Jat apologises

Seven hour delay
Jat Airways is in damage control after its passengers were delayed for more than seven hours in Thessaloniki, Greece on Wednesday because the airline’s co-pilot did not have a valid license. Disgruntled passengers were forced to wait until a replacement from Belgrade was flown in. Subsequently, many flights were delayed due to the “oversight”. “Jat Airways apologises for the delay of flight JU445 from Thessaloniki to Belgrade, on Wednesday, and other subsequent delays. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. The delay was caused as a result of an administrative error and those responsible will be dealt with accordingly”, Jat’s apologetic press release reads.

Milutin Mrkonjić, the Minister for Infrastructure, who is also responsible for the aviation portfolio, said that those responsible for the seven hour delay should be penalized. He also promised that all passengers on the flight will be refunded. The ATR72 from Thessaloniki was scheduled to land at 14.50 at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport but instead touched down at 22.30.


  1. Peter from Sydney10:16

    Why is this being made into such a big deal? 7 hour delays in the aviation world are nothing out of the ordinary, why are these passengers special?

  2. Anonymous11:08

    Coz this is not a weather related delay, nor is there any technical issues. An admin error as such is unacceptable - or is it just because I'm from the Far East :P

  3. Anonymous11:40

    ^ The fact that one of your pilots is flying around without a valid license is a big deal. I read today that some European agency which caught this error is now monitoring all of JU's pilots and flights.

  4. Doot14:48

    What kind of clown could possibly think that a pilot flying without a valid license is "no big deal"?

  5. Anonymous14:51

    If this agency had taken its job a bit more seriously we wouldn't have had this incident.
    However I do not see why isn't anyone congratulating Jat on the reimbursment of the ticket price. That is a nice thing from their side to do...
    However it is bad that he was flying around with no licence. Let us not forget that we are hearing one side of the story here we do not know exactly why he didn't have his licence. I doubt that it is because he doesn't have it n general, most of Jats pilots are seniors meaning that they are not some young kids flying around- I would be sceptical at this point.

  6. Anonymous15:43

    It's like driving the car. You need to have the license with you at all times. Jat is simply a joke of an airline, putting people's lives at danger every day.

    What about today's flight from Rome - it has also been severely delayed, almost 12 hours!!!

  7. Anonymous18:36

    As someone said here:

    "It's like driving the car. You need to have the license with you at all times. Jat is simply a joke of an airline, putting people's lives at danger every day."

    Complete true! Couldn't agree more.

  8. Yeah, what's up with the flight from Rome, it seems that it's really delayed... problems with the plane or? http://www.beg.aero/putnici/letovi.231.html?flightId=58640

  9. Anonymous19:33

    what's going on with jat? look at the timetable of beg.aero, every jat flight has a massive delay!

    i'm afraid that somethings about to happen. grounding?

  10. Anonymous22:39

    ^ Haha delayed flights don’t translate into grounding. One of their planes has probably gone out of service. It’s happened before and it will happen again until they get more planes.

  11. Anonymous22:44

    The flight from Rome was delayed because there was something wrong with the wheel of the plane. They had to bring a technician from Belgrade with the spare part. All of the other delays were caused because this plane was out of service and stuck in Rome the entire day

  12. Anonymous22:57

    If an airline has a very tightly planned schedule and one of the A/Cs is AOG, this kind of DLYs are bound to happen... add CTOT to that - the whole rotation for that day is messed up. Doesn't even have to be a major technical defect, all it takes is that particular spare part not being on stock at your local spare part pool partner's. Been there, seen that...

  13. Anonymous00:07

    Not to mention JU210 on 22nd July which was 140+ min late due to aborted take off and quck fix at BEG.


  14. Dassal08:36

    Maybe JAT would apologises for the selfegsistance one day!


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