EX-YU airline alliance

Croatia Airlines wants no part in EX-YU alliance
Jat Airways and Montenegro Airlines have formed a new regional alliance which will see the rationalisation of routes and schedules. The new partnership between Jat and Montenegro Airlines is set to commence on October 31 and details behind what the deal entails are set to be revealed in the following weeks. The two airlines have called on all national carriers of the former Yugoslav republics to unite, despite the fact that both Adria Airways and Croatia Airlines are part of Star Alliance. The proposal came after the railway companies of Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Macedonia decided to join forces and create a united company.

However, the aviation unification proposal won’t go too far. Croatia Airlines has rejected the offer to team up with Jat and Montenegro Airlines in a joint regional company. Air travel experts from Zagreb do not support the idea of Croatia Airlines entering such a deal, because it is unclear what kind of cooperation would be required in the joint company, the “B92” network reports. Croatia Airlines stated that they have already decided on a strategic partnership with Star Alliance, the largest air travel association in the world, which Croatia Airlines has been a member of since 2004. On the other hand, Belgrade believes that the deal would be useful for all companies involved, because money would be saved and capacity would be used more efficiently, with reduced airport taxes that would make the companies more competitive with other airlines around the world. B&H Airlines, which is not tied up to an alliance and whose fleet would fit into the new regional venture has not commented on the proposal. Previously, it had been suggested that Adria Airways and Croatia Airlines should unite.

In 2009, all national carriers of the former Yugoslav republics ended the year with a multi million Euro loss, except for Montenegro Airlines which just broke even.


  1. Anonymous09:18

    I still do not agree with Jat teaming up with Montenegro airlines. They should have crushed them on the Belgrade-MNE market. It is interesting to see that YM was interested in cooperating when they started to lose the market share! We don't need an alliance with them they are too small and not significant enough. Croatia Airlines on the other hand is far better. They should have teamed up with OU for the flights to Zadar, Pula and Dubrovnik. It's clear now more than ever that someone is trying to destroy Croatia Airlines.

  2. Doot09:44

    Jat crush MNE??

    Have you flown between Belgrade and MNE??

    Montenegro Airlines is a far superior airline to Jat on that run.

  3. Anonymous10:00

    Well, they prefer to be just a feeder airline for Lufthansa and accept an inferior role to the Germans. Everybody knows that LH is their mastermind from the very beginnings. There is one for whom it pays off - Lufthansa. The bill pays the Croatian taxpayer.

  4. JU520 BEGLAX10:28

    Serbia starts to realize now that the break-up of YU was complete bulls... and an unnecessary action. But that s 20 years too late...

    a regional carrier for the Ex YU region might only has a chance if it s privatized, LH over 50% ownership and foreigners in the management
    another possibility I d see is know how and cash from the Dubai region.....

  5. Anonymous10:43

    A little bit of everything. Genreally, loosers games. YM is obviously very successfull in pulling JU back. Everytime JU when shows little bit of result improvement, there is YM with offer for JU downgrade. It is strange, but JU accept that every time.
    On the other hand, it is strange that OU is brave enough to come into public with any comment after one arguing with ZAG. OU obviously has no concept, except to blame ZAG for compeition and be proud member of the world largest airline aliance, where they do not play even a marginal role.
    That is why Balkans are not geografical reference only. It is synonim for being stupid. And lost!
    Cheers my friends!

  6. Anonymous18:10

    Jat should simply buy a 50% or more stake in Montenegro and be done with it. Of course, when it gets the money. It should have let Montenegro crash and burn and then buy a large stake for a small amount of money. This way, JAT would have complete control over the Serbian and Montenegrin airspace. Instead, they partner up with Montenegro and lose more than they gain. So stupid!!!

  7. Anonymous18:52

    "Jat should simply buy a 50% or more stake in Montenegro and be done with it."

    Buy it with what???Jat has no money!!!

  8. Maybe Montenegro will buy 50% or more of Jat?

  9. Anonymous13:13

    Yeah I agree with the last anonymous.

    Koja prepotencija Srba covjece, Jat u banani, a oni jos uvjek misle da su glavni. lol

  10. Anonymous21:11

    Interesantno da nam Hrvat komentarise kada ste i vi sa nama u banani... Pogledaj OU pa onda druge.

  11. Anonymous23:12

    Komentar je bio upucen onima koji onako olako pisu kako bi Jat trebao kupiti Montenegro, kako bi Jat trebao razbiti Montenegro, kako Montenegro nije dovoljno znacajna kompanija. Mislim wtf? Sto ste si vi umislili da ste? Lufthansa? Croatia Airlines je u gubitku kao i vecina kompanija u Europi danas, ali bar ima mladu flotu za razliku od Jat-a gdje je svaki avion u prosjeku stariji od 20 godina.
    Takodjer i Montenegro i Adria imaju mladju flotu, pa cak i B&H Airlines.

    Alijansa sa Srbima? Molim vas...kad izvade kolektivno glavu iz milosevicevog rezima i njegovim bolesnim idejama koje je ispralo mozak velikoj vecini naroda, tek onda se treba ulaziti u nekakve alijanse sa njima. CAST IZUZECIMA!

  12. Anonymous03:28

    YM...wtf??? The whole idea is just stupid...Monopolist alliance. Thank God, we have a few more choices out of BEG now...And YM would be the very last choice, for sure. JU should try to get closer to SkyTeam, stay away from Luftwaffe alliance and puppets-feeders from nearby. Just my frankly opinion.


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