easyJet to Zagreb

Soon in Zagreb
One of Europe’s largest low cost airlines, easyJet, will commence flights to Zagreb from November 2010. The low cost airline has been present in Croatia for several years but has so far only operated summer seasonal flights to coastal cities. easyJet will operate flights to the Croatian capital for the first time. The airline will connect Zagreb with Paris and London Gatwick Airport. easyJet will become the fourth low cost airline to operate out of Zagreb, adding competition to both Croatia Airlines and Wizz Air on the London route.

Tonči Peović, the director of Zagreb Airport, made it one of his priorities to bring low cost airlines to Zagreb, when he was named as the airport’s number one man late last year. In the region, easyJet operates flights to the Croatian coast, Ljubljana and Priština.

Flights from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport will operate four times per week from November 1, while flights from London Gatwick will be inaugurated on February 11, 2011 and are also scheduled to operate four times per week. All flight details can be found on the right hand side in the new route launches section.


  1. Anonymous09:24

    Halleluja :-)))))))))))) Now FR to come and that's it :-))))))) Welcome Easyjet and good, healthy competition :-)

    Can't wait to see them in BEG and other cities :-)

  2. Anonymous09:27

    Easyjet will open 2 new routes from LJU too. From 2st Dec will fly to Paris (CDG) and from 9th Dec to Milan (Malpensa). :-)

  3. Anonymous09:50

    Ryanair is qutie active in the area. FR offers flights from GRZ, KLU, TRS but there is no EZY. These destinations are in LJU catchment area so it make sens for EZY to offer destination not being served by FR from mentioned airports. Looks like that the struggle between these two LCCs moves slowly towards our region and that we could expect new connection in the future.

  4. Jimmy Wang14:04

    Low Cost Carriers surely boost tourism even if not real business for airports but good for restaurants, hotels and other transports.
    See Hahn" Girona and Bergamo.
    Porto Airport served from both european leading companies, Ryanair and and it also increased dramatically the passengers flow.
    I do wish that Rijeka airport also could be served more effectively by these Airlines.

  5. fingers crossed for some new EZY adn FR BEG service :)

  6. Anonymous01:41

    Ryanair is not that active in the area just to zadar and pula and osijek they need to do MORE .... BRAC AIRPORT .... RIJEKA AIRPORT COME ONNNN RYANAIR SAVE US

  7. Anonymous12:59

    I agree, FR could do much more, Brac sesaonaly is a great ide, Brits would just flood thet island!!! Osijek can do with couple of more destinations and definitely all year around, not only summer! RJK as well, it is a big city and definitely the airport could do better, but as we know they refused FR offer. I am surprised that EZY or WZZ haven't shown interest in OSI, or INI, OMO, TIV, SJJ could do great, BNX would do great with NORMALLY priced tickets and GOOD MARKETING!!!!!!!!!

  8. Anonymous17:34

    finaly banja luka is on adria's website to book flights ,but still a bit to pricey.

  9. Anonymous19:34

    Brac would be great however it is only 1,440meters in length i think that Ryanair needs more runway length. It would suit Ryanair greatly as Brac is loved by Italians, Brits and other nationals, it could also be branded as split haha. I am also astonished by rijeka and its refusal against ryanair.. i hope they perish due to there silly refusal. And montenegro needs low cost carries ASAP!!!!!

  10. Anonymous03:36

    Yes that is definitely too short for FR 737-800. I do not understand why they haven't done that runway and opened to LCC, it would be flooded with sesonal flights and tourists! What RJK authorities have done is the most stupid thing in aviation hostory I think, thay would rather have an empty airport thyan being floded with tourists and the locals flying to somewhere(like ZAD and PUY have done), the same with BNX, TIV, OMO.... I have to say that INI is trying at least!

    I am really praying for FR to start to SPU, RJK, DBV, TIV, BEG, OHD,....

    Does anyone know how are FR's loads from/to OSI? And YM's to INI?

  11. frequentflyer11:19

    Between Lufthansa and now Easyjet stealing all his business, perhaps Misetic has the right idea trying selling off OU..?

    In all seriousness, good on U2 for flying to ZAG. They've taken the easy pickings route-wise first off, would be good to see them flying to MXP, KRK and even FCO. They'll be a long-term presence at the airport (unlike Ryanair who often chop/change and rob airports blind) which is good for passengers.

  12. Anonymous12:25

    LGW-BNX-LGW 15/20 AUG:
    total for all travellers 296.70 EUR

    Is this really pricey for 4 airport taxes and 4 air fares ?!?

    travellers flights taxes Reservation service fee
    1 adult(s) x (165.00 + 121.70 + 10.00) = 296.70 EUR


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