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B&H Airlines, Airbus A319
Earlier this morning, B&H Airlines finally welcomed its newest fleet member, an Airbus A319, which arrived in Sarajevo on a scheduled flight from Istanbul. The Turkish Airlines owned aircraft, which had previously been leased to Greece’s Olympic Air, touched down at around 06.30 as flight JA101. During the month, the Airbus will be exclusively used on flights to Istanbul, according to the Global Distribution System (GDS). The aircraft will be deployed once a week on the Sarajevo-Copenhagen-Stockholm service from August 29, Sarajevo-Gothenburg-Copenhagen from September 1, Sarajevo-Stockholm-Copenhagen from September 2, Sarajevo-Stockholm-Gothenburg from September 4 and Sarajevo-Copenhagen-Gothenburg from September 6.

As reported earlier in the week, the Airbus is the airline’s fourth aircraft. B&H's Boeing B737-400 will operate for the airline until late September, after which it will be decided whether it will remain with the airline until next year or returned to Turkish Airlines. B&H is the fourth national EX-YU airline to welcome a new aircraft to its fleet this year, following Adria Airways, Croatia Airlines and Montenegro Airlines.


  1. Anonymous10:45

    What is now with the registration?

  2. Anonymous12:56

    The registration is still Turkish but for now!

  3. Is the crew bosnian or turkish??

  4. Anonymous19:53

    for now it is Turkish but it will be Bosnian well i believe the captain will always be Turkish or until they gather enough hours not really sure how the procedure goes!

  5. Anonymous01:09

    does anyone knows if BHA will be hiring pilots??

  6. All the crews are Turks I hear, but by the years end cabin crews will be Bosniaks and captain will retain as Turkish.

  7. Finally! I already thought nothing was going to happen. Does anyone know if they still have plans for the AMS route or any other?


  8. frequentflyer03:20

    A step in the right direction for JA. Let's hope we see a few more 319s in the near future as it expands to a fleet of 4 or 5 a/c.

    @ Sam

    They could do AMS flights with the current rotations by moving back the returning IST evening flight a few nights a week, but that would require a proper scheduling of their fleet. 2 return trips a day from SJJ is pretty appalling when you think most airlines get between 3-4 return trips.


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