Jat’s entire fleet in the air

Fourteen aircraft in operation
It seems that at least one of the 2010 promises made by Jat CEO, Srdjan Radovanović, will come true. Jat’s entire fleet of fourteen aircraft will be in operation by mid November. At the beginning of 2010 half of Jat’s fleet was grounded due to the airline’s inability to purchase spare parts. However, things have changed. A total of twelve are now operating in the Jat fleet, with another Boeing B737 to join in two weeks. “We no longer have any aircraft lying around in the hanger. Out of the two aircraft which are currently undergoing maintenance, one will join the fleet in fifteen days and the other in November”, Radovanović said. Two Boeing B737-700s are expected to be leased by the end of the year. Jat operates four ATR72s and ten Boeing B737-300s. It returned one of its leased B737-400s earlier in the year.

Meanwhile, the daily “Blic” reported that Jat had brought in the largest number of transit passengers to Belgrade this summer. A total of 25% of Jat’s passengers, or one in four, uses the airline in order to transit through Belgrade to onward destinations. A total of 10% out of the 352.992 passenger that used Belgrade Airport in July were transit passengers.


  1. Anonymous09:23

    Good for Jat, really good for them. I am happy they are doing well at last.
    I remember on my flight from DXB next to me was a lady with her son, daughter and granddaughter and they were all flying from Australia to Dubai and then JAT to Belgrade and then to Ohrid... Do we know what they plan on doing with these new planes? I guess that the winter schedule will be very interesting.
    HA! Where is that person who made fun of that other person when they mentioned Jat as a good airline..

  2. Anonymous09:28

    4 ATRs? I noticed that on their fleet page.

    Which one left?

  3. Anonymous09:31

    Not surprising really. They get heaps of transit pax to Macedonia, Bosnia and Montenegro.

  4. Anonymous09:31

    @ anonymous 2: YU-ALR left in June

  5. Anonymous09:40

    Results finally appears!!! Cngratulation to JAT.
    I hope they will get back in Nis.

  6. Anonymous10:03

    Was the YU-ALR the one that was leased from AeroAirlines? I remember it having the entry door in front of the cabin

  7. AirKoryoTU-20410:47

    Around 50<60% of all transit pax come off Skopje and Ohrid services to Europe

  8. Anonymous11:32

    @ anonymous 2: YU-ALR left in June

    Thanks, do you know to where it went?

    Was the YU-ALR the one that was leased from AeroAirlines? I remember it having the entry door in front of the cabin

    This is YU-ALS

  9. JATBEGMEL11:33

    Great news for JAT. Maybe some better scheduling and more frequencies for LHR (x9), DXB (x5), FCO (x7), IST (x7), ZRH (x14), Scandinavia, maybe another destination (SOF)...

    I hope that ALR will be replaced. I cant wait to see what is coming for the winter schedule, i hope it does change.

  10. Anonymous11:38

    I think we might see at least next summer Oslo and Gothenburg come back.
    I guess that they will add flights to Zurich and Germany and maybe split Amsterdam and Brussels since Brussels has been doing well.
    I guess they will be increasing flights to Athens now that Aegean is leaving.
    Does anyone know how many unused slots does Jat have around Europe especially LHR?

    Could we see the second daily flight to Paris in winter?

  11. Anonymous11:52

    No one will bring in the air YU-ANH, no one. So, some things are correct but a lot of other are just pure marketing.

  12. Anonymous13:13

    I’m also interested in the winter schedule. Amsterdam was the star performer this summer because of their agreement with KLM for flights to North America (KLM is now code sharing on JU flights). DXB has also done extremely well but I think they will just keep the 3X weekly to Dubai this winter (one up from last winter) especially if it goes nonstop with the 700s (if they arrive). I doubt we will see many changes to Germany. Lufthansa has absolute power there and wouldn’t allow for any changes to occur.

