Adria to introduce new Priština flights

From Priština to Ljubljana, Munich and Frankfurt with Adria
After the recent announcement that Slovenia’s Adria Airways would introduce flights from Priština to Munich, on top of the existing Ljubljana – Priština service, the airline has now confirmed that it will commence flights on the Priština - Frankfurt route. The new service will operate five times per week using the Airbus A319. The new flights from Priština will see one of the airline’s Airbus’ based in the city, thus solving the problem of the aircraft’s utilisation during the winter season. If the German routes prove successful, Adria will most likely hand them over to Lufthansa at the beginning of the 2011 summer season and return its A319 to Ljubljana where it will be needed.

Meanwhile, Adria will reduce its current fourteen weekly flights from Ljubljana to Priština to seven times per week during the winter season. The 2010/11 winter season begins on Sunday, October 31 and lasts until the end of March 2011. In total, Adria will have nineteen weekly flights operating out of Priština to Ljubljana, Munich and Frankfurt.

All flight details for the new flights can be found on the right hand side in the new route launches section.


  1. JU520 BEGLAX12:35

    Adria Airways (JP 115)

    dep: 19:05 - Frankfurt (FRA) terminal 1
    arr: 21:45 - Pristina (PRN)

    equipment: Airbus Industrie A319

    return flight FRA-PRN is shown incorrectly. Above u find the correct times

  2. JATBEGMEL15:29

    intresting update it is. so does that make FRA a secondary hub to JP, with flights from FRA to LJU, VIE and now PRN?

  3. Anonymous19:11

    @ JATBEGMEL It is called focus city...

  4. JU520 BEGLAX22:02

    This coming Saturday 28AUG, Adria Airways is having 7 flights from Ljubljana to Istanbul

    1125 SAW JP 660 CR2
    1200 SAW JP 624 CR9
    1320 IST JP 682 319
    1515 SAW JP 646 319
    2135 IST JP 648 CR9
    2345 IST JP 650 320
    2350 IST JP 616 CR9

    almost all of them are fully booked

  5. Anonymous22:19

    Any info about charter flight to IST (maybe SAW) on 27/8 around 2-3 AM?

  6. @JU520 BEGLAX
    Why is that? Thats approx. 650 pax...quite a lot ;) I guess it's because of FIBA...

  7. Anonymous22:34


  8. Anonymous23:38

    Any info about charter flight to IST (maybe SAW) on 27/8 around 2-3 AM?

    If you mean 28 (around 3am), Sun Express has around 4 flts.

  9. Anonymous23:50

    no, I mean on friday morning...

  10. JU520 BEGLAX09:16


    on the 27AUG and 28AUG shortly after midnight we have the foll schedule:

    0720 JP 624 SAW 320 165 Pax
    1245 JP 682 SAW 319 137 Pax
    2350 JP 654 IST 319 133 Pax

    0005 JP 652 IST 319 160 Pax
    0015 JP 618 IST 320 134 Pax

    So actually on 28AUG there is 9 flights. On 27AUG the first flight I found was 0720 in the morning. There is one on Thursday at 2350h which is also full.

    Don t know anything about Sun Express as I have only access to JP system.

  11. JETBEGMEL13:35

    @ anonymous

    oh thats right :) silly me. thanks for the correction.

  12. frequentflyer10:10

    Good on JP. Step in where there is a market and ensure your fleet is put to good use! Reducing their own LJU flights is clever and better seasonally adjusted - if all goes well will they likely be back in March to 2x ?

    @ JU520

    Incredible figures for IST. Is this one of the negative effects for downsizing from 320s to 319s?

    This makes PRN more of a hub than FRA for JP because an aircraft will be based in PRN plus three (almost) daily destinations will be served from here. Lets see how it goes, but I would like for Lufthansa to operate out of PRN too.

    Warm greetings to you my friend.


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