51 million Euros for Jat

Jat investing into fleet, maintenance and “revitalisation”
After several months, the Serbian Government has finally given its backing for banks to issue a loan of up to 51.5 million Euros to Jat Airways. The Serbian national carrier will use 40 million Euros to “revitalise” itself, 9.5 million for fleet maintenance and 2 million for the lease of 2 Boeing B737-700 jets, the “Tanjug” news agency reports. Jat applied for the loan earlier this year but it took more than 6 months for the Government to give guarantees to the banks that are issuing the loan. The loan can be used within the next 6 years.

Jat will use part of the loan for some major changes it is planning to introduce, soon to be exclusively revealed on EX-YU Aviation News. Because the loan has just been approved by the Government, the arrival of the first Boeing B737-700 aircraft might be pushed back by several weeks. Furthermore, the Serbian carrier is once again turning to the prospect of transatlantic operations. The last time the airline had such plans was in 2006. It believes that the only way it can resume long haul flights is by strengthening its regional network which is why Jat is signing new code share agreements with both Adria Airways and B&H Airlines.


  1. JATBEGMEL09:20

    I wonder what "revitalise" means and why does it need $40M. Good to know there will be finance for newer aircraft. Maybe 2012 transatlantic will reopen from BEG?

  2. Anonymous09:20

    can someone please let me know what revitalisation means as something like 85% of the money will go there...
    Could that mean that Jat might be getting a new livery!?
    Let's hope for the best when it comes to the transatlantic flights... It's not a bad timing, the economy is picking up and Delta has pulled the plug on most of the flights to the region.

  3. JU520 BEGLAX09:24

    For Transatlantic flight u need feeders and I can t imagine who would hub via BEG to the States if there is plenty of good options via other airports which are well equipped with a professional set-up such as Lounges, good Restaurants, Shopping paradises etc. etc. And who the heck wants to fly on 27 year old Boeing 737-300 to BEG in order to catch an old 767-200 or 767-300 to fly to JFK or ORD??? If you can fly today with A346s, A333s or even A388s to JFK etc.

    A transatlatic operations is today only succesful if you have feeders on both end thru an alliance and a good load factor in Business Class.
    Tickets around 600 USD BEG-JFK return who mostly are used for leisure and ethnic traffic wont make flights profitable. You need Business Class People who pay 4000 USD or more for such trips. And probably most business companies in Serbia will rather use LH,AF,LX or OS/TK/AZ for their transcontinental flights in order to gain miles.

    JAT has no alliance, has no state of the art airport infrastructure and have no money to buy right aircrafts and defintely have not the customers for making such flights a success.

    So let the responsible bodies keep on dreaming, like they did in the past 20-30 years..... with responsible bodies I mean more the top shots and politicians, rather than the staff of JU which unfortunately had a very tough situation in the past 2 decades

  4. frequentflyer09:43

    And so the saga continues.

    We won't see trans-Atlantic flights any time soon, and yet another delay on these 73Gs... almost makes you think they'll never arrive!

  5. JU520 BEGLAX09:48

    I have been working many years for American Airlines: The main focus an airline has, are contracts thru relations with big companies, with incentive programs etc.
    LH,LX,AF were not sleeping in Serbia, since a long time they have links with Serbian companies, embassies etc in order to have them as passengers on their flights via ZRH,CDG,MUC,FRA.

    In the past 20 years we saw a strong development on this business part and JAT is defintely 20-30 years behind in their development.

  6. Anonymous09:58

    This is all a big joke, like the whole company. How are they going to fill the transatlantic aircraft, with Macedonian diaspora paying 500 $ per ticket? Going to be unprofitable from the beginning.

  7. Anonymous10:09

    This is all a big joke, like the whole company. How are they going to fill the transatlantic aircraft, with Macedonian diaspora paying 500 $ per ticket? Going to be unprofitable from the beginning.

  8. AirKoryoTU-20410:18

    Two things here, by "revitalise" I interprit this as a possible creation of a new image for Jat i.e. new livery, new advertising, new website (online checkin?), lounges? etc. I think long haul links to North America would do well with connections from the ex-yu mainly Fy-Macedonia, Bosnia and Montenegro onto these flights.

    @1st Anonymous the second how has Delta pulled the plug on most flights to the region? If the region is the Balkans you are refering to the only Delta pullout is from Bucharest. Athens still has double daily Delta flights from Atlanta and New York-JFK also Istanbul still has Delta from JFK too.