  13. Anonymous14:32

    I don't think we will see any changes to Frankfurt or Munich coming back but maybe routes like Berlin, Stuttgart, Cologne or why not the reintroduction of Hambourg.
    Could we see additional flights to Amsterdam? Do they have any additional slots to have an afternoon flight or an evening one, like the ones to Paris?
    As far as Dubai goes this summer was crazy with Larnaca filling half of the flights. What maybe wouldn't be a bad thing is leaving Larnaca and keeping it three times and then two times a week have that horrible Larnaca-Tel Aviv flight.

    What is wrong with YU-ANH?

  14. Anonymous21:03

    ANH is probably the one which has been used for spare parts, and it would take a lot to bring it back in the air...

    A propos destinations in Germany, except for FRA and DUS, JU is doing very bad CLF wise

  15. JATBEGMEL10:29

    @ anonymous

    i think its about time JAT get the Serbian government to restrict LH flights to Serbia, like LH did to JAT. JAT had flights to HAM and were forced to close, along to end their agreement with EK on connecting flights via HAM to JFK.

    The KL codeshare is good. I hope DXB this winter comes up to 4 p/w, and in the summer 5 or 6 p/w. SYD is JAT's most profitable office, DXB flights are always full, and would like them to go to daily, like planned a few years ago.

    As for the LHR slots, i think JAT have 9 slots at LHR.

    I think ANH will come back, it wasnt the only aircraft canibalised.

    JAT's flights to Germany are bad because theyre not impressive. B733's are too big on the route to offer attarctive frequencies like dailies, where as the ATR7 isnt the aircraft for such routes.

  16. Anonymous11:27

    A propos the flights to Germany I agree that Jat needs to ask the government to restrict Lufthansa's flights to Belgrade. Jat doesn't have to lose anything. The most important passengers for Jat are those heading to North America and Canada (to the west) so the deal with KLM is just perfect to detour Lufthansa and Germany. As for the passengers in Europe they are not that important as they are shared between pretty much any airline flying to Belgrade.
    As for the flights eastwards, Dubai can go daily only if you keep it with Larnaca. I am not sure that there is that much demand in winter to serve it daily alone. Larnaca can fill about 20 to 30 seats which leaves you with 100 for Dubai.
    Now that Jat is in a thing with KLM could we see them launch Belgrade, they do have those pretty nice looking E190s...

  17. Anonymous11:48

    ^ Part of the deal with KLM was that they would not start flights to BEG.

  18. Anonymous12:14

    Ah ok, thanks, I didn't know that.
    Well then would JU add more flights to Amsterdam?
    I am sure that they could find some afternoon slots for their flights?
    I am really happy for this deal with the Dutch as it reduces the dependency on Lufthansa and brings Jat closer to Sky Team

  19. Anonymous23:13

    ^Totally agree with you and the rest concerning closer ties with SkyTeam and KL...Enough with Lufthansa/*Alliance monopoly at BEG.
    Btw YU-ANH is the only one remaining stored at BEG and used for spare parts only, while B744 which left the fleet is former YU-AOS...http://www.flickr.com/photos/24101413@N03/4865914445/
    Good that Jat is changing, but they can do much, much better and still need to improve, especially price wise.

  20. Anonymous08:52

    Finally that something good is happening. They are slow at it but they are eventually getting there. I am really happy that they are having a lot of connecting passengers in Belgrade. I am just a bit dissappointed that the Belgrade airport managment is more concentrated on bringing competition to Jat than helping it with slots, prices...

  21. JATBEGMEL09:59

    @ anonymous

    i didnt know JAT had a B744 ;) AOS was a B734 :)

    As for BEG, i agree, its a shame how the management assist every other airline at BEG but not JAT. Wasnt impressive how JAT pay higher landing fees than YM. As JAT were paying higher fees at BEG, ofcourse the JAT prices would be higher than others.

  22. Anonymous14:10

    But then again even with higher prices Jat was getting more passengers and making a bigger profit on the routes to Montenegro!
    The current CEO of Belgrade airport is working hard on destroying Jat just so that there can be cheaper flights... that is a quote actually.

