Dubrovnik breaks 1987 record

Dubrovnik Airport
Yesterday, Dubrovnik Airport handled its millionth passenger for the year, 26 days earlier than in 2009. The airport registered a record breaking August, beating the record set during the golden year of Yugoslav aviation in 1987. September is also expected to be extremely successful with a 20% passenger increase already recorded in the first 10 days.

Emma Day, who arrived on an easyJet flight from London, was Dubrovnik’s millionth passenger. The airport has been served from 44 destinations this summer. In May, Dubrovnik opened its multi million Euro terminal, stretching over 13.700 square metres. Thanks to the new terminal, the airport can now handle 2 million passengers per year. It is the most modern airport in Croatia. Dubrovnik has already secured some new routes and airlines for the 2011 summer season. Jet2.com announced that it will commence seasonal flights from Belfast to the Croatian city during the 2011 summer season. Although Croatia reported a disastrous pre tourist season, things dramatically changed during the summer and the Croatian tourism industry staged an impressive comeback which has impacted the performance of most airports across the country.


  1. Anonymous09:29

    Yay! Congrats, all we need now is flights to Belgrade and everything will be fine!
    So are Belgrade and Dubrovnik the most successful airports in the Ex-Yu region?

  2. Nope,

    Split is more successful then Dubrovnik!

    Great news for Dubrovnik and I wonder if its the natural influx of tourist or the business plan implemented by the former director (now director of Zagreb) which has yield this great result.

  3. Jimmy Wang10:25

    I wonder if the airport Dubrovnik might record more long haul flights earlier future.
    The JL 8828 flight left Dubrovnik for Tokyo- by a B747 yesterday evening...

  4. Hi Jimmy,

    You can read here about a number of travel agents in the USA who are looking at starting up USA to Split and Dubrovnik flights. So maybe soon!


    Oh, and btw, Zagreb is still handles more pax then Split and Dubrovnik.

  5. Anonymous11:45

    Following previous 4 comments, only I say is: The time has come (finally) for DALMATIAN.HR.And i really hope they will start operations soon, including long-range, from ZAG,SPU and DBV

  6. Anonymous12:18

    % wise Zadar has recorded the greatest rise in passenger levels this year and Split has been the busiest Adriatic airport this summer.

  7. Just had a look at pax numbers at both Split and Dubrovnik and to my surprise found Dubrovnik actually in front!



  8. Anonymous22:20

    Koreanair announced charters Seoul-Zagreb on B777, Sep 18 and 25


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