Banja Luka becomes B&H base

New flights from Banja Luka to Vienna and Frankfurt
B&H Airlines has received rights to commence flights from Banja Luka to Vienna and Frankfurt. The two new destinations will accompany the Sarajevo – Zurich route, which will commence on October 31. Flights to both Vienna and Frankfurt will originate from Sarajevo with a technical stop in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s second largest city. Tickets between Sarajevo and Banja Luka are not for sale. Both services will operate twice per week with flights between Banja Luka and Vienna beginning on October 31 and flights to Frankfurt commencing on November 1. Both flights will be operated by the regional ATR72 aircraft. However, due to the new additions to the B&H network, the planned flights to Skopje have been suspended in favour of the Banja Luka flights.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Turkish Airlines, Temel Kotil, said he is happy with the way B&H is developing. “B&H is a young company and is trying to develop air travel in the country. I believe they have a bright future ahead of them and we will try and make the partnership as profitable as possible”, he said. Turkish Airlines owns 49% of B&H Airlines.

All flight details from Banja Luka can be viewed on the right hand side in the new route launches section.


  1. Aero09:11

    Wish good luck to both, JA and BNX.

    Hope JU will do the same with INI.

  2. Anonymous09:12

    sound, great! Finaly i could fly to my airport in my city! hopeful it's cheaper and faster then adria! A flight from seattle it could take me 30 hours if i fly to banja luka via adria and anthor company.

  3. JATBEGMEL09:36

    Good luck to JA :)

  4. Anonymous09:38

    It sounds good for the company if they manage to make some profit, but for passengers......? And why not Mostar - Sarajevo - Tuzla - Banja Luka - Vienna/Frankfurt?


  5. Anonymous12:26

    I wonder if someone could post a comparison of costs:

    1) Banja Luka-Frankfurt with Adria
    2) Banja Luka-Frankfurt with BH
    3) Zagreb-Frankfurt with Croatia Airlines (plus fees for 2-3 hour drive from Banja Luka to Zagreb)

  6. Anonymous12:52

    Great news and I really hope BNX airport will become a proper airport.

    Here are some comparisons:

    Banja Luka-Zurich return (03/11 - 07/11 for example)

    JA 200 €

    JP 290 €

    Zagreb-Zurich(for the same dates)

    152 €

    Ticket for Vienna and Frankfurt are still not on sale so couldn't do comparison. Maybe later. Go BL go

  7. ANONYMOUS12:52


    This news does NOT mean that Banja Luka becomes a 'base' - get your terminology right.

    BNX is merely an extra addition to their network. In order for any airport to qualify as a 'base', an airline needs to overnight aircraft and crew which in this case they will not be doing.

  8. Anonymous13:48

    This still does not make a significant change. BNX needs real feeder flights (as OS flights to VIE or R6 to ZRH used to be) in order to catch planneed 60-75 000 pax a year.

    I am happy with JA, though, and looking forward to this step. Why don't they reintroduce IST now when the connections with TK are possible?

  9. @ Admin:

    I assume you read my post from yesterday ;-). Just kidding.

    However, flights to SKP have not been ''sacrificed''. They still would fit perfectly in the new schedule.

    The actual reason I am not familiar with.

    Let's hope they kick of AMS too!

    Scandinavia has been put together again.


    Too bad they didn't get the rights on SJJ-BNX yet.


  10. Anonymous17:53

    Znaci BH Airlines ce imati svaki dan bar po jedan let iz Banjaluke sto je za pocetak fantasticno.
    3X ZRH
    2X VIE
    2X FRA
    U ljetnom periodu bi bilo uvesti Skandinaviju sa bar jednim sedmicnim letom, s obzirom na jaku dijasporu iz banjaluckog regiona u Skandinaviji.
    Svaka cast BH Airlines-u na upornosti i ne odustajanju od Banjaluke iako se politika itekako mijesa u dobijanju dozvole za letove iz BNX!

  11. Anonymous19:08

    Zadnji anonymus. Ja bi ih pustio da im aerodrom u Banja Luci truhne sa jednom linijom Adrije (koja se ukida cim se subvencije ukinu) kad su tako bezobrazni. Za ove letove bi itekako trazio subvenciju, dubrad jedna nacionalisticka.

  12. Anonymous21:28

    SUMMER 2011 swiss double daily to Belgrade:

    07:15 ZRH - 09:00 BEG LX 1412 01:45h - SWISS
    12:20 ZRH - 14:00 BEG LX 1416 01:40h - SWISS
    17:30 ZRH - 19:15 BEG LX 1418 01:45h - SWISS

    beg - zrh
    9:40 BEG - 11:35 ZRH LX 1413 01:55h - SWISS
    14:40 BEG - 16:35 ZRH LX 1417 01:55h - SWISS
    19:55 BEG - 21:50 ZRH LX 1419 01:55h - SWISS

  13. Anonymous22:14

    Swiss will start second daily flight to BEG in december this year! ;)))

  14. Anonymous22:30

    It not a base! Wrong word! The article says that planes are comming from Sarajevo so there is nothing in common with the base!

  15. Anonymous00:23

    The Sarajevo - Skopje flights have disappeared from Amadeus

  16. Anonymous04:29

    Mislim da letovi za Skoplje nece biti obnovljeni bar sto ze zimske sezone tice.Ali sa BH Airlines-om se nikad nezna, mozda odluce u zadnji minut da to opet otkoce.

  17. Wow! That's really a good news. Good luck B&H!

  18. Nemanja14:23

    Shame that RS has allowed this as it will harm its sky srpska project

  19. @ Nemanja:

    Yeah...Sky Srpska a big project, the same as for Trebinje Airport. Wake up man. I don't care what airline flies to BNX as long I get a good price. Protectionism and subsidizing should be prohibited. If an airline is not able to survive and compete it shouldn't exist.

  20. Anonymous20:35

    SkySrpska is election year pandering. Expect to see that "project" fade off the radar just after the first week of October.

  21. Anonymous00:13

    I agree this "Sky srpska" Airline has been in the works for so many years and yet no progress, and if it does even become an airline and that's if which is highly likely not to happen! It fares would be to expensive for anyone to fly with them just a few people like on Adria airlines. Can't believe out of all the airlines that RS picked Adria why not B&H Airline the national airline of the county? No because the stupid idiot Dodik is a nationalist and does not think he's in Bosnia but in some factional land. BH Airlines wants to fly but no, they can't because they the enemies, What a bunch of rubbish and i still can't belive my family in BL votes for him!!and they think he does somthing progress beacuse he build some crapy parliament in Banja Luka!

  22. Anonymous01:29

    SkySrpska is only a poor political organization which will never be an airline, just employing some political people who is doing compeletly nothing for the airline and picking up a governmental money for nothing ...

  23. Banja Luka08:07

    i compete agree with the last anonymous, they don;t have future plans or even plans to order planes, and yet the people of srpska still believe them and it's all nationalism fault, how stupid do you have to be to believe in dodik!


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