easyJet to Ljubljana

Ljubljana JožePučnik Airport will be seeing more orange this winter
After announcing new flights to Zagreb recently, easyJet will also be giving a boost to Ljubljana. The low cost airline already operates flights from London Stansted Airport to the Slovenian capital but will now be adding services from Milan Malpensa Airport and Paris Charles de Gaulle. Services from Paris will begin on December 2 while flights from Milan commence on December 9. Both flights will be served three times per week. Peter Voets, easyJet’s Marketing Manager for Switzerland, Austria and Eastern Europe, said, "easyJet’s passenger numbers will be shooting up from 95.000 this year to 160.000 next year so we are delighted to be offering even more routes from Slovenia. easyJet will grow in Slovenia in the next twelve months by 68%, offering its familiar combination of low-fares with care and convenience".

easyJet is the only low cost airline operating out of Slovenia. Although other low cost airlines began services from Ljubljana, after Slovenia’s accession to the European Union in 2004, most failed with Adria Airways having an unbeatable market position at its home base.

All flight details can be found on the right hand side in the new route launches section.


  1. JU520 BEGLAX09:05

    almost the only LCC...
    Vueling is flying to BCN during Summer.. :-)

  2. frequentflyer09:32

    Would be nice to see U2 also start ZAG-MXP, guessing they will want to cement CDG/STN flights first...

    Who would have guessed it would be an orange LCC invasion to the capitals rather than the Irish harp??

  3. Anonymous10:27

    It's very nice to read news like this.I hope this routes will be profitable for U2.Orange invasion, he he:)i do prefer U2 then FR,considering safety and comfort. but then again FR usually operates from "village" airports not from main airports (with few exeptions)

  4. JU520 BEGLAX10:57

    from Ljubljana Joze Pucnik Airport.... I can t stand this name... typical ex-yugo personality and flag cult (of course not only in ex yu), but the old communists could not get enough to have their names seen on roads and squares.
    The population in Slovenia was never asked if they would like their main airport called with this name. This is already the first mistake. Secondly no need to rename all the airports and start to copy others who had the same bad idea. Let JFK be JFK and CDG be CDG, that s ok.
    But Ljubljana Airport should be Ljubljana Brnik Airport. And Madrid is Barajas Airport. That s it.
    And if ever a name is used, than for a big personality, well known in the world. I agree with Belgrades Nikola Tesla Airport.
    Or Warsaw F. Chopin Airport. But who the heck is Joze Pucnik?? Come on...... stop that shit

  5. Anonymous16:47

    This is great, I am so happy because of that even though I have nothing to do with Ljubljana, I just cannot believe which kind of monopol Adria has ove LJU airport. For one EU country it is quite unusual. I hope FR will start flying to LJU too and U2 will extend their network even more, not only from LJU and ZAG, but other cities in EX YU, and I do not see any reasons why EZY or FR wouldn't fly to POW sesonaly, and why FR stopped serving MBX at the first place?

  6. Anonymous20:21

    When exactly did they change the name of the airport from Brnik to Joze Pucnik?

    BTW I have never heard about Joze Pucnik so it doesn't mean anything to me as a foreigner.

  7. JU520 BEGLAX00:54

    The name changed something like 3 years ago, Pucnik was a politician, I think the leader of the social democratic party in Slovenia. He was member of the first democratic elected government and was seating twice in jail back in old yugoslavia for regime critical activity. But I m no Slovenian, so I don t really know much about him.

  8. Anonymous10:55

    Of course POW won't get U2 or FR service, try looking at the length of the runway before makeing silly comments

  9. Anonymous13:43

    The name Jože Pučnik airport was given by then a PM Janez Janša when a part of the new terminal was opened (to accomodate Slovenia's entry to the Schengen zone).The name was given almost over the night.I also don't agree with this name, as many other Slovenians don't.Most people still refer to Ljubljana airport or simply Brnik.Jože Pučnik was an important person, but i think naming an airport after him was a very stupid political decision.It would be ok for a street or a square, but not an international airport. BTW: GO U2!i hope you will open also other routes out of LJU!

  10. Zrak21:18

    Unfortunately giving name to airports, buildings and so on is bad habit that exists all over southern Europe. However Ex-Yugoslavs excel at this sport.

    We have not contributed in any significant way to worlds history (few exceptions, Boskovic, Tesla, Milutinovic...) and yet we celebrate these sub-par individuals by displaying their names on our buildings and streets.

    Probably most pretentious name is Constantin the Great in Nis which handles less than 50k passengers.

    Imo even renaming of Belgrade Airport is pretentious. Nikola Tesla doesn't have any relation to Belgrade at all.

  11. JU520 I agree with you and if ljubljana airport has stupid "add-on" name Maribor airport Eduard Rusijan has quite good name.Sadly, good name for an airport that you cant see any "real" passenger jets for weeks :( It should be Ljubljana airport to link to Eduard Rusijan.

  12. Anonymous16:30

    I just saw on LJU page- timetables, that JP will start Marseille on aug.4th.couldn't find anything on Adria's site.Does anyone know something about it?

  13. Anonymous22:30

    About LJU to Marseille. At the amadeus.net the one week (WED) flight is sceduled. So it looks like true. Good for LJU.

  14. POW can not welcome FR or U2 planes because both airlines hasn't got enough small plane that could land on this airport. Boeing or Airbuses are not able to land on POW.
    FR flights to MBX were planned with more destination at the second stage but because of very small loads on the planes the only one route was canelled before any other started. FR is not the airline who connect the airports with the world. FR will fly on any of the routes only if it gets payed some money from regional authorities and only if the load is around 80%. Otherwise good bye! One and only thing FR is interested is a profit, nothing else.
    Anyway FR is fly to ex-YU region to Osijek, Pula and Zadar, as its seems not interested in capital airports. Zadar has a very good offer of some 10 FR destinations.
    You can expect only U2 in captial airpost.

  15. Anonymous14:21


    Easy will not started flights between MXP and LJU.

    At the easyjet Site the Flight noch available ;o(

    poz from Germany,


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