Chinese interest in Trebinje

A Chinese corporation is interested in investing and building Bosnia and Herzegovina’s newest airport – Trebinje. Trebinje, located in the entity of Republika Srpska, would be Bosnia’s fifth international airport and second in the entity after Banja Luka. Milorad Dodik, the Prime Minister of Republika Srpska, said that a Chinese corporation, which has had experience in building large capital projects, is interested in Trebinje Airport. “We will know more in a month or two. All necessary documentation has been sent to the company”, Dodik says. The Government of Republika Srpska has spent 1.6 million Convertible Bosnian Marks (820.000 Euros) for the Trebinje Airport project documentation.

Trebinje Airport will initially have a capacity to handle 250.000 passengers on an annual basis, while the number will grow to 1 million by the time the project is completely finalized. In 2009, the Austrian based consulting firm “Airport Consulting Vienna” carried out a feasibility study regarding the economic viability of Trebinje Airport which is to be built close to Dubrovnik Airport in Croatia and Tivat Airport in Montenegro. The results of the study show that Trebinje could become a major rival to the other two well established airports. The report states that Trebinje should strive to attract low cost carriers. The report also states that while the airport might not be able to turn a profit in the first few years of operation it could become an extremely competitive airport within Bosnia and Herzegovina. Due to its natural beauty, Trebinje could attract sizeable amounts of tourists. Bosnia and Herzegovina currently has a total of 4 international airports – Sarajevo, Mostar, Tuzla and Banja Luka.


  1. frequentflyer10:18

    Sure, another empty airport in this struggling country is just what's needed.

    Given BNX and OMO can't sustain ANY regular flights despite large population and business interests, Trebinje undoubtably faces the same fate as TZL - bijeli ston.

  2. Anonymous10:57

    But what about high-speed train between Trebinje Airport and Berane Airport. Are the Chinese interested in this one too? They might be interested in building connection to Kraljevo Airport too.

  3. Anonymous11:39

    The number will grow to 10 million by the time the project is completely finalized in 2999!

  4. Anonymous12:04

    Yeah, yeah..the elections in Bosnia are getting close so many fantastic projects like this one are sure to come TGV between Kotor Varos and Stupari maybe?

  5. Anonymous14:55

    This project probably relates to parallel move by Chinese to take over and develop Neum as their main port and hub for booming container traffic between Asia and Adriatic, by which they would reach their 1000 years long dream to have access to warm seas. Or was it Russians....


  6. Anonymous14:58

    This is probably the most stupid thing I'v heared in this year. Chines might not be clever as Japanees, but fore sure they are not that stupid to start throwing their money to Trebisnjica. Trebinje does not have even a bus station. Tourists to Trebinje ? Jeeeesus! Most bizzare thing is that stupid idiots in R.Srpska believe in this electional propaganda...

  7. Jimmy Wang18:06

    Where is this ridicolous news about Trebinje airport from?
    Is this a dream or a nightmare?
    The bla-bla-bla in BiH is mostly empty with nonsenses...
    Or do they think to divert passengers from Dubrovnik to there? Be serious, please!!!

  8. JU520 BEGLAX21:33

    @ex Yu Aviation:

    just read that Aegean will stop flying to BEG as of 30OCT.

    Can u confirm or will they re-establish flights in Summer 2011?

  9. @JU520
    What??? Where did you get the info?! Maybe A3 will switch with OA?

  10. Anonymous00:24

    And the worse thing about this story is,people believe in this crap!!!

  11. JU520 BEGLAX08:16


    If you check wikipedia, english version and u enter Belgrade Airport. There it says Aegean will stop services to BEG as of 30OCT

  12. ANONYMOUS19:12

    Go to Aegean's website - you'll see that it's impossible to book BEG-ATH beyond the 30th of October.


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