Adria begins Banja Luka flights

Adria now in Banja Luka
Slovenia’s Adria Airways has begun flights to Banja Luka, linking the two cities via the air with a scheduled service for the first time. The inaugural promotional flight was carried out on Tuesday, while the first revenue flight began on Wednesday. The service, operated by the Bombardier CRJ200, was originally planned to run four time per week but low interest and non existent marketing have forced Adria to reduce the flights to only two times per week. The CEO of Adria Airways, Tadej Tufek, said, “We hope that the new service will be used by relatives, friends and business partners from both countries”. Adria is hoping to attract transit passengers, which would fly via Ljubljana to elsewhere in Europe, in order to make the route successful.

The Government of the Republika Srpska, the entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina in which Banja Luka lies, is subsidising the flights with 900.000 Convertible Bosnian Marks (approximately 460.160 Euros). The Minister for Transport of Republika Srpska, Nedeljko Čubrilović, said that the Adria service is important as it will lead to the development of air travel from Banja Luka. He also announced that the Government is working hard on opening services from Banja Luka to Tivat.

Adria Airways recently signed a cooperation agreement with Sky Srpska, an airline to be based in Banja Luka and expected to fly from next year. Such an agreement has already been made with Montenegro Airlines, while Jat Airways would provide all the needed technical and logistical assistance.


  1. Anonymous09:10

    I have to explode! Im very happy for this service, but very dissapointed that either Adria, or anybody had made an type of comercial of this flight, on Adrias internetpage, they did not even introduced the flight. I tried to find a connection flight from CPH but couldnt find it, i hope that they will inform people more about this service, and god luck Adria! /Philswe

  2. JU520 BEGLAX11:35

    latest update on Banja Luka figures:

    16JUL LJU-BNX 8 o/o 48 pax booked
    16JUL BNX-LJU 0 o/o 48 pax booked
    18JUL LJU-BNX 0 o/o 48 pax booked
    18JUL BNX-LJU 5 o/o 48 pax booked

    let s see how it develops...

    much better running are other destinations such as:

    18JUL LJU-BCN 080 o/o 135 pax bkd
    18JUL BCN-LJU 099 o/o 135 pax bkd
    18JUL LJU-MAD 023 o/o 048 pax bkd
    18JUL MAD-LJU 050 o/o 048 pax bkd
    18JUL LJU-ATH 050 o/o 048 pax bkd
    18JUL ATH-LJU 050 o/o 048 pax bkd
    18JUL LJU-ARN 048 o/o 048 pax bkd
    18JUL ARN-LJU 049 o/o 048 pax bkd
    18JUL LJU-CPH 075 o/o 086 pax bkd
    18JUL CPH-LJU 086 o/o 086 pax bkd

    25JUL LJU-BCN 086 o/o 086 pax bkd
    25JUL BCN-LJU 023 o/o 086 pax bkd
    25JUL LJU-BCN 075 o/o 086 pax bkd
    25JUL BCN-LJU 086 o/o 086 pax bkd

    so Sunday 25JUL they even have two BCN flights!

    Who ever complaint about posting such information on the web:
    these are only passenger figures and contain no secret or company important information such as yields, revenues etc.
    You can have a flight-loadfactor of 100%, if you are stupid enough and uncapable, it is still not profitable....

  3. Doot12:24

    are 48 pax booked, or is that the subsidy?

  4. JU520 BEGLAX12:41


    048 is the seat configuration

    048 = CRJ200
    086 = CRJ900
    135 = A319

    o/o = out of

    The first impression we have from BNX Luka flights are that they are very weakly booked. As well we can say that after 4 months of flights to Belgrade, they still have no satisfactory loadfactors

    Most other destinations have shown nice loadfactors in the past months. ARN for example which was started as an all year destination which had up to 5 weekly flights, did not work out. After being reduced to Summer flights and only two flights a week, we see very nice loadfactors. Mostly flights operated with CR9.
    ATH is slower than the 2 years before. Still very nice is BCN, MAN.
    CPH has a strong performance, CDG as well. Will see how CDG develops after Easy will introduce CDG-LJU flights later this year. CDG-LJU has already up to 4 daily flights (JP,AF)

  5. @ JU520 BEGLAX

    Are you saying that at the time of posting there were no, i.e. nil business class/nil economy class, tickets sold for LJU-BNX and BNX-LJU flights for 16th or 18th of July?

