Limak to build up Priština

Bright future for Priština Airport
Limak Holding, a Turkish group with operations in tourism, energy, cement, technology and aviation, on Thursday signed a Public Private Partnership, or PPP, agreement regarding the expansion and operation of Priština International Airport for 20 years. The agreement foresees an investment of 140 million Euros. It will cover a modern, 27.000 square meter terminal building, a 77.000 square meter apron and runway, a new traffic control tower, car park facilities with capacity for 1.750 vehicles and fuel tanks and the refurbishment of airport access roads.

Limak will be responsible for operating and maintaining the passenger terminal, car park, ground handling, fuelling and cargo areas, as well as the runway and apron facilities. “Our aim is to increase the number of passenger from 1.5 million to 4 million annually,” said Sezai Bacaksız, deputy chairman of Limak, at the press conference held at the Ministry of Economy in Priština.


  1. Once the international peace keeping force withdraws from Kosovo, there will come in its place a large decline in pax using this airport. I don't think 4 million passengers annual is as close as they think.

  2. Anonymous13:12

    Thankyou LIMAK for investing in the serbian region!

  3. Arton19:24

    This are great news. Pristina airport is and will definitely be one of the most attractive airports in Balkans. Thank you LIMAK for investing in Republic of Kosova.

  4. Doot21:36

    I wish the Serbs and Albanians could sort out this silly "stamp issue".

    A few times I've passed up on a cheap flight to Pristina because I wouldn't be able to conveniently get back to Belgrade.

  5. Anonymous21:45

    Well, the Albanians would first have to admit that they are not an independent country, which means that they do not have the sime rights as independent countries. If they would just admit that they are a province withing Serbia, a lot of issues would be resolved.

  6. Doot.00:50

    Yes, well, you could say of any conflict that the abject capitulation of one of the parties to the conflict would result in the end of the conflict.

    Of course, that wouldn't be a very astute commentary.

    Plus, it would be commentary that's not exactly air-travel related, which is the purpose of this blog.

  7. JATBEGMEL13:13

    The investment seems impressive and the plans seem ambitious. I hope it goes ahead.

    @ Doot

    just use a Serbian passport on arrival, if you have one.


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