  9. Nice news, especially for B737 NG, now it is only left to see that famous revitalization plan.

  10. Turkish Airlines
    will take over JAT and part of the JAT staff.
    Soon should be new airline name "Air Serbia"
    this is not oficial yet , more too come in next 2 months.

    While Montenegro Goverment are selling 30% of Montenegro Airlines.

  11. Aero11:50

    This is difficult to comment, primarly because public is served with an iceberg news.
    I can assure you that it is impossible for a long time now to get any backing from Serbian state budget and this kind of backing is costing for sure. That means that something bigger is beneath, at least as a plan.
    Thinking about possible plan beneath this ice-top I cannot come to any sensefull idea. Allocation of .85 of the loan to "revitalisation" is meaningless. That is why I am trying to explore the real meaning of that word. One cannot says that there is nothing behind `cause it is huge money for Serbian state budget to be backed.
    Revitalisation - giving a new life to Jat - can be done only by investing in The means - ACs which they missed so much. But officially it`s not the case, `cause they allocate only a change of the loan to that. By that I am coming to the conclusion that it has something to do with deadly-wishing privatisation or maybe with Airbus deal or something third which I cannot reach.

    I will skip comment on the allocation of the rest of 11.5m as well as on transantlantic ideas. It is separate, but also huge topic.

  12. Anonymous11:54

    @ Aleksandar: Turkish is not interested in Jat at all, that’s the news from the inside. The only reason there was so much hype about it in the past few days is because a Muslim minister who is obsessed with Turkey said that Jat will become part of Turkish Airlines, he also said exactly the same thing a year ago.

  13. well for the moment is not oficial but more news to come next 2 months.

    intresting if it comes to be true...

  14. Anonymous13:21

    Well Delta went seasonal to Budapest and Bucharest so... I do not think anyone is flying to the US via Athens or Istanbul so they don't really count.
    If they have a good coverage of the ex-Yu region then the flights to the US can become a reality. I do not see why Frankfurt or London have an advantage just because they are big or whatever. If Jat manages to organise the flights so that there is a short connecting time in Belgrade then people would rather fly with them especially the older people visiting the US or Canada who do not speak English. It will not be a cash cow but it can produce a small profit. In addition to all that I know a ton of people from Illinois who would be more than happy to fly Jat directly rather than to go through the crowds of London or the unfriendliness of Frankfurt...

  15. @ Aleksandar
    aj da vidimo i to čudo

  16. Compared to Bucharest, Belgarde used to have long-haul flights in the past and I am sure it can happen again. BEG has a very good geographic location in the region that allows it to capture relatively large maket for such flights, especially for the US and Canada. Decent connection flights with destinations in the neighborhood such as BUD, ZAG, SPU, DBV, SJJ, TGD, SKP, PRN, SOF, OTP, BEY, SKG and event ATH and IST makes it a big potential. If JAT were to join Sky Team Alliance, this would be a definite success.

  17. AirKoryoTU-20415:49

    Well in the past Belgrade was the capital of Yugoslavia hence the long haul operations for a nation of 20Mill with a wide spread overseas population (macedonians, Serbs, Croats etc.). Now Jat will only serve the reasonably smaller state which means less demand and less funding/finances to sustain the services.

    Quite a few people connect through ATH into BEG from Canada and the US. ATH is quite connected for a Balkan nation to North America don't forget that.

  18. AirKoryoTU-20415:54

    This is intresting link I have seen a few years back. Maybe these will be re-thought of now?


  19. Doot15:56

    I agree wholeheartedly with JU520 BEGLAX.

    THen I wonder... Could they start some kind of low-cost trans-atlantic service? Several low cost operators have gone bankrupt, and there's kind of a hole in the market for low-cost trans-atlantic trips. Sell a return ticket to BG for $500 and to other european cities, through Belgrade for $600. If something like that could be pulled off, it might work.

    These passengers won't care that Belgrade airport is ghetto, and it could stimulate the Serbian economy if they were allowed you a few days' stopover for no extra charge.

    Somehow, though, I don't see JAT trying something like that with such razor-thin margins.

  20. Anonymous16:30

    From LJU I would never transfer through BEG for transatlantic JU flights not even for Middle East.

  21. JU520 BEGLAX17:08

    a lowcost operation might work, but u need the right equipment to have fly on low costs....means new aircrafts which have less fuel consumption etc....
    but these aircrafts are not cheap....

