Sarkozy to seal Airbus deal

Nicolas Sarkozy to sign off on Jat Airbus order
After Jat Airways and Airbus signed a memorandum of understanding in London last week in order resolve Jat’s controversial order for eight Airbus A319 aircraft from May 26, 1998, it is expected that the issue between the two companies will be settled by the end of the year. A firm deal between Jat and Airbus is set to be agreed upon in the following months before the President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, visits Serbia at the end of the year, the “Večernji novosti” newspaper reports. The agreement between Airbus and Jat will be finalised so the presidents of France and Serbia can sign the purchasing agreement in Belgrade, the newspaper writes.

It is believed that the new aircraft will be immediately transferred to Jat’s successor, which the Government of Serbia will set up. Earlier this month, the Government said it had delayed the process because of insufficient finances. However, media reports say that the Government has extracted 350 million Dinars from the Belgrade Bypass project budget and this money will be diverted to pay a company which will serve as a privatisation/restructuring advisor for Jat. Therefore, the process of setting up Jat’s successor might speed up yet again.


  1. Is it true that AirVallees flight Rimini-Belgrade will last til August the 1st only?! It's a bit strange, don't you think!?

  2. Anonymous19:36

    I know this is aviation blog, but Belgrade's need for bypass is far greater than Serbia's need for a new national carrier. Foreign carriers will fill the void immediately if JAT ceased to exist. Cut the losses right away. On the other hand, bypass would be used by hundreds of thousands of vehicles every day and would lure some shipping traffic away from corridor going via Romania and Bulgaria, which are the real money making machine.

  3. JATBEGMEL07:32

    @ anonymous

    i dont think that having JAT disapeer will be the best thing. Once JAT is gone, on most if not all route there will be no competition, so imagine how the prices will go up. Many JAT routes are only served by JAT (DXB, LCA, TLV, GOT, ARN, DUS, TXL, SKP, OHD...)...but i agree, having money go from the Belgrade Bypass is the stupidest thing ever. That is a much needed project that needs to be fixed!

    The government should work with JAT for the moment and invest into it, not spend money they dont have!

  4. Geronimo23:00

    The Government should create a new company without debts fastest possible.It doesnt cost so much that they had to take money from the tunnel reconstruction project etc.


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