Jat tops world's safest airline list

Good news for passengers and potential buyers
IATA has listed Jat Airways within the top thirty safest airlines in the world as a part of its operational safety audit program, Serbian media reported yesterday. The IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) program is an internationally recognised and accepted evaluation system designed to assess the operational management and control systems of an airline. IOSA's quality audit principles are designed to conduct audits in a standardised manner. IATA is an international trade body, created over 60 years ago by a group of airlines. Today, IATA represents some 230 airlines comprising 93% of scheduled international air traffic. The organisation also represents, leads and serves the airline industry in general. According to the B92 business portal, Jat has welcomed the news and says its sends a good signal to potential buyers.

Jat Airways also touched on its looming privatisation process saying that it is now clear that there will be no new and old Jat. Jat Airways will stay as is and the Government will look for a potential buyer which would invest millions into the airline. The Serbian carrier believes that through privatisation it will be able to significantly increase its number of passengers and flights and, as a result, aid its hub, Belgrade, as well as its other partners such as Jat Catering, Jat Tehnika and SU-PORT (Jat’s handling company). Turkish Airlines continues to be the most interested buyer. The Turkish national carrier is being enticed by the fact that Jat has extremely respectable slots at many European airports (many of which it doesn’t even use), in particular London Heathrow. Turkish is also attracted to Jat due to its highly trained and skilled pilots and the fanciful geographical location of Belgrade Airport. Jat believes that with a strong national carrier, Belgrade could handle 10 million passengers per year.


  1. montesky09:33

    this is just impossible to believe in. once you take into account many news articles published lately concerning jat airplanes safety, you have to be confused and ask yourself a question 'who's right here'
    from my personal experience, I don’t feel secure whatsoever once I use their services. old airplanes, poorly maintained (I’m talking about interior), quite loud engines do not provide a good impression about their fleet

  2. Anonymous10:25

    I seriously do not see what are you talking about. Jat's planes might not be top notch inside but they are far from falling apart of endagering their passengers. I have flown on carriers like LH, SK, OS... and they all had crappy looking interioris on some of their planes. The 'beauty' of an airplane doesn't have anything with the safety, how many Tupoloves in Aeroflots (the post SOviet one) have actually crashed? It's one thing to hate Jat but it's a completely different thing to trash it without having any good arguments.

  3. frequentflyer11:33

    You've got to love this mentality! Just because you have a good safety record doesn't mean you are going to get a good price on the market...

    The airline will continue to remain in govt hands for the near term, with or without a fleet upgrade. As for the landing slots - some of them are possibly more valuable than the entire airline!

  4. Anonymous12:05

    IOSA audit program has no ranking it only establishes a standard that an airline has to meet. IOSA certificates were also given to Adria, Croatia an BH airlines.
    To satate that IOSA certificate implies a ranking is simply ridiculous !

  5. JU520 BEGLAX12:33

    the last accident involving fatalities was on 11SEP1973 YU-AHD Caravelle near Podgorica (41 killed)

    As far as I know they list the airlines considering past 35 years and that s why JU has a good record..

  6. Anonymous14:01

    but you have to look at this in prospective terms. what does it mean when a carrier such as jat, which does have quite a good reputation, contains one of the oldest fleets with outstanding debt, priceless slots, and many affiliated companies (jat catering, jat tehnika, etc.), is given such a certificate by the iata. it doesn't stand for nothing. jat is one of the oldest fleets, yet it has one of the best records. this cannot be ignored. i am sure that turkish airlines and whoever wishes to buy jat is taking this into account. especially turkish airlines because they bought a new boeing 737 and it crashed 2 years later. whichever way you look at it, this is great news and i hope jat can be privatized quickly. as soon as it regains the position it once had, it can be just as good an airline as lufthansa or air france.

  7. JU520 BEGLAX17:24


    KK that 100 pro

    except for the latest sentence :-)
    You for sure wont see them flying anymore to Los Angeles or Australia... (look at MA,OK,RO they all stopped longhaul flights).

  8. it can be just as good an airline as lufthansa or air france.

    sorry, but l o l

  9. Anonymous09:32


    I am sure he doesn't mean that they can have an extensive network like they do but rather be reliable and offer a good onboard product.
    Think before writting

  10. silly me. Here I thought "airline" meant more than a comfy chair getting good peanuts onboard.

    Plus, he did say "as soon as it regains the position it once had"

    I'm not sure it's me who's not doing the thinking.

  11. JATBEGMEL13:12

    @ montesky

    i get the impression you havnt flown JAT...the interior isnt too bad, isnt too flash. JAT aircraft are well maintained, infact when there was oil problems a few years ago with 1 ATR, JAT grounded ALL 4 ATR's for check ups to see that they didnt have the same problem. And the B732 has a far noiser engine than the B733!

    @ JU520 BEGLAX

    JAT has never had an accident where their crew were the fault.

    @ anonymous

    The age of JAT's fleet isnt that bad. Airlines such as Delta are flying aircraft 40 years old, so JAT's 20 year old aircraft arent too bad, its just more costly to use and maintain thats all, doesnt mean its unsafe. And JAT doesnt have worthless slots, JAT has 9 slots in LHR, and AA for example apparently payed GF $30M for a morning peak time slot, and recently BA purchased 51 slots from BMI for $1.65M each! You cant compare TK and JAT because JAT has had a much better safety record than TK.

  12. Anonymous17:31

    i meant what i said by "regaining the position it once had". jat is situated in belgrade which will for sure be (according to the european civil air service and iata) a regional hub for airlines. the only balkan carrier operating flights long-haul is greece which is very expensive. with a leased boeing 767 or some airbus, jat will become a direct competitor with a very safe rating and extremely cheap prices. with no one except greece o contest that position, jat finds itself in a favorable position. why would someone fly to germany and then go to usa/canada with lufthnsa when he could go to belgrade and fly directly there paying nearly 2 times less? that's my point. not only will belgrade become a regional hub, jat will become a regional long-haul carrier. i'm not saying that this will happen in 4-5 years. but it very well could happen (given that the politics of the balkans is improved of course).

  13. Sorry Anonymous, but you don't even have a clue.

    Belgrade's not on it's way to become some sort of hub rivalling Frankfurt.

    Not in 10 years, not in 100 years.

  14. Anonymous23:12

    JAt was always safe, with best pilots
    The planes might be old but well kept
    and Jad did fly long range flights
    but for its present state ask the government and their ministers. If they did not put their party members for managers ,JAT would have been in much better financial shape now.

  15. This is old news... two years old that is. The audit was performed in 2009, and the next one is due in 2011... so Jat is just repeating news in lack of any other good news from their side.

    And Jat is not being honest with the list of 30 airlines, as the list is much much much longer. Check it out: http://www.iata.org/ps/certification/iosa/Pages/registry.aspx?Query=all


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