Sky Srpska plans

Sky Srpska hopes for 2011 launch
Sky Srpska, which is to be based in Banja Luka, yesterday announced its plans for the future. The “SeeBiz” portal reports that the airline has made a preliminary 2011 summer season schedule. The airline outlines that it would operate with 2 aircraft in the 2011 summer season. The aircraft would be purchased via a financial lease and could find themselves in Banja Luka at the beginning of next year.

The Government of Republika Srpska, which would be the owner of the new airline, said that Banja Luka currently has the potential to handle some 60.000 passengers on an annual basis. It believes that this demand will grow after the abolition of the European Union visa regime for citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which should hopefully occur later this year. The abolition would allow Bosnians to travel visa free to countries of the Schengen Zone.

Earlier it was announced that Adria Airways will commence fights to Banja Luka in July after a memorandum of understanding was signed between them and Sky Srpska.


  1. Marijan11:47

    This have we heard a 100 times! 2007,2008,2009,2010 and 2011.

    This airline will newer get in the air.


  2. Anonymous12:13

    R6 had four regular midday flights from BNX to ZRH with great SR and later LX connections worldwide, as well as up to six weekly flights to BEG with decent JU connections, together with a couple of summer non-stop services to TIV.

    If all of that did not work and they lost millions of marks why would this work now?

  3. Anonymous16:05


    Yes but back then the standard of living was much lower and most f the people needed visas to travel. Don't forget that the standard of living in RS is higher in the Federation.
    In addition to that Adria's plans to launch flights to Banja Luka could have a lot to do with this.

  4. Anonymous16:17

    .....what is with that logo? Don't tell me that won the competition last year! If they can't get that right how will they run an airline???!

  5. Anonymous18:03

    I actually think the logo is not that bad... Could have been much worse.

  6. Anonymous14:19

    Virtual airline...

  7. Anonymous22:51

    Anonymus, the living standart in Sarajevo (where B&H Airlines flies from) is the highest standard in the whole country, ca. 500 000 people. So don't play smart, cause you're not.

    On topic: I wish Sky Srpska all the best and hope they'll manage to make some profit from Mahovljani! :)

  8. Anonymous22:52

    And btw the living standard and the sallary in RS if by the statistics 2 euros more than in Federation. Wtf is the difference moron?

  9. Anonymous15:26

    They expect that the passenger count will grow after the visas are abolished? For Bosnian Serbs they already are since most have dual citizenship with Serbia. If they are relying on that boost they better think again. Also most non-Serb Bosnians will not fly an airline called Air Srpska and will rather drive to Zagreb and fly from there with better flight options. This is all political. This airline is just going to waste the taxpayers money, but then again the voters seem to favor nationalist pride over economic sense.

  10. Anonymous16:05

    Yes but unlike Sarajevo Banja Luka is not crippled by political disaccord... Plus who knows how long RS will stay in B&H so maybe it's not that bad if they actually started thinking of their future...

    Those who would oppose flying Sky Srpska can drive to Zagreb or Vienna, since there are not many of them there anyway...

  11. AirKoryoTU-20416:20

    Does anyone know what aircraft the new carrier will use? Maybe a pair of brand new Antonov An-148's ;)

  12. Anonymous17:31

    Aircraft? More than likely you sit on the back of a Vespa with the "pilot" and flap your arms as he drives you to your destination.


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