Friday strike gets the thumbs up from the union
Yesterday afternoon, the union of Croatia Airlines cabin crew announced that they will go on strike from Friday, July 9 at 06.00 CET after talks between the union and management broke down. The strike will hit Croatia Airlines hard as it will last for a total of four days, until July 13 at 06.00 CET, unless the union decides to end the strike beforehand. The union warns that this is only the first out of several industrial actions it will be staging over the following months. The union has informed the Croatian Prime Minister, Jadranka Kosor, of the planned strike and the reason it is taking such dramatic action.

Yesterday, it was reported why the union is so unhappy with the airline’s management. Croatia Airlines cabin crew earn approximately 550 Euros per month. Their pay has been slashed by 5%, work hours increased, holiday leave decreased and bonuses have been discontinued.

The union says that it did not wish to take such drastic action and disrupt air travel across the country but it stresses that desperate times call for desperate measures. The strike couldn’t come at a worst time for the Croatian tourism industry which is recovering after last year’s global financial crisis and is counting on the national carrier this year to bring in thousands of tourists to the Croatian coast.


  1. Anonymous12:34

    Seriously are these people out of their minds?
    Where the hell is OU going to find the money when they are already swimming in red. Don't they know this will hurt the airline that is providing so much for them?

    Best of luck from Belgrade.

  2. Anonymous13:48

    4 days are too long during the summer season, even if their demands are justified!

    They should have organized some minor protests only and leave longer strikes for the period when foreign tourists leave Croatia.

    OU is one of my favorite carriers with pleasant blue A/C cabins, professional staff, European connections (via FRA/MUC/VIE/ZRH) and good food and drinks (even excellent duty-free sales and newspapers/magazines onboard). It's a shame they don't do any better now when they're full Star Alliance member.

  3. Look, if the current management can not achieve more then 50 odd percent cabin load factor with only 13 aircraft, well that is not good enough in my opinion. There seems to be little or no initiative to get more people in there aircraft from this management and now the workers have to suffer!

    I'm a capitalist by heart but as a capitalist you are responsible to your employers and you must work to achieve better for our workers, not worse!

    I love Croatia Airlines too but what is happening with the airline at this time makes me very sad!

  4. Anonymous22:49

    Their load factor is lower than 50%?!
    I do not understand, who is harming OU the most? They don't have that much competition on the domestic market...


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