European interest for Zagreb’s terminal

Zagreb Airport
Frankfurt, Zurich and Vienna airports are all interested in becoming concessionaires (partners) with Zagreb Pleso Airport for the construction of the much talked about new terminal. The Croatian Government has decided against financing the new terminal together with the City of Zagreb in favor of a concessionary model, the “Business” portal reports.

The director of Zagreb Airport, Tonči Peović, hopes that the concessionaire would be selected by the end of the year. The necessary documentation should be ready by October 15, after which the Government is expected to announce a tender. The companies that have won the tender for the conceptual design of the new terminal have lowered their initial cost estimates from 220 million Euros to between 150 and 170, a price more suitable for potential partners, Peović said. Zagreb Airport would contribute between 20 to 30% toward the construction cost. “Several airports have expressed interest in becoming concessionaires”, Peović reveled without disclosing which ones, although rumors are circulating that the central European airport such as Frankfurt, Zurich and Vienna are all interested.

The construction of the passenger terminal is expected to begin in 2012 and the project could be completed by the end of 2014 or the beginning of 2015. Until the new terminal rises from the ground, the expansion of the current terminal is planned as a temporary solution to deal with the passenger volume. You can review that project here.


  1. Anonymous09:25

    Wow the airport looks disgusting! It seriously needs a revamp!

  2. Anonymous12:14

    I flew from ZAG last Sunday, it really needs URGENT refurb!!!!! Flight W6 801 was just packed, not a single free seat on the plane :-)

    I spoke to many people in BL and the region about the flights to/from LJU from/to BNX, and people would fly and they are READY to pay more but prices which Adria is asking for are just ridiculous!

  3. frequentflyer13:49

    Notice that the three airports who have put up their hand are all home bases of fellow *A, or more accurately owned by Lufthansa??

    @ Anonymous (#2)

    Airlines set the price according to a range of variants: load factor, airport fees, subsidies (v. important in this regard), jet fuel etc. Obviously JP knows what they are doing as to be flying nearly-empty planes is still turning a profit for them...

  4. JU520 BEGLAX17:19

    here some latest updates on LJU-BNX pax figures:

    18AUG LJU-BNX 05 passengers
    18AUG BNX-LJU 04 passengers
    20AUG LJU-BNX 04 passengers
    20AUG BNX-LJU 12 passengers
    22AUG LJU-BNX 00 passengers
    22AUG BNX-LJU 09 passengers
    23AUG LJU-BNX 01 passenger
    23AUG BNX-LJU 03 passengers
    25AUG LJU-BNX 02 passengers
    25AUG BNX-LJU 06 passengers

    And i fully agree with your ZAG comments....

  5. Anonymous17:46

    so how many terminals will zagreb have after this construction? 2?

  6. Anonymous22:39

    What about LJU-MRS flights?

  7. JU520 BEGLAX08:57


    MRS flights are weak too.
    today 2 pax on LJU-MRS
    return flight is cancelled and going as ferry flight to MBX

    I have no words for this kind of management.. for MRS not one single word is mentioned on their website. The sad thing about s the public money they are wasting....

  8. frequentflyer11:40

    @ JU520

    Crunching those numbers, not one of those flights even hits the average for JPs flights (low 60s off memory - admin, do you have any figures?). The best day is only a 27% capacity on a 48-seat CR2.

    Also, how many of these flights are O&D?

    The absurd costs can only be justified through understanding the subsidy provided by the RS authority. But as that is likely commercial-in-confidence, we'll never know the true story, even after the day they stop these flights...

    @ Anonymous (#5)

    Two. The old one, and this new one. It would have made sense for them just to demolish this one and build the new, much larger one in its place!

  9. JU520 BEGLAX12:27


    what do u mean with O&D flights?

    Good for them to have destinations such as IST,SVO,PRN,BCN,ARN,CPH,CDG,MAD plus of course the hubs in ZRH,MUC,FRA.....those flights have been looking very good in the past months. BCN is interesting, eventhough Vueling is flying to LJU with cheaper rates, JP keeps good load factors. Many times 319 is operating or at its best they had two CR9 on the same day as the pax figures were over 170

  10. frequentflyer10:21

    @ JU520

    O&D is where passengers transit through a hub to reach their destination (A to C via B). It can slightly skew figures and passenger loads in some instances when trying to give a true indication of passengers on a route (as opposed to those flying exclusively between A and B).

    Emirates is a good example of O&D operations - there aren't a great deal of their passengers treating DXB as their destination.

    An exYU example would be OU and JP ferrying pax from Bosnia, Macedonia etc through their hubs to W.European destinations. On my last morning flight SJJ-ZAG, many of the pax were transferring through to AMS. There's hardly direct flights from SJJ, but a short transfer allows them to head in any different direction from the interim point.


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