Aviogenex emergency in Podgorica

Aviogenex Boeing B737-200
The revived Serbian charter airline Aviogenex, a relic of EX-YU aviation, had a full scale emergency yesterday when smoke was seen in the cabin. The aircraft was on route from the Greek island of Zakynthos to Belgrade when smoke was seen inside the passenger cabin mid flight. The captain requested an immediate emergency landing at Podgorica Airport and was welcomed by the airport’s fire department and other emergency services. The 23 year old Boeing B737-200 safely landed just after 09.30 CET. All of the 16 passengers on board, plus crew, were well and were not treated for smoke inhalation, the “Tanjug” new agency reports. The airline’s sole aircraft is now grounded in Podgorica until further notice, while an investigation regarding the safety incident is pending.

Meanwhile, Jat Airways has taken over all of Aviogenex’s passengers. The airline has requested emergency slots at Barcelona and Palma de Majorca airports in order to transport holiday makers to the Spanish cities. Both flights have been sold out.

Aviogenex was once part of the GENEX International group. As Yugoslavia fell apart so did GENEX and with it its charter airline. Rumours have been circulating that Kon Tiki Travel, Serbia’s largest tour operator, which recently set up Mat Airways in Macedonia, is keen to purchase the airline and take over its aircraft.


  1. Anonymous11:42


  2. JATBEGMEL13:32

    theyve been doing quite well in terms of flights lately, like 3 per day with YU-ANP. Sad to hear about the incident, will set them back a bit. Hope itll be resolved quickly. Intresting how JAT is able to cover for AGX when theyve decreased their own flights.

  3. Anonymous13:55

    Well they will probably cover them with flights in the middle of the night... Unlike the ones Aviogenex had.

  4. I am glad they were able to make a safe landing. That aircraft deserves to finally retire.

  5. 1.
    Thank goodness there are no casulties.

    Who maintains this aircraft?

    Is Podgorica en-route to Belgrade from Zakynthos?

    16 passengers on board? Is this a business class only aircraft a la l'Avion? Didn't know charters fly with only 16 passengers on board.

    So, Kon Tiki want to take over this 23 years old aircraft and use it for MAT Airways. Good luck!

  6. Anonymous16:22

    Visit Kosovo: It was probably closest to Podgorica when the pilot decided to declare an emergency. The 16 passengers is not a big deal since the aircraft was probably full on the way to Zakynthos. People are still not returning home from their holidays so that’s probably why the aircraft was empty on the return since tour operators sell holiday packages for 1,2 or 3 weeks and you can choose.

  7. Anonymous18:50

    I was in that plane and I am very angry becouse that happened so I think that its mistake of control of the flight, becouse they said it was damage because instalations were very old.We stayed in Popdgorica too long, the 9 passengers at all, I am very very angry on agency called Matico

  8. JATBEGMEL11:42

    @ Visit Kosovo


    Who maintains AGX aircraft? Apparently the engineering department of AGX, but i think Jat Tehnika has as well in the past, hence the reason why JAT flew the aircraft for a while.

    Is TGD enroute? Not really, PRN would of been closer but there is a restriction on Serbian aircraft landing in PRN, so TGD was the next option. I have no idea if the restrictions apply for emergency landings.

    a/c config is 125 economy seats. Although the a/c is 23 years old, it still has alot of cycles still left (16.000 hours of 24.000) and are younger than many JAT aircraft. As mentioned, Delta Air Lines in the US have many aircraft as old or much older. Kon Tiki are looking into brining in B733 a/c btw, and with new aviation laws in the EU coming out, i dont think the a/c will be in service for much longer (say 2 years).

    Shpresoj se kjo ishte ndihm e...pershendetje nga Beogradi :)

    @ anonymous

    Интересује ме баш колико сте дуго остали у Подгорици кад кажете предуго. И боље је да Вам пилоти обавештавају о техничких проблемима него да Вам каже да се запалио авион, замисли какав узбуна би се направио. Сумњам да су посаде споменули старост флоте, ал ајде. Што се љутите на Агенцију кад сте Ви сами одабрали Агенцију и сами одабрали одредишту за летовању, нисте одабрали добру Агенцију, добро, следећи пут путујете преко некоме другу.

  9. @Jatbegmel, there are no restrictions on Serbian aircraft in Prishtina. Especially not in emergencies.

  10. JATBEGMEL23:49

    @ Niti

    JAT have been unable to get the rights to fly to PRN, and im for sure the flights would run with definate government backing even if they were unprofitable. Maybe there isnt a restriction, but they for some reason havnt been able to get the necessary rights to fly there. As i mentioned, i was unsure if the same went for emergencies, to me it seems so, PRN being bigger and closer would of been the choice for landing, and not TGD, that is, flying in a straight line. If JAT aircraft have to go around Kosovo airspace, which i doubt, and they flew via Albanian and Montenegrin airspace, then TGD would be closer...


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