Sarajevo expansion gathers pace

NACO to design new Sarajevo look
A Dutch company, Netherlands Airports Consultant (NACO), has been awarded the job to design the expansion of Sarajevo Airport, the “Sarajevo-x” portal reports. A decade ago the same company designed the reconstruction of the current passenger terminal building. NACO is world renowned for its airport designs. In recent years, passenger traffic at the airport has increased significantly and continues to grow. Thus, an expansion of the terminal is needed in order to cater for the increasing passenger numbers and their needs. The project is being financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). The Dutch Government played in an instrumental role in granting the EBRD loan to Sarajevo Airport.

The EBRD loan will finance the expansion of the passenger terminal, as well as the expansion of taxiways and the apron, adding almost 7.000 square metres to the current passenger terminal, which stretches for 10.000 square metres, the “Dnevni Avaz” newspaper reports. With the expansion of its facilities, Sarajevo Airport will also draft a new corporate plan outlining the airport’s future strategy.

The exact date of the project’s commencement is unknown.


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    Congratulations to SJJ. It feels like it is the least served airport in the ex-YU or the most underperforming. I hope this development gives the airport a boost and traffic figures pick up.

    Unrelated development. Lufthansa Group yesterday held meetings with the management of PRN to discuss the possibility of LH starting flights between a number of destinations in Germany and Kosovo. Extremely exciting, to put it mildly. With their network and connections at FRA and/or MUC they could really become an important player at PRN and no doubt hurt JP, OU and YM. Here is the link in Albanian: Lufthansa interested in starting flights to Prishtina International Airport and use Google Translate, if necessary ;)

  2. Anonymous18:41

    SJJ is much more efficient and pleasant APT than BEG or ZAG (if it makes sense to compare them because of the number of daily rotations) with very polite staff. It's also closer to the city center and the taxi ride is around EUR 6,-- only. That is why I am looking forward to its enlargement and possible new services or carriers.

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