Quiet achiever

Passengers up by 14%
In the first 3 months of the year, Montenegro Airlines carried 96.549 passengers, an increase of 14% compared to the same period last year, the “CdM” portal reports. There were a total of 1.909 flights operated. It is important to note however that these figures do not include the turbulent month of April which saw most of Europe’s airspace close. The month had quite an affect on airlines across the world, including those in the EX-YU. Several days ago, Airports of Montenegro reported growth as well.

In the first three months, Montenegro Airlines operated a total of 131 charter flights. The airline recently introduced charter flights from Podgorica to Bergamo in Italy. The airline also maintains regular and charter flights to Rome, Bari and Naples, "Aviazione Civile" reports. Italy forms the core of Montenegro Airlines’ charter flights.


  1. Anonymous09:38

    Would be interesting to see the numbers for their Belgrade route. Especially coz Jat has been reporting extremly good results.

  2. I will say once again, this is the best run airline in the ex-yu.Resonably priced tickets, on-time performer, nice and clean cabins, young and beutiful crews..
    I hope they will expand to destinations like Berlin, Amsterdam..Keep on Montenegro!

  3. Anonymous15:47


  4. There is no one to mention first WZZ DTM-BEG flight today :)

  5. Montenegro Airlines can be this year first national carrier in ex yu to have 650 000 passengers ,same as Montenegro population.Last year passengers number was around half million.With those good early results they can easily reach that number of 650000.


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