Montenegro airports boom

Podgorica Airport
The two main airports in Montenegro, Podgorica and Tivat, are reporting soaring passenger numbers. In the first half of the year the two airports, combined, saw a passenger increase of 16%. Podgorica saw numbers surge by an impressive 36% while Tivat recorded a passenger decrease of 3%. Montenegro Airlines played a big part in the passenger increase. Its transit passengers from Skopje, Priština and Niš increased dramatically this year, thus pushing numbers upwards and bringing alternative passengers to the airports compared to the regular tourist and diaspora traffic. In June, the two airports handled 137.626 passengers, managing to scrape past the record breaking June of 2008 when the airports handled 136.196 passengers.

Despite the surging passenger numbers, the two airports reported a financial loss of 472.083 Euros. In the first half of the year, Podgorica and Tivat handled 427.371 passengers.


  1. Never been to TGD. The terminal seems light and airy, but looking at the cafe chairs it look anything but 'svetski' -- which is what I've been hearing.

  2. Anonymous11:36

    Does anyone have any numbers about flights to/from INI?
    What I have had a chance to see I think YM tickets via TGD are the most reasonably priced in ex YU.


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