Pilots and cabin crew threaten with strike

Croatia Airlines crew plan walkout
The cabin crew union at Croatia Airlines has said that it is considering going on strike because their salaries are lower than those in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, the “Index.hr” portal reports. Earlier this year, Croatia Airlines pilots also threatened to go on strike. However, it was diverted after talks between the management and the pilots began. Since a collective agreement between the two sides has not been signed, pilots are also threatening to join their colleagues in strike action.

The cabin crew could begin industrial action as early as next week. Croatia Airlines cabin crew earn approximately 550 Euros per month. Their pay has been slashed by 5%, work hours increased, holiday leave decreased and bonuses have been discontinued.

Croatia Airlines has seen an 11% decrease in passenger numbers in the first quarter of 2010 when compared to the same period last year. It carried 383.400 passengers, while its average cabin load factor per flight stood at 52.7%.


  1. JATBEGMEL09:39

    damn...and in the newspapers here they write that JAT crew are under payed. Pay at YM is almost double that at JAT, and apparently even Albanian Airlines gives better pay as well, so suprising to hear wages at OU are soo low.

  2. Anonymous11:55

    Is it really possible that OU cabin crew members are so underpaid?

  3. I would have to say that the 550 Euro's are what the flight attendants are paid. Pilots are on more. First year first officers are on minimum 12000 kuna's (1600 euro's)per month. They did also receive an allowance of 150 kuna's per flight but I think this allowance has ceased as part of the cost saving measures.

    All in all, still bad in my opinion and I support them in any industrial action they may feel they need to take!

  4. Anonymous13:58

    Best idea: Merger between Croatia Airlines and ruins of JAT Airways - new name Croyatia.

    Then they can use budget of both countries and management can blame serbs/croats for overemployment abuse of money underserving airports etc.

  5. Anonymous15:00

    Ouch... that is low! One would think that they would be in a better situation, at least better than those in Bosnia!
    I hope that they will manage to overcomes this, OU doesn't need this strike especially after bleeding money after the volcano issue. I guess if things really get bad there is always the government to save them!
    Best of luck from Serbia.

  6. Anonymous15:33

    I have a feeling Lufthansa is rubbing their hands and formulating their purchase. If these problems continue they could buy them as cheap as chips

  7. Anonymous15:48

    Seriously dude, why do you think Lufthansa would stress with buying Croatia Airlines?! OU is already doing everything Lufthansa requires from them so there's really no reason why Lufthansa would by a strugling company these days...


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