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Croatia Airlines CEO works for Lufthansa
The CEO of Croatia Airlines, Ivan Mišetić, has found himself in big trouble. The “Nacional” portal has reported that Mišetić is one of the members of the Lufthansa CityLine supervisory board. Lufthansa is one of the airline’s main partners and Mišetić has, in recent time, lobbied in favour of Croatia Airlines being bought out by the German giant. The “” portal says that because of Lufthansa, “Croatia Airlines has given up on the Russian, British and Scandinavian markets and Croats are forced to travel via Munich or Frankfurt to most destinations”. Furthermore, through a financial lease, Croatia Airlines recently purchased six new Dash 8 aircraft from the Goal Verwaltungsgesellsachft Company, which is wholly owned by Lufthansa. It is believed that Lufthansa awarded Mišetić as a result of the aircraft lease. Mišetić has been a member of the Lufthansa CityLine supervisory board since 2009.

It should be noted that the union of Croatia Airlines pilots revealed Mišetić's Lufthansa engagements. The union believes that Mišetić is in a conflict of interest as Lufthansa is Croatia Airlines’ competitor on many routes.


  1. Anonymous09:11

    I have to say that if Lufthansa is taking over Croatia Airlines, then you could shut down the whole service, many people hate travelling through germany because of big terminals and of course some delays. I think Croatia Airlines need to focus on smaller aircrafts and more departures. Philswe

  2. Anonymous09:24

    I'll need to travel from MMX to BEG this winter. Heard some rumours that Wizz Air might start new route from sweden to BEG. can you confirm this?

    do you think I should wait with the booking or take the cimber flight from CPH?

    PS. great blog! just found it!
    cheers from Sweden

  3. frequentflyer11:27

    Sretan put, Mr Misteic.

    And it suddenly makes sense why he has strongly pushed for LH to take over the airline, his privatisation moves, and reducing the airline's network.

    Serious conflict of interest here, either he is committed to his own airline (its profits, staff and assets), or he's not and as such needs to step aside.

    The procurement of the Q400s is probably the best move he has made with the airline, but unrest within the staff ranks, lack of imagination in terms of scheduling and network development and inability to defend the airline's market share really work against him (haven't followed the share value over time, would be an interesting statistic too).

  4. JU520 BEGLAX13:08

    There is nothing wrong if LH takes a broader step into the EX-Yu aviation market.
    OU,JP should only operate profitable direct routes, all the rest to connect via MUC,ZRH,FRA and VIE. Companies need to be run profitable, nothing else

  5. Anonymous15:48

    Hey anonymous

    From MMX the best way is to go through Copenhagen, you can either book JAT which arrives to Belgrade at around 13:00 or Cimber which arrives in the evening (around 19:00 I am not sure)... I think the starting price for both JAT and Cimber is around 200 to 250 euros unless you are lucky and manage to find something cheaper.
    I wouldn't rely too much on Wizzair as they just launched these routes so we still don't know what is going to happen, I personally do not see them launching Scandinavia just yet as there is a lot of competition with JAT, Cimber, Norwegian and now there AirBaltic which provides cheap fare to the north. If it is easier for you for some reason JAT tends to have seasonal flight to Gothenburg (i believe twice a week).
    I hope that I helped you in your choice :)

  6. Anonymous18:20


    thanks for the information regarding MMX

  7. There has to be a conflict of interest here.

    Would this be allowed in the EU?

  8. frequentflyer09:36

    @ Q400

    Or in the rest of the 'Western' world, definitely not.

    He must resign, but questions of course will be asked as to who would replace him - another political appointment won't solve the airline's chronic issues.

  9. Anonymous19:40

    Pa bolje LH nego Trans Nation Airways, zna čovek da izabere. :D


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