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B&H Airlines, Airbus A319
B&H Airlines’ new Airbus A319 has been spotted outside of Turkish Airlines’ technical base in Istanbul and delivery to the Bosnian carrier is expected ... soon. The CEO of B&H Airlines, Nudžeim Rečica, told the Sarajevo-x portal that the Airbus is sporting B&H’s livery and that the delivery delay is being caused by the inability of the Civil Aviation Directorate of Bosnia and Herzegovina and its Turkish counterpart on agreeing upon the aircraft’s registration. The Bosnian directorate wants the aircraft to bear a Bosnian registration instead of the Turkish one it is currently registered under. The airline will deploy the three year old aircraft on routes within Scandinavia, Istanbul and Amsterdam, which the airline anticipates to launch at the end of the year.

With the arrival of the Airbus, B&H Airlines will have a fleet of four aircraft comprising of two ATR72s and one Boeing B737-400. The B737-400 will operate for B&H until late September after which it will be decided whether it will be remain with the airline until next year or returned to Turkish Airlines.

Meanwhile, Nudžeim Rečica, is expected to leave his post as B&H’s CEO. He is likely to become Bosnia and Herzegovina’s ambassador in the Gulf state of Qatar.

Photo courtesy of Skyliner Magazine, taken by Gökhan Sarigöl.


  1. Anonymous12:32

    Where is Recica from ?? Is he Bosnian nationality ? And how can a leading guy of a carrier suddenly be a ambassador to a country? What a career change!

  2. Anonymous12:33

    This is like a cheap TV soap, it is coming, it is not coming, it is coming soon, etc....

  3. JU520 BEGLAX12:49

    that s ex Yu Aviation:

    there is more politicians than professionals involved..that s why all the airlines are so succesful....

  4. Well, I hope that at least with Mr. Recica's departure to Qatar, he manages to persuade Qatar Airways to start flying into SJJ. I am happy that B&H is about to finally get the A319, however, I don't like the livery at all. So plain and boring.

  5. Zrak18:29


    Well, obviously you live outside of former Yugoslavia. I doubt that any of C-level bosses at state owned companies are there because of their competence. They are usually placed there through different family or political connections. So Recica is no exception to this rule.

    Hopefully TK ownership will allow for competent person (hopefully somebody from outside) to take commando of the company now.

  6. The sad thing is that all those so called "CEOs" of state owned companies don't only lack relevant experience but education as well. Their thinking either goes back to the old communist times or they feed themselves on nationalistic ideas to turn away people's attention from real issues.

  7. Anonymous22:03

    Their thinking does not go back to communist times. Many were nobodies back then. However they get their jobs through connections just like many did back then. The problem seems to be that politics trumps business every time. The only ones making money are the ones high up and they make money regardless of performance. There is no incentive to do better. You are right that they have no education and no experience.

  8. JU520 BEGLAX00:25

    B&H Airlines begins Airbus A319 service
    Posted: 05 Aug 2010 12:16 AM PDT
    B&H Airlines this week updated its flight information in GDS timetable display, which is now showing the airlines’ new Airbus A319 aircraft entered service on Sarajevo – Istanbul route on 01AUG10.
    Previously this blog last week mentioned the A319 flight begins on 31OCT10, which at that time Istanbul route between August and October was displaying Boeing 737 operation.
    Planned Airbus A319 service from 01AUG10 as follows:

    Sarajevo – Istanbul 01AUG10 – 31OCT10 Daily
    Sarajevo – Copenhagen – Stockholm – Sarajevo eff 29AUG10 1 weekly
    Sarajevo – Gothenburg – Copenhagen – Sarajevo eff 01SEP10 1 weekly
    Sarajevo – Stockholm – Copenhagen – Sarajevo eff 02SEP10 1 weeekly
    Sarajevo – Stockholm – Gothenburg – Sarajevo eff 04SEP10 1 weekly
    Sarajevo – Copenhagen – Gothenburg – Sarajevo eff 06SEP10 1 weekly

  9. zah...04:00

    Does anyone know who the new CEO is going to be???
    And this sarajevoAIRLINE is a big joke!!!Come on...they been saying since last year "COMING SOON",BEFORE SUMMER SEASON,march,april,may,'s august for christ sake...!!!!!the summer season is over...the a/c will be parked during whole winter,i bet my life on it!!!

  10. frequentflyer04:05

    Any chance Recica could take Misetic with him to Qatar?

    Like comments above, it will be interesting who takes over. TK *must* use its influence to put someone in with fresh ideas and greater competency.

    The 319 will be a welcome addition to the fleet - would love to know how much the airline will save in comparison to fuelburn on the 734...

  11. Anonymous10:15


    Ahh i see well than what they definitely need is a outsider, because if they continue to give the job to their buddies in the same party i doubt the future will be soo bright! Sorry but it just seems that way, i wish them all the besto of luck :) Get a English guy in their or a American show them how to run a airline and than turn it over hopefully ina few years or at least get a good advisor from some experienced airlines !

  12. Faris12:59

    Looks nice! Just - however much I don't want it to be true - the colours of BH Airlines look better on the 737.

    Finally, a chance to get a good CEO to run the company. Lets hope they take it.

  13. B&H A319 looks very odd. The engine cowlings should have been painted blue with the yellow cheatline. I think the A319 is a nice replacment but 3 of these aircraft might be a bit of overkill for the small nation, although the market is in their favour with limited international carriers into SJJ and a few are terminating their services. Maybe we can see B&H into London or Paris some time!


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