Increase all round

Podgorica Airport
Belgrade, Podgorica and Tivat airports have all reported a significant increase in passenger numbers in the past two months. In May, Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport handled 219.751 passengers, compared to 197.899 the same month last year. Thus, an increase of 11% was reported. Similarly, in June, a 9% increase was registered, with 258.384 passengers handled. In the first half of the year, a total of 1.111.588 passengers used the airport. Belgrade has reported big gains throughout the year, when compared to last, with the ash affected month of April being the only exception.

Meanwhile, across the boarder in Montenegro, both Podgorica and Tivat reported solid gains. In fact, when both airports are combined, June saw historic figures with a total of 137.626 passengers handled (+13%), beating the record breaking June of 2008. Both airports have registered firm growth throughout the year and have handled a total 427.371 passengers in the first six months. Last Saturday Tivat Airport broke its own record as 9.792 passengers used the airport in one day. A total of fourty aircraft landed that day at Tivat.


  1. Hey, great news! :D
    I hope it'll happen all year round ;)

    Anyways, does someone know what was the load factor on Air Vallees Rimini flight today? Dornier 328 has 34 pax capacity, so I guess it was over 70% :)

  2. BIG NEWS!!!
    AirTroyka will commence 2 weekly direct Toronto-Belgrade flights with their specially configured aircraft.
    More info @

    ahhahahahah :))))

  3. Anonymous18:36

    Sarajevo Airport as well posted a growth of 10.4% in comparison with Q I form last year

  4. Zrak21:24


    That is quite good considering that SJJ posted 4,7% increase during 2009 (comparing to 2008).

    Three airports mentioned in this article are merely bouncing back to 2008 numbers.

  5. good news to balkans,
    Skopje airport also has reported 17% increase passengers in June compare to last year June, while in July already 11 % increase so far when left half month ahead.



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