Croatian airports surge

Zadar continues to impress
In July, Croatian airports continued to recover from the economic crisis as most of the country’s major hubs reported an increase in the number of handled passengers. Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik, Pula and Zadar all reported significant increases. However, on the other hand, Rijeka continues to suffer with a big passenger decrease with Osijek on its heels.

The country’s main hub, Zagreb, managed to handle 234.071 in July 2010, up from 225.102 in July 2009, an increase of 3.9%. Croatia’s largest airport by size, Dubrovnik, saw its passenger numbers increase by 17.3% with 223.800 passengers using the airport. Split recorded impressive numbers with an increase of over 24%, while Pula continued its recovery with a 13.5% passenger increase. Zadar continues to benefit from Ryanair as the airport saw an impressive 44% passenger surge.

The only two Croatian airports reporting negative growth were Rijeka and Osijek. Rijeka continues to slide not only passenger wise but financially as well. The airport managed to handle 15.517 passengers and record a 37% decrease compared to July of 2009. Osijek also reported a passenger slump of 5%, although it should be noted that the number of flights operating in and out of Osijek has also decreased by 28%.

Below you can view July 2010 results for Croatian airports:

AirportPassengers JUL 2010Passengers JUL 2009Change (%)
Zagreb234.071 225.102 3.9
Dubrovnik223.800 190.722 17.3
Pula81.877 72.095 13.5
Split246.084 198.172 24.1
Zadar55.466 38.491 44.1
Osijek4.4774.713 5.0
Rijeka15.51724.874 37.6


  1. Anonymous15:58

    And can someone explain WHY but WHY, RJK refused FR's offer????? Who can benefit of that? Look what FR has done at ZAD and PUY. OSI didn't even "exist" before FR came and I am sure that OSI could do better if FR starts another destinations, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy,......

  2. Anonymous19:04

    As far as I know from OSI this summer fly Ryanair(FR) to Frankfurt(HHN) TWICE per week and OU to SPU TWICE per week and to DBV TWICE per week. As we know OU uses Dash which has 72 seats if I am not mistaken and FR uses 737-800 with 186 seats. Lets all imagine that planes were full FROM and TO Osijek and I counted for July approximately 4 weeks so if planes were full OSI woud have had approximately 5.300 passangers in July, only approximately 700-800 passangers less than it had and it telss us that planes were not empty at all. My point is that if there were airlines flying to/from ANY airports with reasonble prices like OU had for doemstic flights and FR certanly has that people WOULD FLY TO/FROM that airport.

  3. frequentflyer05:30


    - OU's DH8s have 76 seats, not 72

    - OU was flying DBV and SPU flights weekly, not twice weekly this summer

    - FR demands a lot from the airports that they fly to, so they can keep their overheads as low as possible (and maximise profits). If RJK didn't have the funds, or didn't wish to agree to the terms set out by the airline, it's their choice. And what's stopping any other airline from operating those routes?

    - OSIs figures would of course be different if there were regular morning/evening shuttle flights to ZAG. It used to be an issue of lack of fleet to run such a service with only 3 AT4s, given how many people drive to ZAG from the entire Slavonija region there should be some scope for regular flights which connect with the morning and afternoon waves to W/N. Europe

  4. So in July alone Croatian airports handled well over 850 000 pax!

    2 daily to Osijek from Zagreb in a Dash 8 can easily be pofitable for OU but I guess they see better use for those aircraft at this time.

  5. Jimmy Wang10:14

    The official website of Split Airport
    shows the figure of 250.490 passengers on July 2010


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