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Jat Airways to live another day
In April, the Serbian Government decided that it would create a new national carrier as a successor to the debt ridden Jat Airways. The new company, set with 400.000 American Dollars, would be freed of Jat’s debt but would inherit its fleet, destinations, international agreements and employees. The new company would have made the airline more attractive to potential buyers and many believe the move was requested by Turkish Airlines (which has shown interest in purchasing the airline). On the other hand, some argued that the decision to create a new company was rash, decided through a Government conference phone call and that many would lose their job. However, the “Blic” newspaper reports that the Government has now decided, instead of creating a new airline, to invest in the current carrier and privatise it in 2011.

After the Government announced that it would create a new airline banks were apprehensive of loaning Jat money for future aircraft leases and new engines for its aircraft because they feared the money would not be paid off as it would stick to the old Jat. Furthermore, Jat has been reporting better results, has invested heavily in new advertising and has begun solving its fleet problems which has swayed the Government against creating a new company. “Blic” reports that the Government will announce a tender to find a privatisation advisor next month and would look to privatise Jat through the same model as it did the carmaker Zastava, which was successfully sold to the Italian Fiat in 2008.

The Serbian Government is keen to sell Jat before the 2012 parliamentary elections.


  1. Anonymous09:05


    What a mess!!!!!

  2. JU520 BEGLAX09:18

    as long as they have flight attendants like the one on the photo, they don t have to worry

    seriously it s a ship without a captain. turning in the circle and not finding the right way to escape

  3. Anonymous09:20

    Yes, the pilot isn't bad either :)

  4. Anonymous12:47

    Ha ha, a real success of an air carrier is not depending on how the attendants look like. Okay, many current JAT ladies are a bit old, but does that really count when choosing a carrier? I don't think so. Even experienced cabin crew may be friendly and nice, even more often so than young Barbie girls in their 20s who don't know too much about anything.

  5. Anonymous13:06

    Never ending mess. Simply no comment. At least some "VIP" will make money on the commission for the privatization adviser.

  6. Anonymous13:47

    Good decision! Not only because of their tradition...

    I just think that they need a man coming from the aviation background for their CEO. However clever and successful politicians and lawyers simply do not have a feeling for a national carrier.

    Although state-owned and rather inefficient JU, OU, JM and JA are good companies (troubled IN was a very good private company as well) and it is a shame that they get too many negative comments from some of your readers.

  7. JU520 BEGLAX13:51


    my favourite ones are the old "mamas" in C Class on US Carriers, who call you honey or darling and can 't stop serving you wine or bloody marrys :-)

    but the one on the photo, she is really gorgeous.....wooaahh

  8. @ JU520

    On the US carriers they will get you as much wine as you want, as long you are willing to pay $5 or $6 a glass :) Fortunately, this sumemr I flew LH. The alcohol drinks were complimentary and the flight attendants look betetr than in the US as well :) By the way, have you heard about the JetBlue's flight attendant story? :)

  9. Peter from Sydney14:41

    Why do Serbian companies struggle with the English translation. Where the hell do you get 'new charm of JAT' from 'Nova Lica Jata'. 'new charm of JAT' sounds foul and reminds me of the old Yugo/English translations you'd see from the 80s and 90s! Did they not realise, 'the new face of JAT' speaks what they're actually trying to convey! IDIOTS!

  10. JU520 BEGLAX15:09


    I did, unbelievable story...

    I would have kicked the tramp out of the emergency exit

  11. Anonymous15:16

    Might be a better choice, although I would like to see JAT with an actual livery for once!

  12. Anonymous16:12

    Whatever they do, people are just fed up. And the numbers are showing. So far for this year (7 months), Jat's pax numbers are down 4%, whereas Belgrade airport is up 8%.

    Simple as that.

  13. @ Peter from SYD

    Calm down dude :) Aren't they using charming and darling words right in Australia. Maybe JAT is trying to appease to the australian market :)

  14. @ Peter from Sydney
    I'm not a native speaker of Serbian, but even I know that "Nova lica Jata" translates (literally) as "Jat's new faces" and not "the new face of Jat." So, the texts are usually adopted rather than simply translated. Having said that, I do agree that the term 'new charm' sounds terrible because it could also mean practicing witchcraft.

    @JU520 BEGLAX
    I loved your reaction: "she is really gorgeous.....wooaahh"
    A man after my own heart, haha!

  15. Anonymous19:30

    I agree...the flight attendant in the pic looks very attractive but the captain's ears look weird :)

  16. Anonymous19:52

    Those two on the pic are not new at all... I know that gay guy (he has great legs, body, but not so smart) and he stated 6-7 years ago, sesional. So please, wake up.

    We need a new airline, new investors and shut the f***ing JAT down.

    BTW, some of the old ladies are so great, especially in US carriers - love them!

  17. Anonymous20:03

    Jesus I do not see why is everyone screaming at Jat here... Hey you have other airlines use them, no need to come here and trash it everytime.
    I think I am the only one or at least one of the few who is happy that Jat is not being sold to some Turks. I do not see why we need foreigners to run our airline, we didn't have a foreigner in JAT...

  18. EK EK EK!!! :D
    Let them be the silent partner with extra cash and that would be enough :)
    Then, they could service new JATs A319 in Dubai (with daily Dubai service at first and double daily service in a few years, so it could be used as a connection hub towards Asia and Australia), open new routes to New York, LAX, Chicago and Toronto at first, with later expansion to some other destinations to the west in near future.
    Just imagine BEG-MEL flown only via Dubai with no extra stop(s) :)


  19. i knew it! i just knew it that nothings gonna happen. like we say: tresla se gora, rodio se mis

  20. frequentflyer02:12

    As much as things change, they still remain the same... look at how much discussion has gone on about their fleet, ownership, name etc.

    JAT will never change!

    @ JU520 (#2)

    All exYU airlines are ships without captains. Just look at how they all got into this terrible mess...

  21. JATBEGMEL14:09

    After experiencing LH, i would have to say the only thing better with LH is fresher aircraft. I find JAT crew interesting and good, the main thing here is that theyre able to do their job and professionally, assist you in need etc. not so you can go join the Mile High club with them!

    The goverments lack of care into the airline is whats hurting the airline. Whats funny here was when Radovanovic first came to the job he cancelled the B737NG order to come which was ordered by the previous CEO as they were set to arrive for the winter season etc etc, and now, a year later, he is doing the same thing, bringing in the NG's for the winter season.

  22. @ Anonymous

    "...he has great legs, body, but not so smart"

    Sounds like Hooters Airlines :) Well, I am glad JAT is gay friendly. Maybe there is still hope for it :)

  23. Anonymous13:10

    Da li je ovo uopste moguce?


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