B&H to Skopje

B&H to launch new winter flights
As expected, B&H Airlines will launch flights to the Macedonian capital, Skopje, from November 1. Flights will operate three times per week using the ATR72 aircraft. Rumours regarding a possible Skopje relaunch surfaced after B&H terminated its flights to Zagreb earlier this week. B&H is no stranger to Skopje. Last year the airline terminated flights to the Macedonian capital due to low interest. At one point, flights from Sarajevo to Skopje operated via Podgorica. With more transit flights to offer this time around, B&H hopes it will be able to lure more passengers to the service.

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s national carrier is also expected to launch flights to Amsterdam this November. The new service is being primarily introduced for the Bosnian diaspora in the United States, which would have a quick transfer through Amsterdam onwards to Sarajevo.

Skopje becomes the only airport in the former Yugoslavia to have direct flights to all of the EX-YU capitals from November. All flight details for the Sarajevo – Skopje service can be found on the right hand side, in the new route launches section.


  1. JATBEGMEL10:05

    lol again?... wishing JA better luck this time :)

  2. frequentflyer10:42

    If the flights are at the same disastrous times as the ZAG flights they are replacing, they won't even see the winter.

    And what's the plane doing on the other spare 3 days of the week?? Will we see a different destination, or greater frequencies on existing routes?

  3. Peter from Sydney11:33

    These guys seem to announce new destinations as a lucky dip? How will things be different from their previous attempt? Idiots!

  4. Anonymous11:45

    I guess that the only smart destination they recently launched has been the one to Belgrade.
    However I still wonder why they are not codesharing with Jat.
    Shame that an airline with such a beautiful livery has such a nasty managment!

  5. Anonymous13:23

    They are codesharing to Belgrade and they will only serve Skopje 3x a week because they still intend to introduce Banja Luka 11x a week. Amsterdam will definitively be introduced this winter. The winter schedule should be out soon...

  6. Anonymous14:42

    They do codeshare with Jat on the evening flight however does Jat codeshare with them on the afternoon flight?

  7. JATBEGMEL14:47

    @ anonymous

    JAT does not codeshare JA's flights to BEG.

  8. Instead of trying so much with Zagreb, they should have tried Split this past summer. I am sure this route would generate a lot of tourist travelers.

    Another potential destination for JA that is underserved is Rome.

  9. Anonymous17:49

    Maybe Zadar wouldn't work but what about Pula? They lost Jat they have been loosing passengers the past few months...

  10. Anonymous19:05

    There are no flights to pristina, so they do not have flights to all the capitals.

  11. Anonymous19:09

    Actually we are not counting flights to autonomous provinces just capitals of countries so the flight to Belgrade covers Pristina.

  12. Anonymous05:53

    Oh no it does not. Pristina is the Capitol of Kosovo like it or not

  13. Anonymous09:33

    Well duuuh everyone know that it's the capital of Kosovo just like Novi Sad is of Vojvodina.
    It's Capital with an 'A', capitol is a completely different word. Your initial comment was out of order as you are starting a political debate that will result in many posts being deleted. Please, you have your Albanian wanna be independent forums please take your bitterness there.

  14. Doot10:04

    @ anonymouses above:


  15. Anonymous23:54

    Well Kosovo wasn't a republic in Yugoslavia was it? So that's why the statement written in the text is correct.

  16. frequentflyer10:52

    @ Peter from Sydney

    Your guess is as good as mine. Dartboard perhaps?

    @ Anonymous #5

    I had forgotten ZAG was the hatchet job when BNX fell through. No wonder it was such a spectacular failure. One would think the airline would learn from their mistakes... and do you have a written source that you can link to your claims so we may all be able to share in this news?

    @ Sam

    Yes, Rome has much potential for the airline. As would OMO for the large pilgrim trade to Medugorje

  17. AirKoryoTU-20410:14

    Kosovo does have services to Skopje with Sky Wings and Mat Airways although not too often.


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