Jat to get four Airbus aircraft

Airbus talks to resume in August
Serbian media have reported that both Jat Airways and Airbus have agreed for the Serbian national carrier to receive four Airbus aircraft in exchange for the 1998 order for eight aircraft from the European plane manufacturer. The agreement was made recently at the Farnborough Air Show near London and signed by Jat CEO, Srdjan Radovannović, and the Airbus deputy for sales in Eastern Europe, Andreas Kramer. Although the aircraft type the airline will be receiving has not been specified by the agreement it is speculated that it will be the Airbus A319, agreed upon twelve years ago. Talks between Jat and Airbus, in regards to finally specifying the order, will commence this month. Jat is looking to use to its advantage the 23 million US Dollar deposit it has made over a decade ago.

In late September, Jat will receive its first out of two Boeing B737-700 aircraft on a three year lease. The second aircraft is scheduled to arrive in November. The aircraft will be initially deployed on flights to Dubai, Frankfurt, Moscow and London. According to the Jat Media Centre, all of the airline’s departments are preparing for the aircraft’s arrival.


  1. JU520 BEGLAX12:48

    @ex Yu Aviation:

    do you know when the first Airbus will arrive at JU?
    Thanks for all the updates, it s exciting :-)

  2. Anonymous12:51

    What on Earth are they going to do with 2 737-700 and 4 A-319?
    I am not opposing the idea but...
    I can see the same scenario as Tarom. Tarom had the same deal from the communist period and was forced to get the 318's but now they are kust building an all Boeing fleet.
    Another thing that is interesting to me is what will JUs schedule look like.
    I suppose they will increase frequencies to Scandinavia as I am sure that they can make Copenhagen and Stockholm daily where as Gothenburg and Oslo a few times a day. I am curious to see if they might launch Hamburg now... there sure is enough O&D market there. Do you think we might see the return of Munich? I know Lufthansa has their 3 times a day but those flights are full with connecting passengers and we all know that MUC has a considerable O&D market as well

  3. Anonymous12:53

    Can the 737-700 and 319 make it all the way to Dubai?

  4. AirKoryoTU-20414:54

    You think! Qatar is serving Sofia with an Airbus A320 this year for example.

  5. A319 can be easily used on BEG-DXB route. Air France uses its A319 on flights CDG to JED and NDJ.

  6. AVIAx15:13

    Any ideas where are they to conduct heavy maintenance? Heard the rumors they're discussing with FL Technics in Lithuania...

  7. JU520 BEGLAX15:33

    Adria flew with its 319 to South Africa for the World Cup :-)

    with 2 fuelstops in between...

    QR flies with 319 DOH-GVA during Winter...
    flying is always makable, the question is more what payload u have.

  8. @ JU520

    I heard about Adria using its A319 for the World Cup. Do you know where did them make the two stops?


  9. JU520 BEGLAX17:06


    hey Sam, how is life in the States?
    They made a stop in Lybia and the other one in Kinshasa. I can t remember the city in Lybia, it was in the South of Lybia (def not TIP)

    BNX JP is still slow

    09AUG LJU-BNX 4 pax
    09AUG BNX-LJU 6 pax
    11AUG LJU-BNX 6 pax
    11AUG BNX-LJU 8 pax
    13AUG LJU-BNX 4 pax
    13AUG BNX-LJU 4 pax

    did u already came over for Summer Holidays? If u fly next time via ZRH, let me know, I got access to the transit area..

  10. @ JU520

    Heyy...just sent you an e-mail about my vacation.

    I have heard that BNX flights are subsidized by the entity's gov't in Bosnia, so we will see how long it's going to last.

  11. Anonymous20:13

    A perfect Serbian proverb comes to mind: "First jump, and then say "hop".

    This is far far from being a deal (the Airbus story). What the current CEO of the company signed is just a letter of intent which does not have the backing of the state. I wonder where he thinks he will find the money.

    Jat has kept losing it's market share. In the first 7 months of the current year, it has transported 580.105 pax, which is only 39.6% of the Belgrade airport market... Said indeed.

  12. Anonymous20:13

    Meant to say SAD indeed.

  13. Anonymous22:36

    Didn't QR fly their 319 to Copenhagen?
    Where are the 737-700s coming from? How come there was no statement from Jat?!

  14. frequentflyer03:17

    This saga's got a bit more left in it before we hear anything definite.

    Anonymous (#11) is right - it's only a letter of intent at this stage. However, I don't know too many other situations where an airline has its money firmly in the manufacturer's bank account before a letter of intent is signed...

    4 aircraft at the proper price (minus the discount) is not the worst deal possible for JU, and remember that they only have 2 73Gs on lease, and at least another 6 aircraft which need replacing.

  15. wait wait wait,,, didnt JAT already PAY for 8 airbus A319's!? idk why their only getting 4, but it will / should replace their aging fleet. so i dont think JAT will have to be paying anything else.

  16. Anonymous12:37


    Yes, Jat gave an advance payment amounting to 5% of the total value of the deal.

    So, 95% more to pay. Peanuts.

  17. ANONYMOUS18:59

    Not 5%, but rather US$23.5m in pre-delivery payments.


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