  23. Anonymous18:06

    You are perfectly right, I meant B734:))
    As of BEG management, Jat should not be overprotected, monopoly always means higher prices for passengers and we certainly do not want that. Just have a look at prices to VIE, since HG entered the market. Jat should keep improving and be able to compete with other carriers with their service and prices, monopoly days are gone...and thank God for that!

  24. Anonymous18:50

    Stop talking about Jat monopoly. What monopoly Jat has?? Higher fuel charges (pdv or vat) comparing to another companies in BEG.
    Now in Serbia, nobody can stop any company to fly. Even some airport BEG charges are less for other than JAT. So please, get informed before post.

  25. Anonymous09:31

    @all yo "antiJatmonopolists" and lowcost fans

    Niki has saisonal flights from VIE to BEG. Currently there is "get all you can" game going on and MA,HG & co. are dumping prices in order to attract more PAX. Pls read Aerokurir or similar mag, you'll learn from the interviews that some companies (e.g. HG) gave themself 2 yr period to attract and overtake as many PAX as possible. After that period, they expect to start making some profit (average price goes up for sure!!!)

  26. JATBEGMEL10:04

    @ anonymous

    lol but wouldnt it be nice to write B744 :p

    I agree about the issue JAT has with BEG. Even before the open skies, JAT was having issues with BEG where YM was paying much less in fees at BEG than JAT! I think the landing fees should be the same for all carriers, full service and low cost. Dont like it, then avoid. Would be nice for BJY to become operational for a LCC base.

    HG isnt seasonal and was good to see prices to VIE more than halved when they came. But when i tried to book flights to VIE a couple months ago, JAT was 200 din. more expensive (around 9.000 din.) than HG and had better timing. MA doesnt seem to be doing as well as before. I have heard word that QR is looking at opening flights to BEG soon btw, possibly next year, after BUD and OTP open :)

  27. Anonymous23:35

    Again agree with you.
    And again talking about competition, you had to pay 200 dinars more flying with Jat these days with better timing, which is great I think. But just a year ago, you would be paying not 200, but rather 12.000 dinars more on the same flight to VIE, right, with less timing options. Correct? Thats my point. Competition is always good.
    I dont have anything against Jat, on the contrary. I am aware that they seem to be overcharged by BEG airport, which is unfair and should be stopped. But they USED TO HAVE monopoly, some of you may like it or not. I am not saying they are having it at the moment. Cheers!
    p.s. To the anonymous who starts with... Stop talking about Jat monopoly...How about to get yourself a break, learn to hear different opinions and not to tutor people what to say ok. Everyone is free here to express his/her views.

  28. Anonymous09:40

    Actually before Niki launched flights to Belgrade Jat operated 14 weekly flights to Vienna just like today. Timing has remained unchanged. The price wasn't lowered by 120 euros but actually from 180 euros to 95 which is where it stands today.
    The only difference that occured since Niki came was that Austrian added their 05:15 departure from Belgrade which has more to do with the visa liberalisation than competition. The only winners in this story are those who enjoy flying with Austrian Airlines as they used to fly for 250 euros and today it is 99! So I guess there was not a monopoly on the route but a duopoly.
    Even today when I fly from Vienna to Belgrade I tend to fly on Jat because they are just a damn good airline and it feels good to be greeted Dobro Jutro or Dobar Dan! If Niki is 68 euros Jat 95 and OS 100 I would still go with Jat to support to domestic product!

  29. Anonymous09:41

    I forgot to add related to the monopoly issue... So what if Jat had a monopoly on some many routes? Look at other coutries like France? Who is AirFrance competing against in France?!

  30. Anonymous11:39


    youre right about HG not being saisonal. At some point, few weeks ago, there were no connections shown on the website from OCT10 which lead me to the conclusion that they intended to stop flying during W10/11. I should have double checked that before posting...

    MA is obviously trying hard to cover EX-YU market and heavily dumping prices...


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