    @Sam: the problem are the alliances: most Croatians, Slovenians will have Miles and More Cards, so they will try to collect miles on these airlines. Romania is Skyteam. Hungary Oneworld. Greece Star Alliance, Turkey Star Alliance. The alliances have an enormous power, you see this in Switzerland where I come from. ZRH is more and more a Star Alliance hub. To Asia for example today we are left only with Star Alliance direct flights. TG,SQ,LX. 10-20 years ago we still had JL,CX,MH,GA,CA,PR,BI operating out of ZRH. They all had to pull out as ZRH has become a Star Alliance destination where most people try to earn or spend their miles. Of course KL,AF,BA,DL,AA, etc still move passengers out of ZRH, but the main part is booked for Star Alliance.
    And a hub in BEG without the coastal destinations of Croatia, with weak traffic from neighbouring countries will in my eyes not make it....

  22. JU520 BEGLAX18:40

    PM brings American investors to Croatia

    Source: Croatian Times

    Croatian Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor has met in New York with 500 of the biggest American companies interested in investing in Croatia.

    The American investors showed biggest interest in tourism and for establishing direct flights from the United States to Croatia, which would enable arrival of
    Charles Kolb, the president of the CED that numbers some 200 senior corporate executives amongst its members, expressed optimism about Croatia’s potential to attract American investors

  23. Anonymous20:14

    first of all, every prediction i have made so far has been right regarding jat airways. so let me just say this...
    jat will revitilize itself by creating new livery, upgrading its interior, and creating a new marketing campaign.

    its set-up is actually interesting because it plans to hold out itself until turkish airlines can buy them out. by this i mean the following: turkish airlines will purchase a whole new fleet for jat (remember that airbus deal :) and begin new operations to countries.

    then i must say do not foret that belgrade airport will expand even further, building a new runway and modernizing terminal 1 (even expanding that terminal too). this is due to the wizz air base being in belgrade as well as a lot of middle eastern flights coming due to the uae-serbia deal. and don;t forget that europe is strategically making belgrade airport the hub for the region (proven by the plans to construct a regional air traffic controller in belgrade)

    as transatlantic flights are concerned, its biggest asset will be the cheap cost of these flights. jat will no doubt have the cheapest cost to usa/canada. this will surely bring people from all over the balkans to at least fill up the aircraft by 90%, which is still enough to make a profit. why would a croat go through london and pay over $1000 to fly to america when they can just pay $600 to fly there. besides the ex-yu diaspora will definitely be a big client and jat can count on making money from them.

    and to respond to the quote above...i am an american, and i know how americans think. americans like to go to only a few place in the world. the caribbean, south america, and western europe. they don't care about visiting croatia, slovenia, serbia, hungary, poland, etc. besides, with long haul definitely starting from belgrade to usa (either through jat or emirates or etihad) it makes no sense to spend money on a route which doesn't and most likely won't make them money. only the diaspora from ex-yugoslavia like to visit the ex-yugoslav region. sorry. but that is the simple truth here in america.

  24. @ Last Anonymous

    The fact that Americans like to visit only few places in the world is simply not correct. I live in the US as well (I am not American) and every year I go back to Slovenia and Croatia I see more and more Americans visitng the area. They tend to do things a bit different as they prefer hopping from one place to another and not as Germans laying at the beach for two weeks and do nothing. This past summer, my American friend traveled with me. We visited Slovenia, Austria, Croatia and Italy. Out of all countries we visited he loved Slovenia the most. It's true that many Americans choose Western Europe for their first time travel to Europe, but you would be surprised to see how more and more Americans and Canadians start to include ex Yugoslav countries in their itineraries as well. One thing for sure, they are not disappointed and would love to come back.

  25. Anonymous23:19

    @Sam: totaly agree.
    @last Anonymous: It is not all in the price. For me it comes after safety, overall service, convenience of connection and hub facilities.

  26. Anonymous02:24

    in response to the previous 2 statements:

    i agree that more americans are visiting the balkans and ex-yu region. but what you said before proved my point right. sam is not american, but lives in usa. he brought his friends along and they went together. i do the same thing, and let me tell you more than 60% of americans can barely understand their own country let alone discover the ex-yu region. there are people that visit, i am not saying that...but in terms of costs and benefits, the costs are too extreme for the benefits. only if the region decides to create a regional air carrier (which is what jat airways is trying to do) then there can be some talk of benefits exceeding the costs. the only places americans really know of are serbia and bosnia and both are regarded with some negative thought. as for cities, belgrade cmoes to mind due to the parties and nightlife, and sarajevo is seen as the birthplace of ww1. so i really don't see that many americans coming as you claim. granted they do come, but it's mostly the diaspora of the region that comes back that's all i'm saying. i mean no offense.

