoundé Nsimalen International Airport via Belgrade... I suppose its a charter, but the plane used is MD83!? :D

  5. Kralj Tvrtko23:45

    Cameroon,their football team is going home with that plane...
    Btw the airports are great and i think that they will expand them within 4-5 years


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