Montenegro awaits Embraer

Soon in Podgorica and Tivat
In just a few weeks, Montenegro Airlines will welcome the third Embraer E195 jet to its fleet, increasing its flock to a total of eight aircraft (5 Fokker F100s and 3 Embraer E195s). The national carrier of Montenegro will start operations with the new Embraer in mid July. Furthermore, it has an option to purchase another E195. The Montenegro Airlines Embraer model has the capacity to seat 116 passengers.

Recently, Montenegro Airline carried 3.800.000 passengers since its creation in 1994. Montenegro Airlines has started the year on a good note, recording a 14% passenger increase in the first quarter. Still, the airline has cancelled plans to create Master Airways, a Serbian subsidiary to be based in Niš, despite announcements made earlier in the year that it intends to do so.

Last week, Zoran Djurišić, the CEO of Montenegro Airlines, was once again elected for another term as the airline’s chief.


  1. Great news!
    Any word about some possible new destinations or frequency increase on some routes? (Maybe they could add another 5 daily BEG-TIV flights :) )

  2. JU36110:48

    Think you made a mistake. There should be 3 EMB not 5. Greets and thanks for the goog blog.

  3. JU36110:58

    P.S. Is it now official, that Master Airways is cancelled? Any info about reasons?

  4. Anonymous13:15

    YM's F-100s are a bit outdated now and suitable for BEG rotations but maybe not for their longer EU/RU flights. Good timing for fleet renewal.

    I have never flown on their ERJs, but I remember that I was more than satisfied when I had a flight on these A/Cs with other carriers. Good selection!

  5. Anonymous18:18

    So Montenegro is slowly becoming bigger than JAT... Well, no comment. I just hope we will have some new airlines based in Serbia soon as JAT is good for nothing.

    All the best for Montenego Airlines.

  6. Anonymous21:22

    Do they really need that much capacity?

  7. JATBEGMEL23:55

    Congrats to YM. Love seeing their ERJ's here in BEG. Maybe time for AMS to open? Are they still flying to CDG?

  8. Anonymous09:11

    eight planes is more than enough for YM. what should thay now consider is replacement of their old-dated fokker's and opening new routes for spain and/or netherlands.
    its quite bad that they haven’t placed any emphasis whatsoever on charter flights and they are considerable source of income for any airliner, in particular smaller ones


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