Jat is here to stay

Jat Airways to live on ... for now
Despite talk about a possible new national carrier for Serbia and the end of Jat Airways, it seems that, for now, the Jat brand will live on. The B92 network reports that the Government of Serbia has delayed the entire process until further notice. The state secretary for aviation, Miodrag Miljković, said that the tender to find a consultant to set up the new company has been delayed until further notice, until sufficient funds are found. The Serbian Government previously said that, together with another foreign airline, it was prepared to set up the “new Jat”, with the Government investing 400.000 American Dollars.

Turkish Airlines, which has shown interest in purchasing Jat, seems to have “cooled off” from the idea. However, on Monday the Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan pledged in Belgrade that talks between the two national carriers will speed up. "We are ready for steps that will make that cooperation possible. I am promising to do my best so that the people of Serbia have links to every corner of the world through our two companies", Erdogan told a news conference in Belgrade. The Serbian Prime Minister, Mirko Cvetković, only said that he and Erdogan "tackled aviation industry issues".

A high ranking delegation from Turkish Airlines was scheduled to travel with Mr. Erdogan but their visit was cancelled. Officials from Serbia say that their visit will be rescheduled for another time.


  1. my, my, my, why am i not surprised?

  2. Anonymous10:55

    My word!

    It just mirrors the mess that the whole country's economy is!

    (And thanks for the LCCs! JAT will not see me for a looooong time!)

  3. Anonymous11:02

    I agree with the perosn before me - thanks LCCs! I like my plane in one piece and on time! :)

  4. JATBEGMEL11:28

    Wouldnt want to see TK buy into JAT considering their "fine" job with JA. TK is as well a Star Alliance member where as JAT has been looking into Sky Team membership. If only SU were to rethink and again show interest into JAT :) As for TK, JAT would come in handy as a regional carrier shuttling passengers via IST for flights to the M. East, Far East, Africa and to Australia, once it commences.

    @ anonymous

    what do you mean by 1 piece? Does JAT have a poor safety record? um, wait, noooo, actually they rank very high by IATA as a safe airline. On time, fair call. Better service, fair call. Better air fare, at times a fair call. But safety, who you kiddin?

  5. Maybe Jat should just get rid of its media centre.

  6. Anonymous11:57

    Well, what can I say...good for them. As far as I'm concerned, I hope that Wizz Air is here to stay. And I hope that Ryan Air and Easyjet will be here to stay soon enough as well!

  7. JATBEGMEL12:12

    @ anonymous

    I really wouldnt want to see Ryan Air here. easyJet ok, but Ryan Air are well known for their treatment of passengers.

    @ Q400

    JAT should get rid of its management.

  8. AirKoryoTU-20412:36

    MIG group is also intrested in buying the Serbian JAT Airways, as previously stated, plans with them are to intergrate the carier into A3/OA.

  9. for starters, let WZZ make base in Belgrade. EZY and RYR will come one day.
    i remember that RYR wanted to make base in BEG back in 2005, but nothing happened, because Directorate didn't allow them (they were protecting JAT).

  10. Anonymous16:32

    I think Wizzair should make a base in Batajnica. That airport is crap and cheap looking so I guess if the passengers don't want to pay more then they should fly from there...
    Jat will remain like it or not, it's a fact. I just don't understand why every news about Jat has to turn into a bashing. We get it, you don't like them fine, no need to repeat it here everytime

  11. Anonymous19:53

    'if the passengers don't want to pay more then they should' ???

    Do you work for JAT?

    People are just expressing their feelings after being taken to cleaners for so long by that very JAT with support from government.

    Feel free to compliment JAT just as others are bashing it.

    Viva Wizz Air!


  12. Nostradamus03:45

    Everybody who wants to transport people in Serbia are warm welcomed.
    Jat and the rest will have their share. I mean its just some 3 million people flying in and out from Serbia every year and that figure will rise with 10%a year-Jat will survive and maybe expand their fleet within 2 years from now on:).

  13. JATBEGMEL09:56


    Batajnica Air Base has been undergoing some changes to make it functional, apparently it should soon be ready for cargo flights until a terminal is completed, which then would allow low cost airlines to use the facilities of Batajnica Air Base.

    4 JAT B733's and 1 ATR (YU-ALN if i remember correctly) are undergoing maintenance at BEG and is why the summer schedule has been reduced. Jat Tehnika has apparently taken on all 4 B733 aircraft for engine maintenance and Lufthansa Tehnica, mentioned earlier who were said to take on 2 of the aircraft for engine maintenance, is untrue. Maybe once the aircraft return to service they will have the new interior. Havent heard anything about the 737NG's coming into the fleet.

  14. JATBEGMEL10:52

    For everyone intrested in the Kon Tiki Sky/Mat Airways/Aviogenex aircraft, former MAT B735...


  15. Anonymous12:19


    you are wrong again.

    Jat is flying at the moment with

    8 733 (AND and ANH are undergoing maintenance)

    3 AT72 (ALR, ALN are in hangars as well)

    while 734 was returned.

    Last year it was even worse.

    Atm I must say, looking from outside perspective, their fleet is quite racionalized.

    10 733 and 5 AT72. New 737 would really make things better but still...

    With some better maintenance (money I guess) fleet would be ok for a few years.

  16. JATBEGMEL14:01

    @ anonymous

    ALR has apparently finished repairs. I know YU-AOS was returned. As for the B733's, i was told 4 were in the hangar for repairs.

    With proper maintenance and enough spare parts, i could say that the aircraft could fly for another decade, but would assume to be more and more costly to maintain. Delta have kept their 40 y/o DC9's up in the air.

  17. Anonymous07:15

    The time has long come that we finally solve issues with JAT.

    I believe Turkish would be an excellent partner for JAT, and provide it not only funding, but a new modern and clean fleet while integrating JAT into the Star network.

    Something we can all be proud of at the end, and not the continue the misery experiences year after year.


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