It’s always sunny in Portorož

Jat to make Portorož all year round service
Jat Airways is expected to sign an agreement with the Piran-Portorož tourist board by the end of next week and make its seasonal summer flights from Belgrade to Portorož a year round service. The flights to the Slovenian coastal town will continue if the Portorož tourist board receives an acceptable price from Jat. Since the service is being subsidised by the tourist board, Jat is expected to suggest a price for the 2010/11 winter season. Jat resumed services to Portorož in April 2010 after almost two decades. The service has been somewhat successful for the airline, with two weekly flights operated by the ATR72. The Piran-Portorož tourist board has subsidised the flights with 104.000 Euros so far and wants to continue subsidising the service for the same price throughout the winter.

Flights to Portorož have already been extended as the service was initially supposed to run until July. Flights have now been extended until October 30. Portorož is Jat’s second destination in Slovenia and an agreement between Jat and the tourist board is expected to take place during next week.


  1. Anonymous12:23

    A lot of very nice four star hotels in Portoroz, not much more expensive than those in Montenegro or on Croatian coast. This might work, since e.g. Tunisia is also served weekly throughout the whole year from BEG.

  2. JU520 BEGLAX12:52

    Don t know if it so smart for Portoroz Tourism Org to sponsor JU flights. The JU flights ex BEG hardly connect any transit flights and if they sponsor flights than they should count on all possible passengers. Local BEG, Transit etc.

    Istria is ok to visit from March to November. The remaining 3 months of the year are quite rainy, windy and cold apx 0-10 C, that s why I don t see much sense to subsidize this route for 12 months.

    They should rather extend the runway and find Ryanair or another LCC flying them in passengers from the UK, Scandinavia, France, Spain etc

  3. Duhess of Shangay19:27

    Oh...lets do Portorož rather than Pula!

    Is there ANY sense in JAT business plans?

  4. Anonymous01:05

    ^ Unlike to Pula, they are getting money to fly to Portoroz

  5. JATBEGMEL09:24

    If JAT are getting subsidised, why not, as long as the route is brining in profit. I agree that PUY would of been the better option, and without subs it was making profit and had a high CLF. To make POW work better, JAT could get rid of Trieste as a destination and add Venice instead.

    As for connecting flights, there is not many destinations from BEG that will be attractive for POW. I mean, by the time they get to BEG, connect and fly back over Slovenian air space, its just quicker driving to LJU for flights say to London, Paris, Brussels etc.

  6. Anonymous10:50

    Fully agree with JATBEGMEL about Portoroz, Trieste and Venice. It is just like that.
    About JAT`s transit pax:
    today`s daily Blic is reporting that every fourth JAT`s pax is transiting one. 25% is good. With renewed fleet it can just go higher.

  7. JATBEGMEL13:19

    @ anonymous

    with a better quality service it could do better.

    the "new cabin" looks cheap and feels cheap. wasnt impresed, and while we were climbing out of FRA the tray table next to me came out by itself. the quality of JAT review has gone down in my opinion. the crew are more professional, food is much better compared to say LH. toilet facilities are disgusting. a few stuff to work on, along with better scheduling and more aircraft and we can see more transit pax.

  8. Anonymous14:22

    Agree again.
    I believe you will agree that a year ago only, there were no issue to congrat them at all. I see those facts you mentioned as improvements.
    Having in mind the nature of the owner combined with the lack of the core type of asset and financial liquidity, I find this improvemnts as a very good success.
    Signals from the market must be adequately interprreted by the stuff who understand them. Otherwise, entirely new fleet can`t help them.
    So, like in many other social, especially business areas, the right people who run companies are key success factor.
    In line with that, I can`t wait to see outcome of recent JU & YM deal. If they lower SRB-MNE route prices for real and start to coordinate their route networks on win-win basis, I would say that it would be maybe the best managerial move in ex-yu airlines in 2 decades, with great and broad potentials they would open up consequently.
    What do you think?
    P.S. I know this is off topic, but this is yesterday`s news anyway :)

  9. Anonymous14:36

    I flew to Frankfurt last week with Lufthansa from Belgrade and I really don’t see why people in Belgrade are so obsessed with this airline. The standard of service is exactly the same as Jat. The catering is better at Jat as are the seats and at Lufthansa they offer you a magazine for entertainment as they do in Jat. There is no big difference. As for the JU-YM deal I see this as being a big disaster that will only benefit YM. When their loads go down they want to make a deal with Jat. I have a feeling YM will takeover a lot of Jat’s flights and JU will dump ATRs to destinations like Portoroz which although they make some money are much less important than the Belgrade-Montenegro flights. I’m hoping that I’m not right.

  10. Anonymous14:50

    To present myself, I am Anonymous who raised question on JU-YM deal.
    Thanks Anonymous on your standing on the issue.
    I am pretty much of same thinking. I do believe that YM is extremely unhonest company. Recently they demonstrated that behaviour even toward montenegrian airport company. But, obviously JU swallow "the thing" again.

    With question I`ve raised, I wanted to point out managerial move to regional alliance orientation.
    I hope both of us are wrong related to deal with YM, but still giving a chance that JU management will not repeat mistakes.

  11. JATBEGMEL11:13

    @ anonymous

    I agree with you but I flew with JAT 2 years ago on their DXB-BEG route and have to say they were good, except the crew were unprofessional, the pilot came out midflight for a smoke, coffee and chat with the FA's, who were also smoking and drinking coffee, and could of cut back on the bad language. Their cloth seats were better so i dont see the new leather ones as an improvement. I hope JAT brings itself something possitive from the cooperation with YM. Maybe codesharing?


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