  27. Anonymous06:44

    I kind of have to agree. It seems that even though the Balkans are seeing more American tourists, it is still not enough to see a profit in trans-atlantic flights to the region. But I think we should let JAT or Emirates figure it out first, not to jump to any hasty conclusions...it may be that the flights to Belgrade bring a surplus to the carrier.

  28. Anonymous07:28

    Let's not forget that people from the area do not need to fly to Belgrade in order to fly from there. People from Banja Luka, Zagreb, Timisoara... can just take a train or bus in order to cut costs. I am sure that Jat has taken that into account.
    By the way, if the flights were to take place would they use the old flight number for the US? (what did they use back in the day?)
    Could we see JU 001 to the US?

    Plus, in this economic enviroment where companies are trying to cut costs I am sure that companies would rather send their people with Jat thann Lufthansa or Austrian.

  29. I love yugo!08:48

    It seems everyone is forgetting that Jat did have flight to USA and Canada? Where those flights worth it? Did they make money? Why does every one hate jat! I wish I could fly direct with Jat I would rather support the Serb economy then the german! There already to rich!

  30. Aero08:50

    Let me try to get us back on the true topic. See this:

  31. JU520 BEGLAX12:20

    @ I love Yugo..

    Difficult to say if they were making money, I would say yes...
    for sure during the Summer Schedule
    I flew once BEG-ORD-LAX and JFK-DBV-BEG: both flights were completely full, lots of transit passengers from India and the Middle East
    Even state runned airlines were not flying to destinations if they were not really making money, except for probably some political lines
    But the situation today is different... today you have the airline alliances.... you have no croatian coast anymore and even if we love Belgrade etc, we need to be realistic, the main attraction of the former Yugoslavia was the Croatian Coast part. Look today how many Carriers and Charter companies are operating to DBV,SPU and ZAD during summer time.

    Before JAT is not joining an alliance, does not has the right aircrafts, not the necessary network they don t even have to think about any intercontinental flights.
    If they would fly to JFK. Who feeds them in JFK? They also would need feeders from surrounding cities in the Northeast. AA,CO,DL,US,AC,UA,Jetblue would/could not feed them. Point to point traffic fills your aircraft maybe during peak season, the rest of the year you depend on a wide network, otherwise chances are small to succeed. Except of course you fly a route such as LHR-JFK.
    The Balcans economies need first to recover again.... you need business class passengers, not only coach class ethnic traffic, than JAT could expand their network, have 2-3 daily flights to neighbouring cities, get new capital and invest into their fleet. Judging their performance in the past, I don t see this coming before 2020.. Personally I even think, they should not focus to the US, but rather to Australia. Only two Carriers today operate direct flights from Europe to Australia (BA/QF ex LHR and QF ex FRA). With the new aircrafts coming, you soon can fly nonstop from Southern Europe to Australia.
    I read this week an airticle about Jetstar Australia....aparantely when they will get the 787s, they are evaluating nonstop flights to Southern Europe.... so if they could, JU could do too....

    lets wait and see.... also one hope remains: if the airline biz keeps growing like in the past, those big hubs wont have the capacites to move it all. So some strategic airports will for sure see some nonstop flights to other important airports...

  32. Anonymous14:12

    Jat can always test the waters with the transatlantic routes. By getting one 767-300 they can easily open New York, Chicago and maybe even Toronto. They have a decent enough coverage of Ex-Yu to sustain those flights. Montenegro is fully covered, Bosnia is as well since Air B&H started flights, Macedonia has been for quite some time now and they can always get people from Eastern Croatia and Western Romania. Not to mention the large O&D market between Serbia and North America, especially to Illinois.
    I think it is possible, now will they be making money? I think they can, little, but still making.
    I do not see how Jat could compete with their Business Class product with let's say Austrian, I suppose they understand that.

  33. After reading all those posts on long-haul flights from BEG, it seems as the OneWorld alliance would be the best match for JAT. Besides Malev, OneWorld has no other significant player in the region. By joining the OneWorld alliance, there would be more balance in the region among the alliances. On the other hand, if JAT ever decides to start flights to the US, being a OneWorld member, would allow them to fully utilize feeder capacities by American Airlines at their JFK and ORD hubs, which are probably the two most viable destinations for JAT at the moment. American Airlines would probably never think to fly non-stop to BEG, so this would work perfectly as they could code-share and this way gain the first movers benefits of sizing the market.

