Adria to launch Munich – Priština

Adria launches second destination from Priština
Slovenia’s Adria Airways will launch a second route operating outside of Slovenia, from Munich in Germany to Priština. The service will launch at the start of the 2010/11 winter season, on October 31. The flights will operate daily using one of the airline’s new Airbus A319 aircraft. Priština is already served fourteen times per week from Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana, with much success.

This will be Adria’s second route to be operated outside of Slovenia with the first being the Vienna – Frankfurt service. Adria has gained rights to operate the flights from Germany thanks to Lufthansa and its membership in the Star Alliance network. Adria has added several new destinations to its network in the past several months including Banja Luka and Marseille.

All flight details for the Munich – Priština service can be found in the new route launches section on the right hand side.


  1. Wait, so could this be the new 'Lufthansa' service out of PRN? If Lufthansa were to begin flights out of Prishtina it would be in the same routes as Adria: Munich and Frankfurt.

    The reports at the time stated that Lufthansa was looking at starting flights from the beginning of next year, so there is a possibility that both airlines will fly the same routes directly from Prishtina. Interesting.

  2. Anonymous13:16

    it will also starts flying PRN-FRA, 5 times a week

  3. Anonymous19:08

  4. Anonymous21:35

    one question about photo of the Adria Airways Airbus A319-132. From where you take this photo? This Photo is my work and you have no permission to use them. Next time please send me some email when you take a photo from Facebook.


  5. Anonymous02:32

    Really ambitious, it is going to affect already existing PRN_LJU loads, isn't it? JP has spare capacity for winter schedule, that is why they experimente...

  6. frequentflyer11:22

    Good on JP. Obviously some great financial incentive to do this and spare capacity in the fleet. Shows the benefit of being in an alliance where a large member can draw on a small member to do its hard work in a new market.

    If the route is a success, would JP have to give up and hand over to LH?

    @ Anonymous (^)

    It may affect loads on the flights, however if priced properly and looking at destinations beyond LJU with good connections could supplement rather than compete.

  7. Anonymous13:24

    that s very good news. finally they use the advantages of being an alliance.

    I doubt LH will begin flights too. It s rather that JP will operate flight with LH and JP nbrs..

    teamworks gets u further

  8. Anonymous20:48

    Something the crooks at OU will never do. JP are a well run airline who can spot an opportunity.


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