easyJet confirms Belgrade plans

easyJet reveals Belgrade plans
After the Serbian Civil Aviation Directorate said that they have held talks with a popular and successful low cost airline interested in commencing services to Belgrade, easyJet has admitted it is the airline in question. An easyJet spokesperson told the “24 sata” newspaper that Belgrade could find itself in the airline’s timetable for the 2011 summer season. “All information regarding future flights to and from Serbia will be announced on our website in due course”, a spokesperson from the airline said. Katarina Andrić Milosavljević from the Serbian Civil Aviation Directorate says that easyJet is primarily interested in carrying tourists between Serbia and other countries.

The low cost easyJet is no stranger to the region. It operates scheduled flights to Ljubljana from London Stansted and will commence flights to the Slovenian capital from Paris and Milan this December. easyJet will begin flights to Zagreb from Paris in November and will introduce flights from London in February 2011. easyJet also operates flights from Basel and Geneva to Priština.


  1. JU520 BEGLAX09:20

    Excellent News

  2. Congratulatis to BEG, this is another great news,
    i guess 8 000 000 people in Serbia makes the intrest very big to fly to and from BEG, while Macedonia has only 2 millions so this is way there are 4-5 times less airlines operating to and from SKP.simply 4 times less people.

    one again congratulations!

    Best Regards

  3. Anonymous09:27

    Great news! I hope they choose to serve Paris, Milan and Zurich to break up duopolies. London Gatwick would be nice.

  4. Yes! I knew it! :D

  5. Anonymous10:22

    Great News for BEG.

    Easy Jet is coming closer to SKP ;)

  6. JATBEGMEL11:03

    I reckon it will be either one of or a combination of:

    * SXF
    * CDG
    * MXP
    * MAN
    * BSL

    Flights to LON would be an interesting move. I think LGW will be an interesting airport to use.

  7. Anonymous13:05


  8. Anonymous13:29

    hooraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :-))))

    Now FR to come and BEG will be proper airport :-)

    Greatr, great news...... Hope EZY will be interested in other airports too, INI, SKP, OHD, BNX, SJJ, OSI, TIV, TGD are waiting :-)

    Anyway, not too much to say about this apart to wait and see which destinations they will choose.

  9. Anonymous13:53

    would be really great to see these destintations:

    summer: ALC, AYT, CFU, CHQ, PFO, DLM, KGS, FNC, RAK, JMK, OPO, VLC,....

    all year around: VCE, PSA, ORY, LGW OR STN, CIA, SXF, EDI, KRK, LIS, FUE, TFS,.....

  10. Aero14:07

    BA has just announced:
    LHR-BEG completely cancelled as of 30/11.
    Maybe we can see EZY in BEG even earlier on.

  11. Anonymous14:12

    Oh my God, why? have they been doing that bad? I fle in May with them LHR-BEg-LHR, the plane was FULL

  12. Aero14:30

    Well, they said it was unprofitable route for them. Ex-yu wrote that JU beated them on the route.
    Nevertheless, if there is anything good in BA`s decision it is JU`s position afterward. For passengers, besides JU, WZZ and hopefully EZY should secure fair pricing.

  13. Damn it! Now JAT will be the only carrier on the BEG-LHR route... Its a real shame for BAW...
    BAW had good connections through LHR to Americas...

  14. vidaknn16:50


    I reckon they won't be interested in introducing flights to UK other than London(LGW most probably).
    So the list of possible destinations would be something like this:

  15. Anonymous19:38

    Great news. But why aren't there long haul flights? Belgrade is a perfect destination for long haul operations...why haven't there been any yet?

  16. Only God knows that... :)
    As long as politics and history are involved in air traffic there won't be any good out of it... ;)

  17. Anonymous21:12

    Great! EZY can easily lauch 5 routes since the very beginning...Agree with most of you, my pick would be LGW, CDG, MXP, SXF and GVA. Personally, I would love LIS to be one of them as well, but not sure it would happen this time:)

  18. Anonymous21:30

    I have just checked. BA closed all flights from 01DEC10 onward. I can't believe that they continue PRN and TIA and close BEG. So much traffic to US, Canada and overseas. I guess they need the slot at LHR.
    Hope they will come back from LGW....
    Very bad news for BEG airport. Also bad for the image to loose one more legacy carrier.

  19. Geneva, Paris, Milan and maybe Gatwick or Stansted for the beginning... we'll see how the things develop from there...It would definitely be interesting to see competition between 2 LCC - easyJet and WizzAir on BEG-LON route :)
    Maybe BEG will receive one plane, just like WZZ is planning to do ;)

  20. Anonymous22:32

    They will for sure launch a route from LON...and having in mind withdrawal of BA, it is out of question I think...Its just a question LGW or STN...and I bet on the first one, as it is more convenient...just a guess.

  21. Anonymous01:53

    Unless you have some other source of information for this news, it seems to me that celebration is coming a bit too soon. I would recommend you all to read the article in 24 once again. Easy jet hasn't confirmed anything, but replied to a question from newspaper in a very "politicly correct" way. They've only said that the earliest they could plan any flights for Belgrade is next april, when summer schedule will commence, winter schedule is already fixed and Belgrade is not planned.

  22. frequentflyer07:14

    There aren't too many places left in Europe that the 'big' LCCs don't fly to - this move was inevitable, but should be welcome for the reason. I have no doubt London will be one of their earliest destinations...

    Will we see a sooky they can't fly here because they're competition and we can't afford to let them milk our cash cow by JU in the way that OU spat the dummy not so long ago?

    @ Aleksandar

    Never look at it from a 'whole country' perspective numbers wise - look instead at 'airport catchment': how many people with 2hrs drive etc may result in people crossing the border to travel if there are much lower fares.

  23. Anonymous08:27

    Why the ex Yu nations do not launched their own low cost airline. There will be daily flights between ex Yu and also smaller airport will become some traffic for example RIJ, MBX, INI, Ohrid, Osijek etc. Do anyone have any idea about this?

  24. Anonymous08:46

    ^ Because of bureaucracy

  25. Anonymous15:54

    I thought that serbian chain of supermarkets Delta tried with low cost Maxi air and i understood they had idea to fly ex domestic airports.?!???


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