    I also agree with JU 520 about Australia. We already discussed this before that if JAT was strong enough moneywise to buy B777-300ER/LR or A340-500/600, they could fly non-stop BEG-PER (then continue to SYD or MEL) and this way to become the only airline in Europe (and the rest of the world) to fly non-stop from Europe to Australia. And guess what..Qantas is a member of OneWorld as well, which means potential feeder on those flights too. If I were a big investor, I would defenitely give it a try. With the right marketing startegy and modern fleet, this could be a potential success. I know this is more of a dream than reality, but if it already can't happen it's nice to at least imagine :)

    Greetz to all

  34. Anonymous18:10

    interesting. but i am pretty sure that jat had its eyes set on skyteam and is currently being sponsored as a future member by air france and i think alitalia. but i agree that becoming a a member on oneworld would be the best option. it may bring back british airways, and in regards to the american airlines codeshare, both would benefit greatly because the only destinations in the balkans being serviced to the us is budapest and greece both of which are very pricy for what they offer. it will be very interesting to see how this will develop. and in regards to the speculations on whether belgrade will profit from this...it will. many in the world do not know serbia but majority of people have heard of belgrade. this new connection will spark interest and don'e forget that there is a lot of diaspora from the balkans living in north america which will find it more economical to travel with jat no matter what kind of service it provides (and i am sure that it will provide a decent service).

  35. @Sam
    This is so far the best observation and idea!
    OneWorld would be the best solution! 2 787s or 77Ls for Australia and 2 767s for USA and CA would be the biggest move for the beginning. AA, BA and QF would then only code share with JU, so there would be direct flights to JFK and ORD without AA (and maybe YYZ), plus LHR without BA on the route and SYD and MEL via PER without QF - only code share...wow!
    Star Alliance has the biggest presence at BEG airport... JAT joining OneWorld would make a balance at BEG, plus having direct routes to USA and AU would make passengers to fly more with JAT then with e.g. LH via FRA or MUC or TK via IST!
    Definitely great idea! Really!

  36. Not to mention that QF and BA would feed JU for EX-YU region and Greece, Romaina, Bulgaria and Hungary (plus MA), and JU would do the same for GB and AU market...excellent! :)
    I just dont know how no one came up with this idea before! :)

  37. @ JU500

    Glad you like my idea. Non-stop flight to Australia would defenitely attract many passengers on both sides and JAT could charge premium for those flights until the competition catches up. BEG-PER non-stop is about the same distance as ATL-JNB that Delta Airlines operates today. The flight would last about 16-17 hrs which is much more convenient than going through HKG, SIN or BKK. On the other hand I think PER is currently underserved. I bet business people there would rather fly PER-BEG-LHR than going back through SYD or HKG and then back to LHR. That's also why I would keep BEG-LHR with BA and JU. Or BA could just buy JAT give them some long-haul planes and start the flight LHR-BEG-PER :)

  38. @Sam
    Like that idea too! Plus the American and Iberia... Wow :)

  39. If the LHR-BEG-PER ever realizes, I am buying the ticket right away. That would the flight of flights. Perth is an amazing place. Great idea Sam! I hope someone from BA or QF is reading this blog.

  40. ANONYMOUS01:27


    You have made about the most ridiculous, stupid posts on this forum for some time. You must work for Jat! Perth is a small sh!thole in the middle of nowhere, there would be about 10 people who would be on that flight.


    why does everyone hate JAT so much? What's wrong with that fact that they want to start transatlantic flights? People support your county

  42. Aero08:39

    Bravo Sam!
    Very, very good observation.
    If there is anyone in Jat, they should read it.

  43. JATBEGMEL11:37

    I think JAT should focus on what it can do for the moment, and that is to strengthen its place in the region. What could help the transatlantic flights is maybe cooperation with RO and FB. These flights need to be at least connected with SKP, TGD, SOF, SJJ.

    As for Australia, there is too much competition already. EK, QR and EY are already established, especially EK, and provide a much better service than what JAT can, at the moment speaking. Too much needs to change at JAT for such flights to relise.

  44. frequentflyer12:08

    Sorry to burst people's bubble, but there's *no* way JU will ever return to Australia. And I know there's many who are quite nostalgic about the 'glory days' of JAT here on this forum!

