Jat extends Portorož service

Jat hopes for more Portorož passengers
Jat Airways will extend its seasonal summer service from Belgrade to Portorož until September 15. The flights, which commenced in April, were scheduled to terminate in mid July. Flights between the Serbian capital and the Slovenian coastal town resumed after 19 years. The service is operated in cooperation between Jat and the Piran Tourist Board, which is subsidising the flights.

The service to Portorož is operated twice per week using the ATR72 aircraft. In June, Jat carried 174 passengers to Portorož and 128 passengers from Portorož to Belgrade. However, it should be noted that there are restrictions on the number of passengers per flight due the runway length at Portorož Airport. As a result of the summer flights, services to Trieste have suffered. Trieste is located on the border between Italy and Slovenia and is only some 20 kilometres from Portorož.


  1. JATBEGMEL12:27

    I think POW has to be the stupidest route added this season. Waste of an aircraft that could of gone to PUY which fills and is more profitable.

  2. Anonymous12:56

    I disagree that this is the stupidest route. Do not forget that JAT secure safe income through this route, contrary to risk of CLF to PUY or to some other destination. This is kind of easy money like INI for MGX and IV, or BNX for JP.

  3. JU520 BEGLAX15:27

    The most stupid destination for JP seems to become Banja Luka:

    1st of all NO BNX Promotion or marketing activities on their webside or do u guys see something??
    Have you seen how LX promotes SFO with the extra painting on one of their 343?

    Bookings as follows:

    14JUL LJU-BNX 02 o/o 48 psbl pax
    14JUL BNX-LJU 03 o/o 48 psbl pax
    18JUL LJU-BNX 00 o/o 48 psbl pax
    18JUL BNX-LJU 01 o/o 48 psbl pax
    21JUL LJU-BNX 03 o/o 48 psbl pax
    21JUL BNX-LJU 00 o/o 48 psbl pax
    25JUL already cancelled

    the route was planned to fly 4 x a week and is already reduced to 02 weekly and will most probably be shot down very soon.
    The way those guys are doing business I do not wonder that no one is flying profitable...

    I think we should boycott them all and fly instead on H,OS,AF,TK,Easy,Gwings to Ex YU Region

  4. Anonymous21:42

    Adria which is starting flights to BNX (and I was so happy about it and willing to pay even more money than I would normally pay just to land in BNX - my hometown) charges for one return ticket LGW-BNX via LJU of course - £600 in August!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can fly to New York for that money in the peak of season!!!!!!!!!!

    I think that is outrageous!!!!!! I am not surprised that nobody flies from there and that their load is so low! Absolutely ludicres! I just WISH all these ripping national companies get buncrupt and we ALL fly with Wizz, FR and EZY happily after!!! And as someone has already said, what they have done regarding marketing - I couldn't read about this new destination anywhere, not even on Adria's website! Just BIG, BIG disaster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. JATBEGMEL10:37

    @ anonymous

    i wonder how much money the flight is receiving flying to POW compared to the amount it would of recieved flying to PUY. Pula has shown twice to be a profitable route for JAT. If JAT still had the ATR42 or a similar aircraft which suited POW better, ok, why not.

    shame for JP.

  6. Anonymous14:54

    If you travel in both way with ONLY Adria, prices should look like this:

    Hin- und Rückflug: €465,82

    09:45 Abflug London (LGW)
    Ankunft Banja Luka (BNX) 14:15 Mi 11.Aug
    Dauer: 3Std. 30Min. Adria Airways 451 / 794
    Umsteigen in Ljubljana (LJU)

    14:45 Abflug Banja Luka (BNX)
    Ankunft London (LGW) 19:45 So 15.Aug
    Dauer: 6Std. 0Min. Adria Airways 795 / 450
    Umsteigen in Ljubljana (LJU)

  7. Anonymous19:55

    I do not want to pay almost 500 euros for European flight, even if I wanted I cannot afford, simple, they will NEVER EVER have passangers with prices like that, I do not want to talk about marketing which basicly doesn't exist!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am flying with Wizzair to Zagreb for 120£ return, lugagge INCLUDED up to 32 kg!!!!!!! Adria can fly as much as they want with their EMPTY planes!

  8. Anonymous22:47

    i agree, who want to pay $$$ to fly with Adria, JAT Airways, BH Airlines when you can fly 3-4 times cheaper with Ryain Air or Easy jet. I fly to Banja Luka aswell and for 500 euro i could find a flight to london from Canada! Also i can;t find banja luka on the website!

  9. Anonymous12:55

    I couldn't find BNX on Adria's website either, but you can find on kayak.com or ebookers.com. And yes fully agree for that money I can fly to the USA ANY time, friend of mine has just booked a ticket London-New York RETURN for £320 with KLM via Amsterdam, and Adria is asking for almost 500 euros for European flight! I think it is just ludicres!!!!!!!! UNTIL they change their price plan(not onlu Adria, but all EX YU airlines) and they do something about advertisment thay will NEVER full up their planes! For example, Wizzair has advertised all over London their flights to Belgrade, Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik, and as far as I know the planes are packed with people! Simple as that!

  10. Anonymous13:37

    Well JFK and LHR are big airprots, ther flts are full, BNX is a very small airport and this is liek executive flight, so it can be like 50€ ;).

    Well to say, they are stupid not to list BNX on Adria's site, as you can select many versions of ecenomy tickets, liek the cheapest ones. Here on expedia for example you just get one booking class and that is it.

    Cant help you more though I would like to !

  11. Anonymous03:29

    I have just sent an e mail to Adria about their ludicres prices!!!!! I think they are taking the piss!

    And Anonymus who flies to BNX too, have you got private e mail?

  12. frequentflyer11:33

    JU needs to chase any money it can get its hands on (except of course that money sitting in Airbus' account!), obviously POW brings in the money for them.

    Anyone know how many seats the airline is penalised operating at POW?

    @ JU520 BEGLAX

    Thanks for those figures, great to have them on hand. Of course (and one would assume its a company secret) but the break-even factor would be an important element to this argument: if the plane breaks even with just 8 pax (due to a deal with the RS govt, BNX airport or Grad Banja Luka), then 2 or 4 pax isn't so bad...

    I remember a similar deal in the past between Mostar and OU, but off memory the plane type used (AT7?) clearly not being the most economical for the situation. Is the CR2 the best plane for this route?

  13. Anonymous12:29

    LGW-BNX-LGW 15/20 AUG:
    total for all travellers 296.70 EUR

    Is this really pricey for 4 airport taxes and 4 air fares ?!?

    travellers flights taxes Reservation service fee
    1 adult(s) x (165.00 + 121.70 + 10.00) = 296.70 EUR

    come on ??? this is not pricey

    if you want cheaper price, go with bus from LON.

    @JU520 BEGLAX
    you are posting some quite secret information from Adria's commercial FP, pleas stop with that as you are not interpretating them correctly.

  14. Anonymous01:20

    Anonymus, why do you think I can travel on dates wyou have given me!!! I ahve full time job and other duites, I cannot just book ticket when is convinient for Adria to lower their prices! As I ahve said, I am flying with Wizzair for £130 return(check in luggage included up to 32 kg) and I shall take a coach from Zag to BL £30 return. The difference I'd rather give to my mother than to Adria's robbers!!!!!!!! Your attitude is just bad! JU520 can post anythiung he likes as long as he doesn't offend anyone like you're doing! And I shall not take a coach from LON to BL!!!!!!!!


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