Montenegro receives Embraer

Montenegro Airlines’ newest aircraft
Yesterday, Montenegro Airlines received its third and final Embraer E195 jet. The shiny new E195, registered 40-AOC, arrived at Podgorica Airport from Rome. The aircraft began its journey from Sao Paulo, Brazil on Friday. The aircraft is the third of this type in the Montenegro Airlines fleet and the eigth aircraft in total. Montenegro Airlines operates another five Fokker F100s. The E195 has a seat capacity of 116.

“The arrival of this new aircraft is a big event for our airline, our country and most importantly for our tourism industry”, Zoran Djurišić, the CEO of Montenegro Airlines told the national broadcaster “RTCG”.

Starting today, the new Embraer has been deployed on scheduled destinations. Montenegro Airlines has an option to purchase another E195. The national carrier of Montenegro operates flights to a total of 16 destinations and has had sound results so far this year, however, the airline has drastically cut back on the number of charter flights this summer season.


  1. Anonymous11:22

    Congratz MGX! :)

  2. Anonymous14:05

    I wonder what will they do in winter with this plane? I fear that five F-100's and three E-195's could be a bit too much capacity. Maybe retiring one of the F100's?
    Now that Turkish Airlines flies to Podgorica why don't they launch Istanbul and codeshare with TK on the route. 1. It will benefit them to get some more pax connecting in IST. 2. It will delay the addition of new flights by Turkish.


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