    And as to why they'd serve Perth, a small, isolated city as their destination is quite astounding! PER is another 4-5hrs across to the two major centres where people of the exYU live: Sydney and Melbourne. Incidentally, these are the cities the airline used to serve!!

    JU needs its house in order first - that's getting their antique fleet working and in the air, improving their short-haul destinations (the Croatian coast must come back onto their list ASAP), getting new planes, and building on their alliances such as EK in DXB.

  45. @ Last Anonymous

    No, I am not working for JAT...far from that. If I were, they would probably be the best run airline out there ;)

    It's true that Perth isn't the biggest attraction in Australia, but it's a city that's growing and becoming an important business and financial center. It's the 4th largest city in Australia with population of nearly 2 mil., not to mention that suburbs surrounding the Fremantle area such as Spearwood and Hamilton Hill contain high concentrations of Diaspora from Ex YU, Italy, Greece, Poland and many other countries in our neighborhood.

    I agree that Perth is probably one of the most isolated metropolitan areas and 4-5 hours (flight time) away from SYD and MEL, but so is the entire Australia. Perth is still twice as close to SYD than the hubs that most of the current traffic goes through such as SIN, BKK or HKG, which are 8-10 hrs away. Besides that, once landing in PER, you are already in Australia, done with all immigration and customs checks and free to continue to any other destination in the country.

    To be the first airline having a non-stop flight from Europe to Australia is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The idea itself has stroked many minds here; imagine what could it do out there in the real travel world. Being first at something is a sign of evolution and progression, following others is struggle and a sign of desperation.

  46. Anonymous17:05

    I agree. PER is becoming an important hub. It is served by some very prominent airlines: Singapore Airlines, South African, Air New Zealand, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Thai, Garuda, Malaysia...mostly Asian though. Seeing a non-stop flight from Europe would be a dream come true and a big piss-off for SYD :)

  47. Those lunatics who don't see the bigger picture here, should definitely stop visiting this blog! (LHR-)BEG-PER is great idea! Right marketing and campaigns and the golden era's gonna come! ;)

  48. @ JU500

    It's OK..I don't mind people disagreeing with me as long we are not insulting each other. The point of this forum is to bring different oppinions and ideas on the table and mine was just one of them.

    I truly believe that the European market is getting saturated with all those low-cost airlines that serve pretty much every corner of the continent. The survival of JAT (and many other legacy airlines) will depend on re-establishment of its long-haul network with of course healthy BEG hub, regional network and alliance they decide to join. Semms as the history is repeating :)

  49. Anonymous01:27

    Sam is right. At the moment, Perth is the only reachable destination in Australia on a non-stop flight from Europe. When I say Europe I mean more south-eastern Europe as flying from Germany, France or UK is out of reach regardless which aircraft type you use. So, who really has the potential of operating those kind of flights?
    BEG has an excellent geographic position but JAT is in a very dire situation and without some miracle this will be very difficult to happen. Alitalia, Aegean and Olympic are not doing that well either. Olympic was stripped of its long-haul fleet and has very limited resources. So. who's left? Well, if you count Turkey as a part of Europe, then Turkish is most likely to become the first one to operate non-stop flights to Australia. They have a good business plan in place, young and educated management and modern fleet. Turkish B777-300ER could be easily used on IST-PER with continuation to SYD as they can't count on Qantas for feed being in opposite alliances.
    Great idea and I wish too it was BEG but as things are standing right now, I think it's going to be IST.

  50. Hi All,

    Australia to Europe direct is not a new idea. Perth to london has been looked at by both QF and BA. I believe QF almost put am order for 777-200LRs but pulled out when Emirates went serious on Perth Dubai route.

    QF is a very smart airline and if was going to work then they would have done it for sure so I guess what I'm trying to say is that if QF felt they couldn't make Perth to London work then I don't think Jat can.
    There is already too much competition out of Perth.

  51. ANONYMOUS19:03


    There will be pigs flying spitting bacon sandwiches out of their mouths before that *ever* happens.
    End of story.

    Go back to dreaming about other (less unrealistic) destinations, while Wizz and the Lufthansa empire comtinue to colonise the region on Short Haul point to point and Long-haul respectively.

  52. Anonymous09:00

    Dude, seriously if you want to play smart at least have your facts right. Lufthansa's CEO has openly said that their short-haul market is not that profitable hence why they have started reducing the on board service.


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