  6. @ JU520 BEGLAX

    Oops! Now, I see that you have 8 out of 48. I thought you were saying 0/0 -- nil business/nil economy.

    So, it's o/o not 0/0.

  7. Anonymous13:46

    I really hope this is going to work, but they have to lower their prices and do something about marketing, as someone said thay have done NOTHING to advertise this route and possibilites to connect from LJU!

  8. JU520 BEGLAX13:52

    @visit Kosovo

    I dit not show C and Y Class passengers, will do next time.

    BNX passengers were 98% Y Class passengers. First and inauguration flight had a bunch of people from the press flying in C-Class (but they were invited)

    bytheway Kosovo is a very nice lane for JP. two daily flights, the midday flight operates regularly with 319 or 320. JP has some nice connections from PRN via LJU throughout Europe and passengers seems to like it :-)

  9. Anonymous14:12

    do you have the numbers for Belgrade?

  10. JU520 BEGLAX14:37


    16JUL LJU-BEG 27 Y 0 C CRJ200
    16JUL BEG-LJU 41 Y 3 C CRJ200
    18JUL LJU-BEG 21 Y 0 C CRJ200
    18JUL BEG-LJU 31 Y 0 C CRJ200
    19JUL LJU-BEG 12 Y 2 C CRJ200
    19JUL BEG-LJU 12 Y 0 C CRJ200
    20JUL LJU-BEG 22 Y 0 C CRJ200
    20JUL BEG-LJU 15 Y 0 C CRJ200
    21JUL LJU-BEG 16 Y 3 C CRJ200
    21JUL BEG-LJU 23 Y 1 C CRJ200
    22JUL LJU-BEG 21 Y 0 C CRJ200
    22JUL BEG-LJU 21 Y 0 C CRJ200
    23JUL LJU-BEG 16 Y 0 C CRJ200
    23JUL BEG-LJU 26 Y 1 C CRJ200
    25JUL LJU-BEG 08 Y 0 C CRJ200
    25JUL BEG-LJU 28 Y 0 C CRJ200

    LJU-BEG 38.54 %
    BEG-LJU 52.60 %

    Y = Eco Class
    C = Business Class
    CRJ200 = 48 seats

    Generally speaking we know that loadfactors should be above 70% to have a flight be profitable.
    A bad sign is that during the Holiday Season where most of the flights have good loads, they have loadfactors of 38 and 52%.

  11. JU520 BEGLAX15:21

    Pristina flights JP
    only the daytime flights
    ETD LJU 1325
    ETD PRN 1545

    17JUL LJU-PRN 139 Y 0 C A319
    17JUL PRN-LJU 047 Y 0 C A319
    18JUL LJU-PRN 162 Y 0 C A320
    18JUL PRN-LJU 129 Y 1 C A320
    19JUL LJU-PRN 139 Y 0 C A319
    19JUL PRN-LJU 079 Y 0 C A319
    20JUL LJU-PRN 164 Y 3 C A320
    20JUL PRN-LJU 082 Y 0 C A320
    21JUL LJU-PRN 164 Y 3 C A320
    21JUL PRN-LJU 058 Y 1 C A320
    22JUL LJU-PRN 167 Y 0 C A320
    22JUL PRN-LJU 072 Y 2 C A320
    23JUL LJU-PRN 139 Y 0 C A319
    23JUL PRN-LJU 084 Y 0 C A319
    24JUL LJU-PRN 135 Y 0 C A319
    24JUL PRN-LJU 087 Y 0 C A319
    25JUL LJU-PRN 151 Y 0 C A320
    25JUL PRN-LJU 152 Y 0 C A320

    So here you see. PRN is working much better than BEG. Also we can see that it is holiday season. LJU-PRN are full. In a couple weeks will have the opposite picture

    A319 = 135 seats
    A320 = 162 seats

  12. frequentflyer09:34

    Seems JP is taking a calculated gamble on this route, whether twice weekly is enough to attract pax is another story.

    @ JU520

    Very true about the load factor not resembling yields...


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