Wizz Air success

Belgrade route a success
The low cost airline Wizz Air, which this month commenced flights to the Serbian capital from Dortmund and London, has been reporting extremely good loads, the “Aviokarta.net” portal reports. On Monday, June 20, the airline commenced flights from London Luton Airport, carrying 139 passengers to Belgrade and 128 on the return leg. This means that the load factor on flights to London (for the first inaugural service) amounted to 77%. For comparison sake, Jat Airways’ average load factor on the Belgrade - London Heathrow – Belgrade service amounted to 68% in May. Wizz Air initially planned to commence flights from London to Belgrade in July. However, flights were brought forward upon the request of the director of Belgrade Airport. The airline is hoping to profit from the upcoming EXIT music festival, held in Serbia’s second largest city Novi Sad, which is extremely popular with younger Brits. EXIT is one of Europe’s most popular music festivals and together, in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance, Jat will be increasing frequency numbers to key Western European and regional destinations prior to and during the EXIT festival.

Meanwhile, Wizz Air flights from Dortmund to Belgrade are going from strength to strength. The average load factor climbed from 70% last week to 85% this week.


  1. JU36109:22

    I love WIZZAIR. My family has 4 members and we already bought 10 tickets for 2010. More to come when the DTM-BEG-DTM (winter plan) route is open for booking :)

  2. Anonymous09:37

    This is very good news about WZZ and BEG, and especially about possible EXIT`s loads. JAT should start this EXIT-connected promotions much much earlier. It will be very interesting to see the effects of this year`s move. I do hope Ex-Yu aviation news will obtain and deliver to us the figures.
    Very good.

  3. Great news for BEG and WIZZ , believe it or not i knew this will happen, as there are many people who wants to travel in EX-YU , just we need cheaper flights, imagine opening routes out from SKP,BEG,to -BVA-Paris to BGY-Milan Bergamo,CIA-Rome Ciapmino all this will be great succsess.

    Good Luck i hope Wizz will read this blogpost :)


  4. Anonymous11:50

    Brillient!!! I am so happy that is an all year round service ohhh thank you wizz air for takeing this brave step that ryanair and easyjet still havent made !!!!

  5. Anonymous12:55

    Excellent news for Belgrade and Wizz. I have just a small correction about portal you quoted in text. It is Aviokarta.net not "aviokarte" as you wrote!

  6. Anonymous17:55

    Great, I knew this was going to be a good thing! I am sure with reasnobly priced tickets, good advertisment BEG-LTN would go 7 days a week. I really hope Wizzair is going to expand tehir network from BEG, destinations which none of the current airlines flying from BEG has tried yet, such are: PSA, VLC, VAR(seasonal), ALC,TSF, WAW,even SPU and DBV(if OU and JU couldn't do anything good between these two countries!!!!! ), etc. And one anonymus has said, well done WIZZ, as FR and EZY were not brave enough to take this risk! BEG is a great destination to visit and I am sure there are people from serbia who would travel with reasonbly priced tickts!

  7. Anonymous18:26

    Warsaw is already served from BEG by LOT Polish Airlines my friend.

  8. Anonymous18:34

    Warsaw is served quite well actually, good timing and in the summer season an additional flight has been added.
    Also capacity has been increased from an E-145 to E-170!
    Good job Lot!

    Does anyone know how the loads to Bucharest are doing?

  9. Anonymous18:44

    I guess Malev's honeymoon is over, the loads are not that great anymore. I saw that they have a tendency to cancel flights and then on some days they just send an E-120.
    I am wondering what is happening with AirBaltic and their Riga flight... I went through their booking system and the prices (one way) was above 100 euros. Knowing it starts with like 12 euros I guess they are doing fine... Even though they do send that crappy F100!

  10. Great job Wizz Air!
    BTW - WZZ would become very popular if they add SPU/DBV flights! FR is the next LCC to come here! I'm telling ya! :)

  11. Anonymous20:52

    Sorry my mistake about WAW then, I forgot about LOT, but it doesn't meant there shoudn't be a competition between these two big cities :-)

    I REALLY would like to see FR flying to BEG, I think they could make a great focus destination in BEG, or even better if BJY opens for civil air transport in few years time we could see a major LCC hub in Southeastern Europe. Can you imagine Belgrade connected to BLQ, BTS, OPO, VRN, TFS, MRS, NYO, DUB, ZAD, REU, FUE, FAO, IBZ, LPA, EDI, HHN, STN, NCE, etc, etc

  12. Anonymous23:10

    Congratulations WZZ!
    Hope some new routes will follow soon.
    As somebody said above, BVA, CIA and especially BGY, as well as BCN and maybe TSF could be easily introduced and may have decent loads, at least three times per week for a start.

  13. Anonymous23:53

    BUD is going down because of price...many of destination mentioned wont be possible simply because there is no potential...companies will perform market search and decide profitable routes! They will even try some routes for certain period and analyze-if positive, no problem if not, of course cancellation!


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