Croatia Airlines paralysed

Strike - day 2
Today, Croatia Airlines experiences yet another day of many grounded aircraft, unhappy passengers and unhappy employees. Yesterday, the cabin crew union began their four day strike which received the backing from the pilot union which plans to join their cabin crew colleagues tomorrow, if their demands are not met. The airline’s management failed to receive a court injunction against the crew.

Yesterday, all flights to Pula, Podgorica, Priština, Vienna and Zadar were cancelled. The management says that 24.000 passengers will be affected by the strike. Furthermore, the management stresses that the airline will incur a significant financial loss as a result of the industrial action. In addition, Croatia Airlines says that airports across the country, the tourism industry and Croatia’s reputation will be affected by the strike which is taking place in the middle of the tourist season.

Ivan Mišetić, the CEO of the national carrier of Croatia, has called for a fresh round of talks with the cabin crew as the strike is not benefiting either side. “The union is not asking for their salaries to be raised. However, some of their demands are unreasonable”, Mišetić said at a press conference. The management further angered its crew when it was revealed they have hired personnel from B&H Airlines and Adria Airways to stand in. The union says that the management obviously has enough money for foreign crew but not for their own.

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  1. Anonymous09:05

    This is very funny, ints not a big problem but i think its better for the Croatia Airlines to hire Jat airways Crew, they have much more experience than BH Airlines crew and Adria is god but its easier for croatian people to communicate on a language that is very similar to their own language like serbian than slovenian, but everything is politics i think. Philswe

  2. The point here is that there should be a high degree of solidarity between Croatia Airlines pilots and FA and other carriers in the region.
    Pilots and Flight Attendents at BH and Adria atleast show their dissatisfaction for effectively becoming strike-brakers.
    All of the airlines in the region have similar problems. The biggest one beeing that they are all headed by people who are politicians and know very little or nothing about aviation.

  3. Anonymous10:10

    Anonymus, crew in B&H Airlines has experience of 10+ years and they speak the same language as Croats do. In addition, Bosnians and Croats have much better relations then Serbs-Croats so I don't see any reason why CTN should've hired Jat's crew.

  4. Anonymous10:42

    jat crews for Croatia? gotta be kidding, right? come on... I mean, they would go if you offer enough money to them as they ar as greedy as a man can be but anyway, it will never happen.

  5. Anonymous14:43

    One day i hope that one person with much money and leadership boughts all the tree airlines ( BH,CROATIA,JAT). The loadfaktor of all tree airlines are vero low. Come on its approx 60%??? Better leadership, 3 hub and more regional connections makes great neighboorhood and one day they will see that they need eachother.Look like Norwegian air shuttle tree hubs ( OSLO; NORWAY STOCKHOLM, they have even more plan to expand.// Philswe

  6. Anonymous23:31

    You mean like SAS, 'cause the main hub of Norwegian is Oslo-Gardermoen. That doesn't work my friend cause there'a allways some cities that are more focused. In this case for SAS it's Copenhagen. Norwegians and swedes are not so happy about that. The answer in Norway was=Norwegian Air Shuttle. SAS Norway is bleeding deeply because of this.

  7. JATBEGMEL12:23

    JP crew would of been brought in for the Airbus fleet and JA cre for the Q400's.

    JA crew suit better for OU rather than JU, due to language reasons.

    @ anonymous

    i think thats an unfair comment considering that the behaviour of the public during the tennis in Split showed Croats are no better.

  8. frequentflyer11:40

    @ PBY

    Brilliantly said. Tocno! An unnecessary strike caused not by the workers, but by management incompotence. But how do you get rid of such people, and who do you replace them with??

    @ Philswe

    Stop dreaming. To recreate a SAS-style operations in the exYU would be as much of a disaster finacially and politically as what SAS is going through.

    The biggest saving grace is that there is no Chapter 11 in Europe that will save floundering airlines (just govts willing to bail them out!)...

    In relation to load factors, you have to remember that legacy carriers have a lower break-even mark than budget carriers, and that the exYU region is not an established aviation market - people are happy to travel long distances still by car, or bus due to inflated ticket prices and unfairly low wages (by European standards).


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