Half yearly report

B&H records biggest passenger surge
Passenger numbers carried by national EX-YU carriers for the third quarter are soon to be published. But how did they do in the first two quarters? Despite the fact that the global economic crisis is waning, most EX-YU carriers are reporting passenger slumps. B&H Airlines managed to see the biggest passenger increase in the first half of the year, Croatia Airlines the biggest decrease and Jat levelled with the same number of passenger.

B&H Airlines carried 54.191 passengers in the first two quarters, an increase of just over 200% compared to the same period last year. The increase coincides with the 50% jump in the number of operated flights. With visa restrictions to be abolished to most countries within the European Union for Bosnian citizens by the end of the year, the airline will hope to see an even further increase in passenger numbers.

Croatia Airlines transported 695.200 passengers, a decrease of 8.4%. The airline’s average cabin occupancy index stood at 56.6%. The airline decreased its capacity by almost 10% in the first six months. Croatia Airlines has publicly said that it hopes that a strong summer season will improve both its passenger numbers and finances. It should be noted that in the first six months Croatia Airlines was significantly impacted by the volcanic ash cloud and the cabin crew strike.

Slovenia’s Adria Airways handled 433.600 passengers, a decrease of 2.6% compared to last year. Its load factor stood at a respectable 62.2%. It, too, cut capacity in the first half of the year by 12.5%. Adria had to significantly reduce the number of flights earlier in the year after Ljubljana Airport closed its doors in favour of a runway reconstruction.

Jat Airways carried 418.300, the same amount it did in the first half of 2009. The number of flights barely increased, by 0.4%, while capacity was cut by 6%. Its average load factor stood at 56.2%, an increase of 3%. Jat has been hit by competition from Belgrade and local media doubt the airline will manage to transport over 1 million passengers by the end of the year.

Despite being a public company, Montenegro Airlines has not published its results for the first two quarters, although growth has been reported during the summer months. Among other legacy carriers in Europe, TAROM Romanian Airlines saw the greatest passenger increase (+ 31.4%), while KLM had the greatest cabin load factor (82.1%). On the other end of the spectrum, BMI International saw the biggest passenger decrease (- 23.8%).


  1. Anonymous09:17

    what about B&Hs flight to Belgrade, how is that doing?

  2. JATBEGMEL10:21

    JAT has the biggest fleet in the ex-YU region yet ranks 3rd in terms of pax numbers. What is worse is to think that 2 years ago it was transporting more pax comapred to today. JAT badly needs a fleet renewal and to look at other aircraft types. Suggesting ERJ140, ERJ170, ERJ190, B737, Tu-204-300....

    @ anonymous

    must be filling if its still around.

  3. Anonymous10:54

    ^ Jat and Adria have the same fleet size. Jat is always third after 6 months but surpasses Adria during the summer. I agree it needs a fleet renewal. As for B&H they only fly to BEG because Turkish Airlines forced them.

  4. Anonymous11:47

    Adria will start MUC-PRN (7 x week) and FRA-PRN (5 x week)services. With average LF 62,2% and A319 aircrafts this means apx 100.000 new passengers per year

  5. Hehe...what a joke: Montenegro Airlines being public company and yet not releasing any financial data. Have they ever heard about transparency yet? Such a phantom airline!

  6. @ Anonymous2:

    BEG flights are doing very well actually for B&H.
    No political statement or whatever you want to imply with your comment.


  7. Anonymous18:17

    Kad smo kod statistike evo i zadnjih brojki o prometu putnika na aerodromu Sarajevo:
    Maj 51.389 +11,9%
    Jun 59.636 +3,6%
    Jul 72.615 +6,9%
    Do kraja godine moze se ocekivati cifra priblizno 600.000 putnika.

  8. Anonymous18:41

    Aerodromi u regionu, Juli 2010:
    Beograd 353.125 +14,3%
    Split 249.640 +23,9%
    Zagreb 234.261 +4,1%
    Dubrovnik 225.227 +16,8%
    Ljubljana 188.943 +1,6%
    Pristina 169.880 +12,2%
    Skopje 90.269 +17,0%
    Sarajevo 72.615 +6,9%
    Ohrid 7.341 -4,2%

  9. Anonymous19:10

    SJJ figures are just depressing to look at.....


  10. Anonymous20:31

    Forced them? I don't think Belgrade flights have anything to do with being forced. I for one would much rather sit on a place for an hour than on a train for 12 to get to Belgrade (and at a similar cost too).

  11. JATBEGMEL10:03

    @ anonymous

    I agree, but depends on how much the airfare is. When i saw a oneway trip from TGD to BEG was over 100€ with YM, being the cheapest, i decided to catch the train instead, which was 20€. Trains are always late and unreliable, with people telling me i had "luck" having a 3 hour delay, but was sure not paying 100€ to park my backside on a 30 minute joyride to BEG!

  12. SJJ-BEG is 99EUR all taxes included

  13. @ anonymous [SK]

    Passenger numbers to and from SJJ have increased constantly over the past years.

    Although we can't compete with BEG and ZAG, these are still good results.


  14. Anonymous17:43

    Woho, go B&H Airlines! :)


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